For all our readers who’ve been following the console war closely, the news of the PlayStation 4’s dominance in the Free-to-Play console space may come as no surprise. The console’s dominance was made even more clear once we arrived at this year’s Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany.

It was with great pleasure that I found Warframe, War Thunder, and Blacklight Retribution, all playable on the PlayStation 4, at Sony´s booth. There I had the opportunity to try them all while also having a nice chat with some of the developers for both Blacklight Retribution and War Thunder.

All the games looked and felt just as good as their PC counterparts. Both Warframe and War Thunder will support cross-platform play between PS4 and PC, including synchronized updates. On the other hand, Blacklight Retribution will not be cross platform, and will update independently.

For now all the Free-to-Play titles that have been announced on the Playstation 4 have yet to be confirmed for the Xbox One. In fact, one of the Blacklight Retribution developers even told me they have no plans for the Xbox One at this time.

Sony has done a great job securing a healthy and competitive lineup of Free-to-Play games for the Playstation 4’s launch. Microsoft by contrast have only announced a couple Free-to-Play titles.

It’s still unclear whether Sony struck a deal to ensure the aforementioned games were Playstation 4 exclusives, or merely set to launch for the PS4 first with Xbox versions in tow sometime in the future. This has been the case with other Buy-to-Play titles in the past, but F2P games present their own unique challenges which Sony seems to better equipped to handle at present.

By Luis Dobreira


  1. first your all being pc noobs i play alot oof games on pc and on consle and tell you truth pc is good but consle brings the real fun with its controler and friend list you can say graphics screw hat thats now what games are made of o its not mature f***k that i have meet some really good people ingame who are better than people i see wheni leave my house or on pc this is not to dis pc this is to make you understand consle are less of of a hassle well cost less than pc over time AND PLAY STATION PLUS IS CHEAPER THAN XBOX GOLD so plz stop saying bad things everything has its pros and cons pc is not perfect but its fun so plz give everything a chance and people with controler are not gona hold people back there gona pawn controlers give more direct control though it can also back fire and limit what you can do so yea thats what i got to say peace my fellow gamers let your gaming spirts roam free

  2. When i was young i play on PS2 …but now i play PC and its better ,i will never go to console,even if the graphic are better than a computer ,the player of console game are not mature ,PC are more mature i think ,and we have a lots of frère game more good than b2p game ,we have steam too if se went to buy game,it décembre i will have my gamer PC ,have fun with your ps4 or Xbox one 😉

    • spend 250 to 300 on graphics card for pc and it will destroy ps4 and xbox one! and games hold more players online aswell and no fee to play online pc is where its at consoles are for ppl who know nothin about pc’s ppl need to get more educated and consoles wouldnt exist! and the prices for pc games r sooo much better! example just paid a dollar for burnout dead space 3 c&c red alert mrirrors edge and 2 more games! new splintercell paid 30 everyone on consoles r buying it for 59 i love pc

  3. Been waiting for cross-platforming,hopefully there will be more and more of this.Why?because it will greatly increase population of all games f2p or not and will keep games alive longer

  4. I new PS4 wold win this war LMAO i mean look xbox is good but microsoft is geting over rate now days… look at the new 8 LMAO and they dont want to lose that $21 ever month or so PS2 and 3 is fully free online gameing or i no ps2 was idk ps3 but I am happy to have more player to pwn with my PC game’s LMAO hehehe hope they get APB Reloaded and the other’s to do it to … i love my keyboard and mouse i wold never trade them for a controller …. poor microsoft is going down hill

    • you are soo right ppl are worried about consoles but if they built a pc no need for consoles! i was a console gammer now pc gammer never been more happier ppl are looking forword to these free 2 play games that i have been playing for over a yr console behind the times!

    • Wow! Congrats! You guys can play the kind of games PC has had access to forever! I absolutely love people like you that are using Free, low quality games as an excuse to buy a console worth hundreds of dollars. It’s absolutely asinine.

      • Well excuse us for not being able to afford thousand dollar PCs and not being able to spend hundreds more every couple of month just to update said PC to play the latest games…. Elitist Asshole.

