Warframe is still celebrating its 8th anniversary and there’s a lot going on — like the cosmetic-focused Fashion Frenzy week. Among these things is the return of Chroma Prime and Zephyr Prime from the Vault. For a limited time, players can obtain both these Warframes either by purchasing Prime Vault packs containing the Warframes and related accessories (as well as Platinum), or by unlocking them through Void Relics.

The packs range from $20 for each of the accessory packs to $60 for both Warframes with all their accessories. Of course, if you don’t want or need one of the Warframes, you can just buy one or the other in a $40 pack.

As for the anniversary celebration, week #2 kicked off yesterday with the Fashion Frenzy event. A new set of rewards, including the Dex Dakra and the Dex Nochali Syandana, are also available, as are new skins for Protea, Grendel, and Revenant.

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