Aeria Games went live with the closed beta for Echo of Soul today and we’re jumping in to check out the free to play MMORPG. For details on the basics of the game and what happened BEFORE this episode of BombLive, be sure to check out our First Look video when posted!

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  1. Okay, they pulled a bad one on the players once again…
    I can’t understand why they advertise this game so much, when it’s the generic garbage, they have been releasing in the last years

  2. no wonder they advertising the living hell out of it this game looks terrible im stil gonna try it out since im of those guys that tries everything once.

  3. Damn,i thought this was an ok ok mmo.Waiting for the next one,hope it doesn’t dissapoint me.
    Graphics are meh,gameplay same as any other asian mmo with generic names warrior/archer/mage and so on.If it’s indeed slow lvling then they bore ppl to death.The onliy new thing it’s the soul thing but it’s meh,it’s not something that u will say “its whoaa finally something new in the mmo industry”.Infinite dungeons its kinda ok.
    20USD for first founder pack is to much for this game to be honest.Iknow it’s close beta’’s aeria games…don’t expect much.

  4. I didn’t like it at all. weird, not really fun… slow leveling, people NEVER party and there’s solo dungeon mood and since there’s no healer people will just be spamming healing skills on their partners its hur dur for me. didnt like too bad because i really want some new game. waiting for tree of savior still I guess

  5. I got the key, got to try it. Its like dragon nest with mmorpg style without healer.
    didn’t really like it, but I think we (players) are so lonely from NEW games that you actually stick to it even it not being unic or nothing new.


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