There’s a new MOBA on the horizon, and a brand new official trailer shows off the booty that it’s bringing to shore.

In Pirates: Treasure Hunters from Virtual Toys, pirates will slash their way across the battle arena, using a vast list of abilities to pillage their way to victory. Other strategic maneuvers include steering ships which fire canons, and even a grappling hook to get to the hard to reach places.

Pirates: Treasure Hunters was announced for South Korea last November, and there is no word on an English version as of yet.

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  1. Coldaardvark on March 8, 2014

    So…I was gonna say that I’m tired of moba’s….but…this one does as most have said, this looks….Really interesting, almost cool actually. Like…I want to play this. I’m actually really interested.

  2. Zombie on March 6, 2014

    Oh look… Another MOBA. Big shocker… I swear companies just can’t think of things new anymore.

  3. Dreepatz on March 6, 2014

    Ok, trailers looks great. But PLEASE, change that name! It is very very very generic, they need to figure out something more catchy and not generic.
    Please, if anyone from can contact them and say that I (and hope other people to) think that name is very generic and should be a bit more creative. Come on Spunky, do it for us! 🙂

  4. xXEHXx on March 6, 2014

    more mobas nice i dont have problem with them and this one looks interesting hope it comes out

  5. asdasd on March 6, 2014

    isnt that bad o.o, im tired of mobas using the same visuals of lol (dont like lol neither xd) and the same fem voice… and all the stuff (hp bars, etc) finally something kinda original

  6. Arieswar on March 6, 2014

    I used to play LOL then i discovered dota 2 and steam market place and ever since I will never play another moba that dont have a community market the feal of getting loot worth 15€ in one game if your gizzilion lucky is much more fun then the 12 year olds in LOL and anyother moba for that matter. if you whanna make a moba make sure its something people can earn from this is the one reason dota 2 is so popular and so goes for TF2 and CS:GO, companies unite you need to see the changes and hell maybe try to use ur imagination to make something new.

    FPS,MOBA,crappy money cow mmorpg’s no thanks make a new idea and suprise us or u will soon live in a very lonely world.

    • Ascended One on March 7, 2014

      Yeah, that shows why LoL has such a bigger community than Dota2, and is much more played.

  7. ZhaoYun on March 6, 2014

    umm no thanks i already decided to try infinite crysis cant try this one as well too many mobas too little time -.-

  8. Humor on March 5, 2014

    Thank god the Devs of Dungeon Defenders were smart enough to realize MOBA’s are just about as overused as Zombies and are sticking to just Tower Defense…

    This just looks like an Action Rpg, but in an Arena… And the Pirate theme is WAY too ever used. Oh well, suppose there’s always room for more failures.

  9. BOO on March 5, 2014

    I’m tired of mobas.

  10. Etrius on March 5, 2014

    This one is…. interesting. 😀

    • Pewdiepie on March 5, 2014

      First thought omg annother moba… Kappa
      but then on second look, it kinda looks.. interesting

      • Victory on March 7, 2014

        I always thought a MOBA hater would be the first to comment on a MOBA post on mmobomb, nice one Etrius.
        This one seems really fun, the combat seems pretty fluid in movement and casting skills plus the whole sea ships battle looks reeeeeaaaal interesting.