About the game:
Title: Black Desert
Status: Released; Shifted to buy-to-play Graphics: 3D
Developer: Pearl Abyss
Publisher: Daum Communications

Explosive Features:

  • Astounding Graphics
  • Robust Character Creator
  • Seamless Open World

Black Desert is an upcoming open world, sandbox MMORPG from Korean developer Pearl Abyss. Black Desert features incredibly life-like graphics thanks to the developer’s proprietary “Black Desert” engine, which boasts seasonal dynamic weather and day/night cycles. Once fully released, the MMO will contain 9 playable classes. Classes are currently gender-locked, but Black Desert gives players arguably the best character creation tools currently available. Players have full control over their character’s slightest details, all the way down to the placement of individual strands of hair.

Black Desert features an active combat system, similar to those found in MMO’s such as TERA. Many of Black Desert’s abilities however, require players to pull off intricate key combos while dodging attacks, instead of merely pressing a skill icon. Mounted combat also exists, with players taming wild mounts to then ride into battle. Outside of combat, Black Desert even features an active parkour system, giving players the ability to leap over obstacles and climb to the tallest vantage points atop buildings.

Unlike many MMO’s whose towns are filled with static NPC’s, Black Desert’s cities seem to team with life. NPC’s go to and fro, performing daily chores and errands while the player goes about their business. NPC’s even return home at night, making some available to interact with only during certain hours of the day. Players may purchase instanced houses of varying sizes within a city and then proceed to decorate them with a wide variety of goods.

Black Desert features a death penalty and offers players the opportunity to opt into open world PvP, meaning players must keep on their toes or face losing character progress. Outside of open world PvP, the MMO also features Castle Sieges, where guilds can face off against one another in a bid to control a castle. These castles then supply the owners with control over the local economy and taxes from the region. Players may siege castles with cannons or scale their walls using ladders.

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System Requirements

Black Desert Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 8/Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core I5
Memory Ram: 6GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 14GB of free Space
Video Card: GTX 650 / GTX 550ti / Radeon HD 7770 / Radeon HD 6770

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  1. in THIS day and age … the have the stupidity to make a gender locked mmo …
    thats all you need to know.
    you can figure about the MANAGEMENT of the game based on that one thing .

    • As long as Black Desert Online doesn’t overdo it with Gender Locked Classes like Tera Online I’m fine with Gender Locked Classes but your right Gender Locked Classes shoudn’t even be a thing.

  2. This game is great, if your looking for an easy brainless, give me everything type of game, go look somewhere else. yeah this game has its issues but the pros out way the cons.

  3. This game has great graphics but the game play is pretty back. There is horrible desync problem that they will never be able to fix. Imagine mobs getting a 1-4 second drop on you. You react that much faster behind. (Depending on where you live-for Americans, it is pretty bad). Making you combat very frustrating to say the least. The combat is extremely repetitive. If you are thinking you are going to do non-pvp things, well after 45, you are screwed. When you harvest of fish you are unarmed. Players can come buy and kill you and you do not even have a weapon equipped. Sure they may get bad karma but it does not effect them, because you can slay 3 people before you even hit 0, 4 to finally be affected. I liked the tediousness of the game, the life stuff was good, but you are often forced into pvp combat when all you want to do is trade, harvest, or whatever. If you love pvp, go for it, but like I said the combat system is broken, and depending on where you live from the servers, you either have huge advantage over others or huge disadvantage. My other gripe is inventory and the like. Basic needs push you to buy from the shop. This is game is designed to take your money on a regular basis. Needless to say, I no longer play this game.

    • Ignore steve he’s just a rude troll. And yeah I agree black desert online is pretty bad for the NA servers ryan. I no longer play it either I just don’t wanna choose a family name along with my username since it’s 2 different unique usernames you gotta come up with which is kinda tough. But one of the things I mainly hate is how they make it a buy 2 play for NA and EU while free 2 play every where else I think it should be 1 business model world wide.

  4. Really gender locked classes? Seems like this is becoming a thing in most MMOs nowadays which sucks. But seems real shady to force you to give up your rights to your 14 day refund before you can even open the game. So if the game glitches out and doesn’t work anymore when I download and open it I’m out of a refund?

    • I also forgot to add this is a buy 2 play business model. But they got cash shops and a VIP service in this game which tells they clearly want money. Sure the graphics are great and yeah MMO developers do need money but Daum clearly makes it obvious they want your money.

