Fringe Wars Trailer Offers Peek at Combat and Customization

Oasis Games released a short Fringe Wars trailer today, offering players a look at some of the combat as it occurs in the sci-fi MOBA….


Free-to-Play Retreats As More Games Shift To Up-Front Purchases

Free-to-play gaming, at least on the PC, has taken a beating in the last year. Some games that seemed primed for free-to-play, or were announced…


Does an open development style help or hurt game companies?

Last week I was watching the latest patch notes stream for Hi-Rez’s upcoming shooter/MOBA Paladins. Unlike the “Chicken Patch” stream, this one wasn’t as long,…


What Games Did Free To Play Right, Then Wrong?

Trion Worlds is taking a lot of heat recently for the changes it’s made to the cash shops in Rift and Trove. It’s been a…


Let’s Be Honest: Early Access Is Probably Only About Getting Immediate Money

Here’s a thought: The sole purpose of early access, at least for “persistent” online games, is to get as much money as soon as possible….


Top 10 Free-To-Play News Stories of 2015

As another year comes to a close, that means it’s time to look back on the stories that shaped the year. There was a lot…

MOBA or NO-BA? Categorizing The New Wave Of Competitive Games

In the last Free-to-Play Cast, I opined that the new trend in F2P seems to be “battle arena”-style games, in the mold of Paladins, Gigantic,…


How Esports Helped Me Understand Sports Fans

Growing up, I was part of a family full of men who really — and I mean REALLY — loved sports, particularly football… the American…


What Keeps Us Dedicated To A Free-To-Play Game

A while back, a buddy and I got into a heated debate about the value of free-to-play games. As — what I like to call…


Destiny Free-To-Play? Maybe That’s Not Such A Crazy Idea

You can find articles or blog posts all over the Internet pondering whether this game or that game should go free-to-play. I browse them occasionally…


Taking a Crack at The Free-to-Play Hall of Fame

It’s that time of year in the sporting world where the talk turns to honoring the best of the best. If you follow Major League…


The Whole F2P vs. P2P Argument Summed Up In Two Comments

I read a piece today about a mobile developer trying to make his game less about F2P consumable purchases — like energy — and more…

Thar She Blows! Will Whale-Hunting Kill Off F2P Gaming? 1

Thar She Blows! Will Whale-Hunting Kill Off F2P Gaming?

That’s the question posed by the Extra Credits guys in their latest video. As they put it, they’re fans of the F2P model but think…


4 Things All F2P Games Need

Pay-to-win in free-to-play games ain’t what it used to be – and that’s a good thing. In most “reputable” F2P games, it’s pretty much non-existent….

Socially Inept: Why Aren't We More Social In MMOs Any More? 2

Socially Inept: Why Aren’t We More Social In MMOs Any More?

Having only started playing MMOs in 2004, my “old-school MMO gamer cred” résumé is a little light. Still, even I can remember back when people…

Virtual Reality and the Future of MMOs - Pipe Dream or Possibility? 4

Virtual Reality and the Future of MMOs – Pipe Dream or Possibility?

Virtual reality has been a hot topic in gaming almost since its inception. Many companies have tried and had limited success to introduce the “next…

Does Early Access Still Appeal To You? 4

Does Early Access Still Appeal To You?

So I Tweeted out something semi-amusing Thursday morning: I’ve got a game that’s in such a pre-pre-pre-alpha state, I haven’t even conceived it yet. Thinking…


326 Million Reasons Why Microtransactions Are Here To Stay – And How To Live With Them

Microtransactions are big business and they aren’t going away any time soon. That’s the conclusion one can easily reach by looking at the latest brief…

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