guild wars 2 feat

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival Arrives In 3 Days

The Super Adventure Festival is returning to Guild Wars 2, and that means it’s time to hop into everyone’s favorite game with a game. The…

Hearthstone Ungoro

Blizzard Offers Free Hearthstone Packs And Other Goodies In Run-Up to Un’Goro

Free-to-play games are nice, but free things in free-to-play games? Double nice! Blizzard is giving away free Hearthstone loot this week, in anticipation of the…

Wargaming War Child Check thumb

With Help From Players, Wargaming Raises $84,800 For War Child Charity

A few months ago, we talked about Wargaming’s efforts to support War Child, a charity devoted to aiding victims of war-torn areas. Today, the World…


BlackShot Launches Anti-Cheat Partnership with BattlEye

BlackShot, the free-to-play FPS from Vertigo Games, has announced that it will be joining the long list of competitive games to utilize BattlEye Anti-Cheat software….

Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly – Dauntless Preps For Alpha! Ep 265

Dauntless begins Alpha signups, A fan crafts a Guild Wars 2 CCG, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play…


Dekaron Players Running Out of Time to Migrate to Papaya Play

Have you been playing Dekaron for a while? If you have you likely already know that the free-to-play action MMORPG started a migration process last…

Guild Wars 2 CCG thumb

Guild Wars 2 Fan Crafts Digital CCG

World of Warcraft and RuneScape both have CCGs in their name — and so did EverQuest, at one time. So maybe it shouldn’t be too…

Revelation Scour Dungeon

Scour the Depths for Treasure In Revelation Online’s Scour Dungeons

If all that open-world roaming is too much work for you and you’d rather just jam yourself into a limited space with tons of stuff…

Cloud Pirates Death Glory thumb

Cloud Pirates’ New Update, Death Or Glory, Adds New Map and Ranked Matches

Allods Team and have gone forward with the newest update to Cloud Pirates, Death or Glory, which offers a new arena, ranking system, and…

dauntless-4 thumb

Dauntless Begins Alpha Testing Signups

What’s that lurking around the corner? Is it a giant behemoth ready to rip our your entrails and feast on them? Not yet! Instead, it’s…

Free to Play Cast

Free to Play Cast: City of Heroes, EverQuest, and Going Home to Old MMORPGs Ep 214

On this week’s show it’s time to look at NCSoft’s attempts at nostalgia marketing and make our calls, examine if you can ever really “go…


Warframe Celebrates 4 Years with Octavia’s Anthem Update

Warframe has turned 4 years old and to celebrate Digital Extremes announced a new update for its free-to-play co-op game. “Octavia’s Anthem” is a lore-driven…

Elder Scrolls Legends iPad thumb

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Comes To iPad, With Other Devices To Follow

Digital trading-card games are a natural for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Elder Scrolls: Legends…

Mu Legend thumb

Mu Legend Launches In Korea; Western Beta Schedule Coming In “Weeks”

Want to get an early start in Mu Legend? Don’t really care what language it’s in? Well, now’s your chance, as Webzen has launched the…

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