And then there were 16.

Only one-quarter of the games that started on this journey still remain, so we thought we’d reflect on some of the stats we’ve seen in the first two rounds with a few “best of” lists:

Most votes through two rounds:

SMITE – 18,965
Mabinogi – 12,648
Warframe – 7571+
Team Fortress 2 – 7,022
Aura Kingdom – 6,911 (first-round voting only!)

On the flip side, the lowest vote total by a round of 16 participant goes to DC Universe Online, with 1,282.

Largest total margin of victory (percentage points):

Path of Exile – 166-34
PlanetSide 2 – 151-49
Team Fortress 2 – 148-52
Star Wars: The Old Republic – 144-56
TERA – 142-58

Game types remaining:

RPG – 9
FPS – 4
MOBA – 3

Total value of seeds:

If all highest seeds were remaining – 40
If all lowest seeds were remaining – 232
Actual – 103

Also, there’s been some, uh, “heated discussion” regarding cheating in the polls. To wit, some players have taken to using methods that might be considered underhanded by their opponents – some of whom have found out about them and promoted the same tactics to their community. While I won’t go into the specifics, we can confirm that, yes, it’s possible for one person to vote multiple times. We’ve been aware of the possibility since the start of the polls and, in all honesty, there’s not much we can do to cure the disease that wouldn’t be worse than the symptoms.

Suppose we implemented a form of strict IP blocking, for instance, so that no person could vote twice from the same computer, or even from the same building. You could still vote multiple times by voting from home, from work, from school, from a library, from your phone, from your laptop… It’s easy to see how a person could vote several times to avoid such restrictions, and it could restrict legitimate voting, such as from two people living in the same household or voting from the same public computer or college campus.

Could we implement a kind of registration system to prevent people from voting more than once? Maybe, but you don’t want to have to sign up/sign in every time you want to vote, and it’s easy enough for people to put in fake names or e-mails (or create multiple free e-mail accounts). And even if we did have all these safeguards and some absolutely unquestionable, multi-million-dollar foolproof security system in place, some people would still cry “Hackers!” when their favorite game lost.

All that being said, we have found evidence of one user being able to cast more than a handful of votes for his game. According to what he said and the time frame he gives, he should have added a few hundred votes to his game’s total, but, seeing as how his game won by several thousand votes, we’ve decided not to take action. However, we are implementing stricter anti-cheat controls for the final rounds of the poll. We didn’t want to do this because of the warning that comes with the polling system that some legitimate votes might not be counted, but we’ve run a few tests and are crossing our fingers that this won’t gum up the works too badly.

We don’t believe that every upset or every loss is the result of cheaters, though. What we’ve seen in the case of games getting unusually high vote totals is plenty of evidence of passionate gamers and game companies promoting the contest via forums and social media (occasionally with bribes) to “get out the vote,” and that we have no problem with.

Also keep in mind that, if your game got beaten in the second round by someone who “cheated,” your game won its first round match-up – so fans of the game it beat could, without any hard evidence, accuse you of the same thing.

Finally, while we love this tournament – and a lot of you do, too, by the looks of it – it’s not a life-or-death struggle. There isn’t a large cash sum on the line, and we’re not voting for anything like the president of the United States, or even something really important like the winner of American Idol. It’s light and fun, and if your game loses… well, it’ll be in good company. 64 games started this tournament, and 63 of them will be eliminated. Celebrate your victories and don’t dwell too long on your defeats.

Vote in Round 3 here!

The winners of each division will face off to determine, once and for all, what is the best F2P game – or at least which game has the most rabid fans!

M 2/24: Warrior Division, Round 1
W 2/26: Cleric Division, Round 1
F 2/28: Rogue Division, Round 1
M 3/3: Wizard Division, Round 1

W 3/5: Warrior Division, Round 2
F 3/7: Cleric Division, Round 2
M 3/10: Rogue Division, Round 2
W 3/12: Wizard Division, Round 2

F 3/14: Warrior Division, Semi-Finals
M 3/17: Cleric Division, Semi-Finals
W 3/19: Rogue Division, Semi-Finals
F 3/21: Wizard Division, Semi-Finals

M 3/24: Warrior & Cleric Divisions, Finals
W 3/26: Rogue & Wizard Divisions, Finals

F 3/28: Warrior vs. Cleric Division winners, Rogue vs. Wizard Division winners
M 3/31: The Final Match-up!