      • I am the same Unknown reviewer I just wanted to say I might of been wrong about the VIP services but they do sell a micro currency for probably the cash shop ingame. But the black desert online servers in other countries might have VIP services but I’m unaware since I can’t find any sources.

        • The game has changed a lot. It’s got it’s pros and cons, but one person had stated that the pros definitely out-weigh the cons. I agree with this. The game is an acquired taste. Very grindy and takes a lot of time to truly succeed in Black Desert. Gender locks are dumb, but they seamlessly implemented it. It really applies to the idea that your character does in fact have a personality. If you were to have two different genders for each class, it would definitely make it more difficult to truly feel the in-depth personality of your class. Besides, is it really bad to have gender locks? Think of it as a normal RPG, but online. You can’t choose a gender in lets say Assassin’s Creed. Anything I say about the game is irrelevant. It truly comes down to how you feel about it. The game is only $10 as of today, and to me, is worth every penny. What you get is a game with a lot of content, and a very active community. Take it as you will, this game is it’s own kind of style. I like it, some won’t.

      • I’m not crying I’m reviewing the game and I honestly don’t like black desert in the NA servers. They went free 2 play in every other country but NA/EU which sucks I think they should of stuck to one business model for the game worldwide. And the gender locked classes is annoying if I get one class I don’t wanna be stuck as a girl or stuck as a guy I don’t wanna be locked as one gender just to use a class and 99% of the time I normally choose the gender I was born as and when we make our character I think we should be that gender forever ingame unless they offer some type of service to let us swap genders and I tried looking it up I can’t find anything so I don’t know if they do offer that type of service ingame. Also this game isn’t worth the money in my opinion I regret paying the money for it. But I do admit this game has potential I like it but it has some flaws about it that drives me away from wanting to play it.

  5. After playing this game since the EU headstart till now ill adress some things that most people dont say for some reason :

    1) Many things to do

    Even though people lead you to believe there are many things to do like, breeding, trading, whale hunting , hunting ( not in the EU version yet) Those things are boring as hell, now that does not mean everyone will find it boring but im guessing when you look for an MMO you are looking for pvp,pve and group content, so if you have the slightest hesitation about the combat and you think ” Oh but at least i can do these activities” dont buy the game, try it from a friend or something but dont buy it, you will get bored.

    2) Amazing combat

    Many people like me were drawn from how nice the combat looked, but once you play for around 10 hours, you realise theres is pretty much nothing to it during PvE than buttom spam most of the time. The PvE is one of the easiest you will ever find provided you are at the grind spot where you are supposed to be for your level, after 50 there are some places that you need a group but eventually you will be able to solo them.

    3) PvP based game

    Even though its advertised as such, the sieges and node wars that people mention are not out yet, so you are stuck with 1v1 and party pvp for a grind spot most of the time. The combat in PvP actually takes some skill compared to when you PvE, that said though, the servers have some horrible Desync problems right now which makes many classes that need to use a ”grab” skill to perform a combo useless, since they will actually do the whole skill animation while your enemy is hitting you cause you did not grab him, on the other hand some times i have some range between me and the enemy and still get grabbed. Also because the potions have 3 second cooldowns if you 1v1 with someone equally geared as you then it becomes a pot spam, there have been many times where me and the other guy just stoped and went our ways cause it was pointless. And lastly, this is a heavily gear based game ( like most mmo’s i guess) but here if the enemy outgears you, you will die most of the time. The good thing is the current gear gap is not hard to achieve. Also look into the PK system of this game and choose if you like it or not. Cause if you are not playing with a good guild you just gonna get pked and pked all the time trying to grind in a populated spot.

    4) Too grindy

    You gonna grind ALOT in this game, and even though once you get the hang of it its not hard to reach max lvl its still gonna get annoying, cause unless you money incomes comes from other activities ( trading etc) then you will grind over and over again to get silver. Now the problem is not that you need to grind lots of hours in particular rather than that for a grind based game there are so few spots. If you are not in a strong guild then you will just get killed over and over by other guilds and random people and it will become frustrating by some point. You can try different channels yeah but if you are playing on the prime time hours keep that in mind.

