Path of Exile’s been simmering for a while, but now it’s just about ready to come to a full boil.

Grinding Gear Games’ free-to-play action RPG will officially release on Oct. 23, and it won’t just be the final refinement of what’s currently in the game. The launch will add a new prestige class, the Scion, which will have access to a greater range of skills and abilities than any of the game’s other classes, as it starts near the center of PoE’s enormous skill grid. You can see her in action in the launch trailer, above. Veteran players will have new areas to explore and a slew of new and horrific beasts to slay.

For PvP lovers, rapid-fire tournaments, both for individuals and for guilds, will be added, as well as a capture-the-flag mode. An improved means of trading — which probably won’t be a full auction house — as well as a possible mobile app, is also in the works, but probably won’t be added until after launch.

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  1. The art style is nice, but it’s way too grindy for my taste and the gem skill system is poor desing choice in my opinion because you only have basically 1 skill for single target dps, and another for AoE, and fill the rest with buffs/debuffs.
    That made the game boring really quick for me, so I stopped at lvl 60. That wouldn’t be so bad if you could actually switch spells, but you can’t, since your skills are tied to your gear.

  2. Very good game and it’s 100% free to play 🙂 … Haven’t played it in a while but I reached hardcore difficulty and people who haven’t played the game but are going to I’d recommend playing with others because it’s more fun and you can use team portals …etc

    Plus this game has best skill tree in all games ever made..

      • Don’t let it get you down, pay to play games are filled with nothing but toxic little kids too. Gamers have never been known for their maturity and I don’t see that changing. It doesn’t help your case by being manipulated into responding to any random troll post you come across. The only options are to ignore us trolls or join in the fun. There’s no compromise to be had and logic applying logic to our banter only challenges us to try even harder to provoke you into stooping to our level. Don’t take things so seriously or you’ll drive yourself bat shit crazy like me. My advice is to take anything you read on the internet with a grain of salt since 90% of it is bs or based out of nothing but sarcasm and the other 10% isn’t nearly as entertaining.

  3. useless game, Diablo 2 knock off… nothing new…. just grinding for random gear and level which has very little replay value and nothing to encourage grouping. better off as a single player offline game.

    • New to gaming I see, you just described every mmo ever created and the entire point of action rpgs in a single statement. Maybe try a new hobby?

    • ……Almost Every internet game has derivatives from Diablo like Loot, Item rolls, enchants, sockets skill tree and passives, and you say it has no replay value have you even looked at there passive tree you Numpty.

      How exactly would a game like PoE be better off as a SP game, it has very little questing in it, You sir are as I said before a total Numpty.

      You need a new name it does not fit with your shitty comments.

  4. Anyone second guessing on whether or not to try this game? Well you shouldn’t because the game is gritty, well thought out, tons of builds, not P2W, its F2P, and well if you loved Diablo 1 and 2 you’ll love this even more imo since you can literally build your class the way you want with their massive passive skills tree. Honestly for me, this is how Blizzard should of made Diablo 3 and not the crap that they have now.

    Here’s to hoping for more story and acts to be patched in to this wonderfully made game.

  5. I ran that game until lvl 64 on my laptop that I bought new for 250 $ like 6 months ago. Man…you should get a new computer and stop complaining about the devs, that don’t make their games playable on a win 95 or something like that.

    Path of Exile is a great game but it feels kinda slow. In D3 for example you can jump around the whole screen with “lightning” speed. Here it feels much slower. Even targeting is harder i think.

  6. this game is very cool, i was pretty much forced to stop playing because once i got to third city had a few monsters that could cause massive lag and freeze shit for 2-4 sec. making it impossible to play, and since the game doesnt have a low or very low graphics settings there’s nothing i could do, but i’d be probably playing if they did think about the players with a not so very good computer.

    • what you experienced was prob de synch , To be fair to ggg they have actually improved on performance with reducing buff animations and a lot of other small things.

      I played this game on a single core pc, the only area I could not play in full party was the docks, unless your using a very old system it was no doubt de synch from the new skills you got in the new act.

      The game is good yea, I stopped playing it myself until they provided more content this might just get me back on poe again.


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