Note: The schedule for opening new polls in the semi-final rounds and beyond has been altered slightly, to speed up the overall pace of the tournament. All polls will remain open for two days (three on weekends) except for the final match-up. We apologize for the confusion.

Vote early, vote often, but whatever you do, just vote!

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Glad to see Hearthstone out of this tournament. Such an imbalanced pile of garbage. It’ll be a LONG time before that games is ready to be taken seriously.

  2. tbh, for those who didnt check twitter.
    “There are only two in the top 100 offending IPs. They each have 84 and 75 votes respectively.”

    “Just to be clear, although the majority of the bots on that list are RO, there are some Mabi at the bottom as well, although only a few.”

    “I’d say 300+ votes from one proxy TOR IP is quite enough evidence to deem that RO vote illegitimate. See our earlier tweets.”

    This was about Mabinogi voters. RO is doing this hardcore mang.
    No offense though, RO was a good game back in the days. But jebus, so much flame from both sides.

    Oh look, i know how to copy pasta, yay me.

    // D.

  3. If it was only one community that had people botting, I’d say disqualify that game. Both communities are botting. Allowing them in only encourages more botting, and I don’t think a game should have more than 1 repoll. Disqualify them both. Neither deserves to remain.

    • See, the problem is… if Ragnarok Online didn’t even start their whole conspiring plan about rigging the votes and our community didn’t see it, then either Ragnarok Online would be getting away with it or they would be disqualified. Mabinogi players only started to cheat when Ragnarok Online was definitely trying to rig the vote. I don’t disagree with your statement, but Mabinogi had no intentions to rig the votes from the beginning.

  4. what do you mean IF…..we’re getting it right now from our last victory…..along with 100% success on all repairs on ALL items (that’re repairable of course)…..the event for Doki Island is extended to the end of April which gives one the ability to fly WITHOUT a pet….sweeeeeetttt

  5. i played both mabi is a better game… but i voted for rag due to the fact dub exp with we win lol… not playing mabi any more 🙁 ….

  6. Mab bots are turning on now lol Ro gonna bot more Mab gonna bot more and just complete chaos
    I don’t like mab to bright and confusing.

  7. This how the cheating started.
    Ro – ok lets bot 50 votes
    Mab – THERE CHEATING!!!!
    Mab – lets bot 100 votes
    RO – OMERGERD 2 can play this game!
    RO – Bots 2000 votes
    MAB – HOLY COW bots 3000 votes
    Ro – DUMMIES
    RO- 2000 + 2000 votes
    REAL MAB – LETS WIN THIS votes 1500
    RO – HECK no votes 4000
    RO – KEEP ON

  8. Well, I apologize for generalizing the whole player base of RO. At this point, I see there is no point in complaining and all we can do is wait. Hopefully only the legitimate votes will be counted and we can get on with our lives (lol). To the legitimate RO voters: may the best f2p win.

  9. Ok look I play mabi I love mabi I vote fore mabi once during this poll an that’s all I can do I love mabi the game is amazing but no event is worth get our character bashed if they are botting so what we will still play the game if we win or lose and karma will bite those who do wrong it is unblinded by temptation anger greed. This goes for anyone who truely plays their game for the thrill of the game let it go and just wait.

    that’s all back to u chad

    • Mabinogi is the law! Also the poll was legitimate at first until ro had some individuals that began their botting. That’s when the botters on our side began in retaliation.

    • lol Avoid. It’s quite obvious that RO is botting the vote. I mean 54,000+ votes in total between the two. While I don’t doubt that there’s been some botting during all the voting, it’s clear that RO doesn’t care how bad they look, they just think they can win this way. But in the end it won’t matter. All it shows is that there are some people who want to ruin things for everyone else.

      • Ahh but the twist is that mmobomb is checking the vote Monday and looking at IP so this is gonna be 1 hell of a comment warXD

      • You can’t really blame the actions of the unknown to the whole playerbase of RO. (using the term “RO” includes them all in my eyes) 🙁
        If it was reverse, I’d feel hurt if they said that about us, since I know I, myself, casted only a single vote.

        Just Saiyan.

        • I suppose it could be taken that way. My wording was poor. I didn’t mean it as the entire player base. I suppose I meant it more to mean RO people in general but not all of them. Perhaps it’s even just people who don’t want Mabi to win and don’t like RO one way or another. But I saw a twitter feed that posted some IP addresses for votes for RO that had 100+ to 300+ votes for one ip. While I’m sure it’s happened to some extent for all the other polls, it seems much more prevalent during this one for some reason.