    5) Character creation and character appearance

    Now, the character creation in this game is amazing, it provides so many options for you thats its really nice to see what many people who actually spend time on it can do. The problem comes in the in-game. On most classes the armor you will be wearing will make your character look like a sack of potatoes. Now you will thing ” oh im just gonna get better armors” Nope! 99% of time your character will look almost exactly like that, now many people dont bother with that, but for me personally and many others i assume this is an actual problem, i dont like my character looking like that which brings me to my next point.

    6) The cash shop

    People have different opinions on this but the 1 fact is that it is really overpriced. So if you want your character to not look like a ”potatoe” then you will most likely wanna buy an outfit, well this outfit will cost you around 30 euros. Now that might not sound much and its not much if only buy an outfit once, but keep in mind that the outfit costs exactly as the game costs, that has to say something, and that said, its also character bound meaning that if you decide to change a character and you want another one its +30 euros.
    Now if you want to dye that custome you can buy a dye pack from the cash shop, the problem is, even though you can buy the colour you want the actual shade that it will be its completely based on RNG, they said they will look into it in the future but right now thats how it is. Also if you want a pet to loot for you, you need to buy one from the cash shop which costs around 8-9 euros, if you want higher lvl tier pet you need to breed them together so you need to buy more and so on. So keep that in mind!

    7) RNG

    Most MMO’s have rng elements in them, this is no exceptions and it has a little bit more than your average MMO. Now personally i dont really mind it and since the items you will want to drop you can actually buy them from the Auction house all you have to do is grind silver. But if you are the type of person who gets frustrated after trying to drop something for 20 hours only to see a guildy linking in guild chat and just got it in 5 minutes of trying then you might not wanna try it!

    Now there are more things ofcourse and opinions differ, there are of course alot of good things about this game but the point is to give some new people who think about getting it some info about since it will save you money and will save the community from someone crying in the chat about how terrible this is!

  6. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! I don’t know HOW any one can say this is good graphics, TERRIBLE!!!! Game play and combat are some of the worst I have played. My wife and i tried playing the game 3 different times. You have no idea what is going on, you just run around, can run right up to things that are suppose to be KOS, and they just walk around you, no aggro at all. We don’t get it, and give up. Dont get the attraction here at all, good luck Black Desert in the USA, i don’t think it will last.

    • I don’t know where to start with this, but I’ll give it a shot. The graphics are gorgeous if you’re playing on a good computer, I’ve never played an mmo this beautiful before. It’s as close to a single player game like The Witcher 3 as you’re going to get in an mmo right now.

      I’ll grant you the game is difficult to learn and understand at first, this could be worked on, but it’s difficult to learn because of how layered and complex the game really is. There’s so much to do and so many ways to do it that a person can and will get overwhelmed. Some people will try harder and put a little effort into learning the game, others have less patience and attention span and will go back to simpler things. There’s nothing wrong with either one of those, but you’re doing yourself a disservice to dismiss this game so readily. The attraction of the game, for me at least, lies in the game’s ability to immerse you completely into a large, actually open world where you feel like you’re actually living another life.

      The combat is extremely fun when you get the hang of it, but it’s not even the central aspect of the game necessarily. There’s a lot of different systems that have nothing to do with combat at all, such as fishing, farming, hunting, and quite a bit more I haven’t even had the time to explore yet.

      The game is far from perfected, but the team behind it are actively discussing and listening to feedback from the players, and are not only aware of some of the shortcomings, such as the atrocious dye system and way too high cash shop prices, but they have plans in motion to do something about them and have even fixed a few things as I’ve been writing this.

      I don’t usually write comments about this stuff at all, but everything said there was such a lazy waste of a good experience. Try harder!

      • Yeah it’s sad how alot of people have little attention spans. I mean it’s easy to learn if you set your mind to it. And I agree the graphics are goreous. This is probably one of the best MMOS I played besides Archeage. But this game could be worked on a little and theres a few flaws that I don’t like about this game. I just don’t like the family system that’s one of my huge issues since it’s hard to come up with a good one.

  7. Good gameplay & graphics.
    Only thing is there is no endgame,dungeons and large bosses are only summoned through scrolls from dailies. Open pvp was removed so not much fun. Google black desert endgame and youll see. Ive tried the game as well and it was pretty fun

    • The end game consists of: End game of all professions like whale hunting. World bosses. Group and guild bosses. Castle sieges and node wars. Grinding for items. In world dungeons that have high level mobs that need a large team to survive. the desert dungeon and the whole area (coming soon). As you can see the IS end game and a lot of it so please think before you say these kind of things.