        • You’re over exaggerating. You can build an good rig for the same you pay for consoles. However, despite me being mostly a PC gamer, I hate PC elitists myself.

        • you are flawed and crazy. No gamer with any real sense goes and buys a thousand dollar computer, also every couple of months what are you on seriously what are you on, every other year or so maybe but months hell no. 2-3 hundred dollars every 2-3 years or so maybe New video card and maybe a slightly better mother board will cost me under 300 dollars we don’t need those 500 motherboards and 1000 dollar video cards to play the best games on high we don’t. The money i save from not buying games to play is how I buy these parts.

          Good rig will cost you about 500-600 dollars that play games really well, This place called Newegg puts parts on sale all the time so don’t go calling people who play pc elitist assholes because most of us are not.

          500 dollars for the console maybe a free game any new game even cheaper adds on to that, 500 + ? or are you saying you don’t buy games in other words yes your console in end would be cheaper but I say not i say you buy games even if over time when they are much cheaper, In average console gamers buy 5-10 new games a year at full price from all the gamers i have met and had the pleasure to chat with so from 300-600 dollars a year on games while i will spend none because i don’t need too do so yea, and yes i am being a prick now because of your absurd comment at the average pc gamer

          • Ok first of all, yes I exaggerated on the prices but my point was that you in the long run you pay more for a pc, and based on your info that seems to hold true. Yes there are varying factors that could change that, but if two people were purchasing the same amount of games, the one using a pc would pay more because he’d need to spend hundreds to update his pc to play the latest games.

            SecondIy, I wasn’t calling every pc gamer an elitist asshole just Bic Boi, you know the guy who I replied to who was basically making fun of people for buying a console to play f2p games instead of a pc. Why don’t you read peoples comments properly before putting words into peoples mouths.

    • Playstation has Playstation Plus (same price as Xbox live). Only difference is you dont have to pay for PS Plus to go online on F2P titles such as DCU/Warframe/Blacklight/War Thunder

    • negative battlefield 4 i heard big dissapointment on ps4 graphics were slacking have no clue about the xbox one but free to play titles dont win wars!

  5. It’s good that F2P games are hitting the PS4 (of the consoles being released this year, I expected it would be so).

    However, I’ll never understand why some people are so obsessed with this so called “console war” and that their console of choice must “win” it.

    • Because it will impact the console market alot! For an example, if “xbox one” with the DMR I think, or whatever rule it had before it changed, worked out. Future console-companies will also follow this example, since it gives more “Money”…. Luckily, the Sony did not follow these rules, and instead went for the more “Cheap” rule ;P. And this made alot of gamers angry and some happy, which made most of them switched from xbox to sony. and in turn, the microsoft removed the rules, because of low preorders… as you can see, the consol war has a big impact in future games.
      Actually… whatever happens to the consoles, I actually don’t really care…. I just hope it won’t affect the PC users.

  6. I don’t play War Thunder but with Warframe wouldn’t the guy with the controller be at a disadvantage as far as competing alongside the PC Players or even keeping up?
    Not to say people don’t already use whatever controller it is already for Warframe but I can see the people lacking behind being the ones playing on the Ps4 with PC players.

    The Blacklight Retribution Devs of course understand that there’s no fair way to have cross platform with PC players because its PVP but I still wonder about Warframe at least…

        • Just to clarify, this “auto-aim” people like to talk about isnt some sort of watch the game do it yourself feature, hell it hurts more then it helps in most cases. Its an aim-ASSIST because you only have your thumbs instead of your whole hand/wrist/arm (much less control in JUST your thumbs lol). AND most just turn the terrible feature off anyways 😛

    • if some ppl playing with cod moha and other great fps titles on consoles do you think they will be disadvantage in any way ?:D i fear they kick our but in no time :PP without any pvp probably they will have better aiming fingers too ^^ but glad to hear this im a pc version warframer:P so we get more ppl to play 😛 not sitting and waiting for ppl to join the online part 😛

    • The ps4 and the computer are 2 different platforms, the ps4 player will be playing with other ps4 players and will not be able to connect to pc gamers, all though i think you can connect a keybored and mouse to the ps4 to play your games that way but i’m not sure about that.


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