          No matter who does it, it just speaks poorly of their character that they’d need or want to do that for a vote on a website, no matter the ‘prize’.

  11. Okay seriously, you’re stupid if you believe Ragnarok Online truly has more than 25k player. Hell, I doubt they have even 10k players. Blatant cheating and usage of a mass-voting bot. To not take action would be the equivalent of encouraging cheating the polls.

  12. This is just beyond pathetic. How did a simple contest, meant mostly to drive hits on the mmobomb website, suddenly spiral into some sort of death cage match between mabi and RO. This is making both communities look bad. Just stop the bleeding right now and put an end to all the dirty tricks! Especially my fellow milletians; we should be better than this.

  13. Breaking news RO players are in mabi convincing ppl to vote for RO for a false 4 times xp event just throwing that out too lol

    • As a mabi player, I consider that funny. They can go on OUR game and try to get votes all they want. It’s an effort that makes me laugh.

  14. Guys everytime I get on the page it seems like I voted multiple times like I can vote but it will show that I can vote again?

  15. Well mabi had a LEGIT run but I guess it ends unless mmobomb actually does something about RO cheating I mean like really~? 40k votes my a** and if you think about it mmobomb made mabi lose by resetting it because before the reset it would most likely mabi would win by 3 percent

    • There’s more polite ways to express yourself, mabiman.
      Besides, I contacted them on twitter and this is what I got from them: “IPs will be evaluated on Monday after the poll closes. Then we will report the true results.”

      I am not too sure about the legitimacy of this, but I guess this is as much as we will get from MMOBomb’s staff.

      • Sorry just that all the time I’m in a competition and my group and I get so far then 1 guy cheats to defat my group and I so I take full complaint. I didn’t mean to make mabi look whiney its just how personal experience came back in my mind

  16. I think Mabinogi has already lost. Without MMobomb doing anything, I had enough. As much as I don’t want to give up. It has come to this.

  17. I play both Mabinogi and Ragnarok. Its a shame Ragnarok players would go this far just for a contest. We can win without this.

    • Ragnarok Online is definitely far, far above Mabinogi, however this isn’t a contest about what game is best. It’s simply a popularity contest, and RO is too old to keep up against a more current MMO like Mabinogi.

      Also whether RO started cheating first or not, both are clearly cheating now. So Mabi fanboys trying to take the moral high ground and look down on RO, you just look stupid.

      It’s kind of sad and pathetic that people care THIS much though. Really? It’s just a crappy poll. It’s not the end of the world.

  18. Ragnarok cheating to win? What?…. For shame… A game that has had a long running history of players should not have to do things like this just to win.

  19. Why isn’t mmobomb seeing this the Vote us at 28k more than last time ro is obviously ether multi IP voting again or IP stealing hack that’s why I didn’t vote on my tablet or PC cause if I see I apparently voted its IP hack and I know this hack a little to well

  20. Ok, I was looking at the RO vs Mabi voting, and I had noticed that the votes were going up strangely, so I decided to record the percent and total votes every 10 minutes.

    RO: 49 MABI: 51 TOTAL: 19319 at 5:43

    RO: 49 MABI: 51 TOTAL: 19542 at 5:53

    For these, the change in total votes was: 223 for the period of 10 minutes, which is about .366 per second.

    RO: 49 MABI: 51 TOTAL: 19746 at 6:03

    For the third count, the change in total votes (Which I’ll call C from now on) was 204 which is .34 votes per second (VpS).

    Before I continue, I want to say that when I started collecting this data, I was about halfway through the minute, which may have skewed data, but if it does, we will see it in further counts.

    RO: 50 MABI: 50 total 19919 at 6:13

    C is 173
    VpS is .28833

    The amount of votes per second is decreasing, and they are in favor of RO.

    I will post more later.

    • RO: 50 MABI: 50 TOTAL 20425 at 6:23

      C: 506
      VpS: .84333

      The spike in votes may be due to voters on either side noticing the evenness of the two games and encouraged voting. This seems to be an outlier, but we can’t determine that yet. It is also waking hour for some people on the East Coast, which may be another reason why.

      RO: 50 MABI: 50 TOTAL: 20665 at 6:33
      C: 240
      VpS: .4

      It seems the spike increase from the previous count had slightly effected this count as well.

      RO 50: MABI: 50 TOTAL: 20893 at 6:43

      C: 228
      VpS: .38

      The VpS are going back to what we have had before. If there is something voting multiple times, I suspect it would be going at a pace around 1 every 4 seconds, with a human voting randomly. I do not say that this is final, merely a guess on what I have seen. More data to come.