      • If you know all these things you know how boring all these things you are mentioned. Guild Boss is a joke, one guy pull aggro while others hit boss from behind for 20 mins, there’s no challenge or fun in it. Castle sieges and node wars… only benifits pvp guilds, siege weapons are only good for damaging enemy fortress. Your gears matter the most so you have to dedicated your time collecting black gems and forget all crafting, fishing, trading, horse breeding and so on, if you want to win these wars. Of course you can ignore these war, but having no controlled nodes you’ll be charged with tax every time you trade. And so called high level mobs… you can hunt them alone eventually, you don’t need to group up (well, people will still group up for less grinding) like many critique says there’s no challenge (apparently they increased mob hp and damage, but that’s not challenge, we want smarter enemy AI). And yes there are some features not implemented yet, but think about it. Is it really worth waiting? There are reasons BDO didn’t do well in other regions and I don’t believe because their version was F2P. JP server already lost 1/3 of playerbase within a year. So again think about it. Is this game really as good as some people claimed to be? Because these people only played this game for a short period (around a month since the launch), and not experiencing pitfall yet. I mean i’m not saying it’s shit. BDO probably has the most beautiful look and nice combat system (even though mob is dumb and group combat is almost no existent) but these things alone wont make this game good either. So be more realistic. I don’t care if you are hater or fanboy. I care what everyone think about this game without biased view.

        • I agree on everything you said. I have been playing for a month since game was launched in EU. Ofc char creation is the best one i have ever seen, same goes for graphics. Horse system and mounted combat is rly nice. This game has such a powerfull potential but developers havent made prfit of it. There’s no pve content at all, all you do in pve is grinding over an over again because theres no lvl cap. Combat system is nice, it reminds me to TERA but omg tera is a hundred time funnier than bdo without having astonishing graphics.

          Moreover, there’s no healer class so ppl who like playing this roll have not muvj to do. There is no healer because there is no instanced pve where you need a healer and party cordination to handle and deal with boss mechanics (thats what makes pve funny imo). Healer is not needed at all because ina world boss if you get hit you go back a bit and u can heal yourself without any prob .

          To sum up, a game with an amazing pontential but developers havent managed well to make profit of it.

  8. A long long wait until release time in US. by the time it releases in US, there will be better game and this game will slump in the corner *i am looking at you PSO2…

  9. Looks great, I hope it’s a good game, been burnt by hype last couple of years and the new f2p models are very aggressive, look at Archeage, time will tell

  10. Game looks GREAT, Only problem is I need to be able to read it as in I speak english so hope they make it english version also. But when this game goes lives i will be leaving WOW/Rift which i have been playing for 11+ years in a sec for this game Looks GREAT

  11. Black Desert is a beautiful open world version of C9 with amazing character creation. That’s what it has going for it. Is it worth the amount of hype it’s getting? No. You can disagree with me but unless you’ve actually played it as I have I won’t take your arguments as credible ones. I have purchased a Korean vpn for like $10 just to play this game and It was kind of exciting of first but despite the appeals it still feels grindy with the quest system and loses it’s entertainment value relatively fast. I have also played Blade and Soul and I can assure you B&S will be my main mmo because I believe it is the better of the two. I will be buying a founder pack for B&S.

  12. Best MMORPG i ever played. Currently playing on Korean server and its ammazing. The game world is very rich and you always have stuff to do. The crafting system is interesting en unique. Every item by loot is meaningful. This game is recomended to 18+ players not because of sensorship but its a game for grown ups ( the way it handles). If you like MMO’s were you have to rush to max levels , then its not a game for you. You have to take your time and enjoy the game.

    • Hi Jade, i really really would like to try this game on my PC , please can you help me to install and play this game ? how can i do ? i live in Italy.


  13. This looks like a replica of Archeage, virtually the same look to, hopefully it has more to offer. Im waiting for this one to come out, 2016 feels so far away.

      • I played Black Desert, Tom doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about. This game is much more comparable to Guild Wars in that it is mostly built around end-game pvp. The main difference is the combat is much more advanced and the grind to level cap doesn’t take as long.

