World of Warships is celebrating its fourth anniversary today with Update 0.8.8, which adds two new battleships and a bunch of gifts for players. You’ll receive a supercontainer for your first win on a Tier X ship, with other rewards for victories at lower tiers. A new set of combat missions and directives also offers supercontainers, as well as a random Tier VI premium ship.

Today’s update kicks off a new Ranked Sprint, Season 8, with Season 9 starting on Oct. 2. Captains can earn rewards for each of the 10 tiers of progress, with the top tier giving 10,000 Coal. Clan Brawls take place on Sept. 21 and Oct. 5, so get your clans together for some explosive action and rewards!

As for the new ships, they’re a pair of Tier X battleships: the British Thunderer and American Ohio. Both sport hefty 457 mm main guns and Repair party consumables that have shorter cooldowns than usual. You can purchase the Ohio for 62,000 Research Points, while the Thunderer is found in the Armory for 252,000 Coal. Speaking of the Armory, you can pick up commanders and containers from previous events to help fill out your collections.

Learn more about the Fourth Anniversary celebration on the World of Warships website or by watching the video below. Also, make sure to tune in to an official livestream on Friday, Sept. 20 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern for a sneak peek at what’s to come in the game, as well as the chance to score some gifts that will be given out during the event.

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