World of Warships Halloween Patch Goes Live, Bringing Submarines, British Destroyers, And An NHL Star

The British are coming — British destroyers in World of Warships, that is. The new line of ships goes live today, continuing the Royal Navy…


ZeniMax Hiring For Position With “MMO Development Experience” For “New IP”

Is ZeniMax Online Studios looking to expand its MMO offerings beyond The Elder Scrolls Online? That might be the case, to go by a job…


ZULA Gift Key Giveaway (Europe Only)

ZULA Gift Key Giveaway (Europe Only) IDC Games has granted MMOBomb thousands of gift keys for Zula to give away to our readers (Europe only)….

First Look

MapleStory 2 – Gameplay First Look

MapleStory 2, Nexon’s follow-up to its smash hit F2P MMORPG, is finally here! Like its predecessor, it’s cute as can be, offering a lot for…


Dark Reaches Update Hits TERA

TERA‘s October update is here, and it’s brought several serious changes, including the addition of the Apex skills system to the Archer, Gunner, Ninja, Reaper,…


Path Of Exile Wants To Sell You A Super Creepy Spider Cosmetic

Well, if any of you Path of Exile players dig spiders, Grinding Gear Games has been thinking of you. (Either that or they really just…


In-Game Tournaments Are Now Available To Fortnite Players

Fortnite players… It’s time to get your tournament on. The game’s v6.1 update introduces some more organized competition to the game with the new in-game…


Closers Gets Witchy For Halloween

Closers‘ most recent update is filled with Halloween fun. It introduces a limited time Halloween stage where players can earn Jack-O’-Lanterns that can be traded…


Epic Games Files Suit Against YouTubers Promoting Fortnite Cheats

When you make a few hundred million dollars per month, you can afford some pretty good lawyers. Epic Games hasn’t been shy about taking legal…


YooZoo Games Bringing Officially Liscensed Game Of Thrones Game To Browsers

A new Game of Thrones game is coming thanks to a partnership between HBO and developer/publisher YooZoo Games. Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is…


Dreadnought Exits Beta, Launching On Steam And Doing Away With Old Launcher

Dreadnought is one of those games that wow-ed me when I first played it, but I haven’t gotten into in years, having lots of other…


Heroes Game Director Transitioning To New (Unrevealed) Position Within Blizzard

It seems Blizzard isn’t done with staff changes yet. Over the weekend, Heroes of the Storm‘s Game Director, Alan Dabiri announced that he would be…


Mad Max Designer Lends His Skills To World Of Tanks Blitz’s “Mad Games”

World of Tanks Blitz isn’t going the traditional route for Halloween. You won’t be fighting ghouls and ghosts this month, but instead the elements themselves…


Battlerite Royale’s First Halloween Event Starts Wednesday

Today, Stunlock Studios announced the first ever Halloween event for its free-to-play MOBA Royale, Battlerite Royale. The event, titled Curse of the Night, launches October…

Free to play Weekly

Free to Play Weekly – Could Final Fantasy XIV Go F2P? Ep 343

Final Fantasy XIV’s Game Director talks about the prospects of going Free-to-Play and Magic: The Gathering Arena touts some of their new events this week….


Neowiz: Bless Players “Didn’t Share The Team’s View” Regarding Early Access

Bless Online‘s launch and free-to-play implementation is just around the corner, and today the dev team at Neowiz reflected on the game’s early access period…


Bashiok Announces Departure from NCSoft

Community Development expert Michah Whipple (known to some as Bashiok from his Blizzard days) has left his position at NCSoft. Whipple announced his departure from…


Xbox Players Can Now Dress Their Avatar Up As The Cutest Warframe Ever

Just in time for the weekend, Xbox One avatars now have a new outfit to try out. Digital Extremes teamed up with Microsoft to create…

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