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About the game:
Title: CrimeCraft
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Vogster Entertainment
Publisher: Vogster Entertainment

Explosive Features:

  • Unreal Engine 3 graphics.
  • Different Game Modes.
  • Fast paced.

CrimeCraft is a free to play fast-paced third-person shooter (MMOTPS) set in the persistent world of Sunrise City, a gang-infested near-future metropolis reeling from the total collapse of the entire world economy. In CrimeCraft you can become a criminal sharp shooter, performing various “tasks” and “jobs” for money and experience. These help your avatar gain a reputation, learn new trade skills and perform new abilities in battle.

Items you manufacture can be sold, traded or auctioned to other players. When you’re not rippijng them off, you can battle other players (or AI enemie) with a wide range of weapons, explosives, abilities and enhancements at your disposal.

The environment you will encounter in Sunrise City is breathtaking, beautifully rendered by the powerful Unreal Engine 3. There is an amazing depth in the variety of clothes, weapons, items and skills available to distinguish your character and your crew from the masses playing online.

CrimeCraft has steadily released new content including its bleedout expansion and GangWars expansion.

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System Requirements

CrimeCraft Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Pentium 1.6 GHz
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 5.5 GB of free disk space
Video Card: GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X1600

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