  14. Badass finally a mmo that does not look like mindcraft + just for that combat looks badass and haters just fuc off and go get some money + a real puter not a crap top

  15. This looks like Archeage, but made by a different games company, also theres a long wait, 2016? Really, this games company will have people bored waiting. I highly anticipate the release though and will give it a try

  16. The game is awesome. I can’t wait to 2016. It is a long time. So I bought one account from OBTGAME . It all works fine. Hope I can still play with the account.

  17. I feel Black Desert is going to add some new concepts to MMO gaming, take for example the dynamic NPCs – it’s such a simple idea for people in the word to act like they are more then just a lamp post with a giant “!” mark above their head. An MMO world that feels like an actual world, the players just being a part of it. I feel it’s a step in the right direction and definitely one to watch out for.

  18. Yes because we all love beating on a single monster for nearly a minute to kill it. This will NOT be a B&S replacement. It’s pretty, that is all.

    • I actually love only killing 2-3 hard monsters for my quests. Hate that kill 100 of this pick 500 of that. It does look pretty, but that’s what you are suppose to expect from games these days. Blade & Soul isn’t that fun (at least the Korean version). This game actually has realistic textures, blade and soul is more cartoony.

    • SO your idea of better game play is SPAM killing,so like Asian f2p games of the past?

      Slower combat and single encounters is the PROPER way to go and also offers the most versatility in combat,unless you want less and just spam 1/2/3 all the time?
      The mentality of faster is better says more about you think it’s a RACE,are you in a race or something,do yo uunderstand what ROLE PLAYING even means?

      If look under role playing,it won’t say it’s a RACE to anywhere.

    • At the moment this game is P2W in korea with abusive cash shop: fashion items with stats, enchanting items, scrolls for dont drop gear, cash shop revive item, boosts, etc.
      PVP isnt hardcore as they said at first and in massive pvp or siegues there are “fps drop”.
      PVE havent any party or raid content, there are few world raid bosses but u can not make any raid, wich means caos for drops.
      Housing is instanced.
      Economy is not a sandbox mmo, players cant trade preventing bots problems.

      The biggest problem is Black Desert korean publisher, DAUM, will be same for EU/NA.

      • Pay to Win? Do you whiny little asshats even know what that means anymore? Please, do come explain how a cash shop which has primarily aesthetic items = pay to win. And the ONLY items in that shop that provide any sort of boost to the player is the fish outfit (swim faster) and that stupid looking angel thing which gives you a 3 second boost to run speed (30%). ALL of which, you can buy from other players for in-game currency. Maybe you f*ckbags who have never played anything other than WoW before need to brush up on the MMO “lingo” before you go labeling everything “P2W” just because it has a shop in it.

        P.S. – they’re still adding more and more content, as in, 5 more classes, a whole other zone (entire south end of continent is still locked, as well as a few dozen islands), and just in the past 2 months, have added 3 classes, 4 world bosses, 5 global events, 2 “dungeons” (all is open-world, so the typical idea of a “dungeon” doesn’t apply, it’s an area you have to work your way into to fight a boss) and more item tiers.

        • Does it have a party system of some sort? I am quite interested in this game as it seems like the type of thing I enjoy, but an MMO without a party system of some sort seems lacking in a critical way.

          • Yes, it does have a party system. full guild system, and guild warring platform.
            i have been playing it on korean servers. PVP is tough for US players right now due to ping being 300+
            while PVE is fine, since it is highly client side.
            its fully openworld.

        • If you buy pretty items with cash and then sell them on AH for in-game currency that is a 3rd party P2W. It is not direct but if a player can drop $1000 on items and then sell them on AH…… that’s P2W.

    • a minute to kill a mob?
      I have yet to spend more than 15 seconds killing a red named mob.
      I usually gather like 20mobs and it takes like a minute or two.

    • As of the moment i think its said to be F2P but they can always change up their minds and make is Sub base game so dont get your hopes up

    • F2P is never F2P I hate all of them .. lost of money coz I`m idiot and addicted to games.

      If you see F2P stay away from those games trust me.
      better pay $15-$18 a month and have pace of mind ..

  19. That seems fantastic! with enough skills and a lot of content it will overpower other MMORPGs
    I would say it is B&S and TERA successor since it takes their concepts and maxes them out(without being a failure-game). *ahem TESO hater here cough*


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