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Title: Iron Grip: Marauders | Status: Final
Genre: Strategy | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Isotx, Inc.
Developer: Isotx, Inc.

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What’s explosive about it:
Great 2D graphics with some 3D elements
In-depth turn-based combat
Customize your bases

Iron Grip: Marauders is a free to play 3D strategy browser game that you can sail above the world in your own Marauder Airship, or engaged in ground and base combat.

Players assume the roles of airship captains able to take advantage of research and engineering to create an entirely unique army to combat enemies with.

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  1. Hey I’m really interested in this game and so is my friend and we wish to compete in this world too! But I have a couple questions before I install.
    Is this game still alive?
    When it said base building, is it like other bland sh*tty x/hour resource gather with cashshop boosts, and typical pictures where it’s interactions are little to none? Or is it like C & C mechanics?
    Is the cash shop advantages game-breaking, noticable advantage, slight advantage, or just cosmetics/convenience?
    Would this game get your blood pumping competing with a friend?
    What rating would you give this game based solely on gameplay and variety? (Graphics excluded)

    • I’ve played the beta for a month or so.

      The base building does NOT require constant activity. Its limited to researching.
      Its simply “from time to time play a couple of games against the AI, spend the rewards on research and replenish your lost soldiers, which die permanently, but are not that expensive”. You however have the chance to win over unique units.

      The game is based on the tactical play where you deploy units and fight till you clear the map. Unit types are: infantry, tanks and a single hero. Types of damage are: anti-infantry, anti-armor, ambulance and repair truck. Heroes are hard to kill either way. Simple as that.

      Pick your favorite units, deploy them, keep them at 1 or two squads and clear the board. Its easier to use machines, but they do not do much damage against infantry. For that occasion apply snipers and heroes.

  2. a really great game with rewards that will keep u coming back [ no need to purchase anything just need to play daily] been around since beta, management plus turn based strategy similar to advance wars, semi-steam punk setting and 3D graphics definetly is a win for me.

  3. Only played for three hours and looks like I’ll be playing for months now. Combat is like a steam punk version of Fire Emblem. Only flaw so far is that character dialog at times seems fake which is really bad since it’s in text so you can’t just blame voice acting. Other than that though game-play is great.

    Free, only 22Mb, worth getting if you like strategy gaming.

  4. a good game been playing it for 2 months now. good community too and helpful players, not so helpful GM/Mods though … and enemy boss is though as hell.


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