    • RO: 50 MABI: 50 TOTAL: 21092 at 6:53

      C: 199
      VpS: .33166

      For safety, I’ll start including a reasonable account for human timing error, which will be 5 seconds off, which is 1/12 of a minute, which is 8.33 percent. So, including human error, the VpS is between .30402 and .35931.

      RO: 51 MABI: 51 TOTAL: 21705 at 7:03

      VpS: 1.02166

      ~VpS: .93656 and 1.10681

      I’ll call it quits for the night, the data for this 80 minute period if out there, just know that voting never really stopped. I can’t say what this data means, but I can say that RO is pulling more vote in than Mabi now.

  21. The last point this looked even remotely legit RO was about 4k and Mabinogi 8k, I’m going to enjoy seeing 30k votes when I wake up tomorrow. Hopefully they find a way to resolve this without tossing out all the legit votes that were cast for either party. In other news though, APB and Warframe are neck and neck at the moment kinda rooting for Warframe though. ;p

  22. Can we just DQ Mabinogi and RO Obviously they’re both cheating..
    Thought it seems RO starting it. they got in 10 hrsfrom 11% to 45.. this is faster than the first vote.

    • Actually, Mabinogi only started their cheating because of Ragnarok. I’m not saying that Mabinogi shouldn’t be slapped with the fine, but there has been evidence that Ragnarok has been cheating since the very beginning of this contest. Why hasn’t RO been tossed out of the competition already?

      • I rather not blame cheating on RO or Mabi, rather the blame should be going to individuals who’d most likely be removed from said communities had these people’s names been known. The blame goes to these unknown people in the shadows.

  23. I am not meaning to say that both parties might not be cheating. But the speed at votes are going up seems odd.
    I am not joking when I say that 4 hours ago there were exactly half the votes the poll currently has (about 7000+), at the time I am writing this, the poll is currently nearing 15000 votes.

  24. I also agree with scall. Weird that RO is still gaining votes while mabi isn’t odd because its estamte to be 100 votes a minute for RO but 10 for mabi why don’t they play Fair and just accept that if they win or lose ok oh well but how RO looks like cheating again I see that’s DQ

  25. I agree with the person above me. Please do a thorough check of both mabi and Ro when this is over. I want to crush Ro legitimately. I’m sure both sides have cheaters so that is why I ask.

  26. Ragnarok Online has risen by ridicolous amounts within mere minutes.
    And there seems to be an average of 100+ votes a minute. This seems fishy.

  27. Given it would take 7 people to spam an entire Mabinogi server with unblockable inescapable party announcements about voting, which they are doing actively, combined with the update on the launcher… I would say in a fair fight RO is doomed, despite my fondness for it. That being said, vote for Pedro… and all of your wildest dreams will come true.

  28. I knew mabi was cheating and also getting help from other nexon games like all nexon games shouldn’t be on the list they will just support each other when they haven’t played the other games.

    • So what happens if 2 Nexon games face off against each other?

      Maple Story Vs. Mabinogi…

      That would certainly be a nice punishment should they in fact be caught cheating again.

      But legitimate votes should count. Regardless of whether it comes from a player, or a Corporate stimulus. Corporations buy advertizement, professional teams, etc. all the time.

      Just the other day, I saw a company advertize on CNN, that you could hire them to improve your online reputation, by countering negative remarks online, with positive reviews… yeah Companies can actually pay for that kind of thing. *Shrug*

      The dark dirty underbelly of “free enterprise.”

      From reading the Official comment on this article, it seems as both sides were heavily cheating. I do hope those in charge of this polling take measures to compensate for the discrepancies, should they repeat again.

    • Yet… Ragnarok Online has openly admitted to conspiring to cheat against Mabinogi. I have a friend that has good knowledge about the RO Community and he said that some people has been conspiring to cheat for this whole event.

      Maybe if the companies stop advertising “2x EXP” events, it would be fair.

    • short story:
      bot accusations

      Long story:
      It’s probably longer than the USA Healthcare Bill at this point to explain it accurately

        • The final votes add up to 10k from Ragnarok’s side and 15k from Mabinogi’s side. In other words, both sides were cheating.

          • Basically, RO turned to 4chan for votes, Mabinogi went to 4chan also but was “removed” so they went and got help from reddit.

            Also Mabinogi had more votes because Nexon games were supporting each other.

          • I’m sorry what’s your game and how do u know? RO and mabi have cooperative forums that don’t battle just to prove a point. If other site vote for RO or mabi, let them it is their decision we are not forcing them to vote

  29. Great, because they didn’t mark the checkbox that allows us to see how many votes each side got, they could skew the results and give LoL a free pass to the Divisional Finals.

    It’s a complete deadlock, and 1,951 votes, it’d be nice to see how many votes each side got.

  30. What they need to do next year, is grab 16 games from 4 different categories of games, and group them together. And THEN the winners of those 4 categories can face each other.

    Instead of calling it the Cleric, Rogue, Wizard, etc., just call them the Shooter, Roleplay, Arena, and Puzzle or something divisions. You can still seed them based upon their popularity, but only for their own division.

    It’s not perfect, but it’d give games a much easier time when trying to decide which game is better.

  31. How can planet side 2 and Star Trek Online be together. They are not even the same type of game. One has some ground shooting has great space battles. The other is all ground and is a shooter

    • The genre that the F2P game is in doesn’t matter for the seedings. Perceived popularity does. And actual popularity determines how far they get. (Well, rather how dedicated the fans are. Airmech is not of course more popular than HoN, it merely had more fans voting.

  32. I’m going to go ahead and take a guess that APB:Reloaded was the one who had the person cheating to cast a few hundred votes, and if that’s the case, it was more than likely me who was doing it 😛 The original poll simply used a browser cookie to test if you had voted already, I just used a simple Javascript script that deleted the cookie before the page loaded, then waited 10~ seconds to ‘select’ APB:R, then another few seconds to ‘click’ the vote button. It did this on average every 30 seconds and I left it running for close to 24 hours or so. At that rate and assuming that every vote was counted, I could have at most put in 2,880 votes. But, as I saw, not every vote counted and maybe one every five to ten attempts actually worked. I’m sure I put in a very few hundred though.

    Fortunately before the poll actually ended, they changed how the poll tracks votes and thus my method no longer worked. Therefor, I’m going to be only voting once for APB when our round starts 🙂 Good luck, Warframe!

    • And good luck to both of you when you face Airmech. You’ll need it.

      And we’ll all need it when we face Smite and/or Mabi.

  33. Guys I know you’re all smite and apb fans but please check out airmech 🙂 it changed so much over this year and i’m sure you can all enjoy it btw check the new airmech website at XD it was just made a week ago so leave comments or thoughts in the forums.

  34. people need to take this less seriously i mean if u get into the process of tryin to cheat in voting so your favourite game will win i think thats just sad just like said above we aint voting for the president of the US or something its just games cheating on votes is like “awh really?u will go that low?i feel sad about u” i honestly dont care which game wins since the one i voted failed(wot) and theres a couple of games which i used to play and like(like league or warframe) which i vote for still so i just wish good luck to each game and may the best game win

  35. Smite is growing my the moment and a lot most people I see are saying ” I am new” or “I quit lol for smite”.

    • I highly doubt LoL or DOTA2 will fall tbh. Most MOBA players like the old, archaic way of playing. I know a lot of veterans I talk to suck total balls at Smite yet are extremely good LoL players. Not surprising since LoL and DOTA2 require very small amounts of actual skill.

      However I do think Smite will rise to become quite popular. Its fresh take on MOBA gameplay, and way of easing you into it is fantastic. Plus who doesn’t want to play as a God? That’s pretty bad ass.

  36. All these games blow anus. This is 2014 next gen ladies, get on that ESO. TF2???? you lamers are still dropping coin on that crap game? No my bad all of you stay here on these games please =D

      • I got into ESO beta as well. Nothing to be excited about. Everquest Next on the other hand… Oh my, can’t wait for it. Wildstar-Online beta was also cool.

        Here’s the reason for Smite to be on the list:

        “The games in our brackets were selected and seeded based on their relative popularity and activity level. We intentionally left off games that have shut down or that have seen minimal support by the developers recently (like Tribes: Ascend) or are in the process of shutting down (Free Realms was on the list when we conceived of it in mid-January – oops) and while we do have a few games on the list that are technically in beta (like SMITE and Hearthstone), we aren’t including games that aren’t widely available for free yet (sorry EverQuest Next Landmark – maybe next year!).”

        Taken from the contest announcement.

        Also, for those people saying Smite is cheating, just look into /r/Smite for posts about this contest. You’ll then understand why Smite has all those votes.

        It’s not because of the hype for the launch, it’s because Smite has a growing and passionate player base.


  37. Ragnarok Online deserves to win but i know it wont. I’m surprised it has made it this far considering this is just a popularity contest, and RO has a dying fanbase thanks to its age.

    Hopefully Smite wins otherwise. Fantastic game.

    • Yeah next round will be against Mabinogi, I have been checking numbers, previous voting mabi got over 5k votes, and ro far less, so I guess mabi will make it to the finals.
      I am voting for mabi anyways, but good luck with ro 🙂

    • Someone probably wanted the ALL TIME Steam Champ out early.

      I am guessing it wasn’t so much people voting for Ragnarok over DOTA, as much as it was other games fans wanting that big player out early.

      I am not going to bother blaming enthusiastic voters.

      MMOBomb failed to connect with that massive playerbase. Literally over 200,000 players on Steam daily & it often goes over 500,000. That and DOTA had the largest prize pot in gaming competition history.

      LOL is another massive playerbase game, that going by the votes, MMOBomb isn’t connecting with those people either. & that title holds a world record for concurrent active players, over 25 million.

      So the loss is MMOBombs’, in lack of actual page hits from hundreds of thousands, if not millions of individual new eyes & viewership.

      Even the winning votes from the last round, the highest was under 20,000. & that kinda speaks to the depth, or reach of this little popularity contest. It is small potatoes in the grander scheme of things.

  38. No. Smite’s going to win cause its a better game than Airmech (which apparently seems to be your favorite.)

    I’ve played them both. And airmech is garbage.

    • A less unique and more fully developed game than airmech, perhaps, following a formula for success already laid out by LoL and Dota with a large development team. Airmech is different. It actually requires some strategic thinking. I assume that you think StarCraft garbage as well then? Civilization? Just because it takes intelligence to play well doesn’t make it garbage. Quite the opposite in fact.

      • Have you even ever played SMITE at high level ?
        From what you’re saying, probably not.

        TL;DR just shut up if you don’t know what you’re talking about 🙂

  39. BTW, If SMITE wins this simply because they’ve got so much hype around their release on the 25th, then stuff is going to happen.

  40. Smite and TF2 are the only good games on this list and they’re going to end up facing each other before the finals….

      • But why does it suck? You’re just going to make an opinion without backing it up? I will back up mine.

        1. Is new and exciting, Third-person has never been done with MOBA.
        2. Easy to get into
        3. God Pack is an amazing deal
        4. I like how the basics scale for even the casters

          • Smite is the first MOBA to become 3rd person, as to what I have researched and found. If you are referring to Dota and Lol being 3rd person, Smite is completely different from both perspective wise.

          • 1. Third person != top-down
            2. No, try getting into Dota 2. Or nearly any strategy game, esspecaially grand strat games.
            3. So you like to pay for each god/champ/hero? Obviously Dota is a better deal, but Smite is by no means a bad deal.
            4. League your caster’s basics don’t scale. They deal 80 damage 60 minutes into the game. I like to think my basics are dealing at least a little bit of dmg.

            Stop talking out of your ass and go research before you do.

        • Third Person MOBA’s have been done before… Look at Awesomenauts! Sure it’s 2d and you have to buy it, but it’s still a MOBA, and it’s still played from a third person perspective :/

          • That’s called side scroller. Like Contra. By third person I mean directly behind the person you are controlling. Like in third person shooters like the Ghost Recon series. That has not been done before in a MOBA.

    • *cough*airmech*cough*

      Just because you haven’t played it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good.

      And it will make it to the finals. I can guarantee that.

      • Well, I love airmech and it will be in the finals but it won’t win. It has to beat Warframe or APB which wont happen, still it is cool it came in the finals.

    • Given Team Fortress 2 is in the top 10 daily on Steam, if not the top 5… I would have thought they’d still be in the fight.

      Yet they were eliminated by a game from Nexon… MapleStory( a game in the top 400.

      So looks like your hopes will have to be pinned on SMITE, which launches March 25. Perhaps the hype train there, will spill over here?

      So far, the number of votes, doesn’t seem to indicate that is happening.

      Still, a strong showing for this site, so far.

    • Funny how people think their player base are saints. There are always those cheaters around. Don’t let it bother you ^^

    • LOL compare to the facebook request that nexon did like in 2010 we should get easy 300k ppl voting but only if ppl would try to vote

      (come on Mabinogi you can do it since your unlimited leveling is godly)
      *p.s my char has a accumulative level of 7k but i seen ppl go to 20k on other servers*

    • Won by several thousand votes? Either DC Comics and the Universe altogether are losing fans quick or it is the “hackers” at work.


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