In the last update, we thought that some small level of cheating was going on, but didn’t think it was a major deal. People voting from three computers in their home and their cell phones was to be expected. Then we started tracking the IPs of where votes were coming in for some of the later polls in the semi-final round.


The Mabinogi/Ragnarok Online poll was, shall we say, a bit tainted, overwhelmingly (and obviously, once we got a look at the IP information) in favor of RO, with some domains reporting over 500 votes. As such, we’ve altered the final count, discounting as many of the illicit votes as we could find, as well as the few Mabinogi domains that recorded an unusually high number of votes. This may also have cost us a few legitimate Mabi and RO votes – and we’d imagine the vast majority of voters were honest and legitimate – but those are the casualties that the cheaters don’t mind racking up.

We also purged some aberrant votes from the APB poll, which wasn’t difficult to do when people were actively admitting to it on forums. Still, other than those incidents, we thought the voting was reasonably clean, especially from the Mabinogi fans who had been accused of cheating for several rounds – this, despite a 200+ page thread on their forums and pleas to their international community that clearly showed the dedication of their fans, not to mention the positive interaction from honest RO and APB fans, who did their best to rally the troops throughout their contests.

We’ll continue to take action in the final rounds if we see anything that look sketchy. We look forward to these rounds being sparkling clean, no matter how much some people want to dirty it up!

Congrats to the final contenders: SMITE, Path of Exile, Mabinogi, and Warframe! We’ve decided to give everyone a break for the weekend and push the final match-ups to next week, starting on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

M 3/31: SMITE vs. Path of Exile; Mabinogi vs. Warframe
Th 4/3: The Final Match-up!

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Hello, Whiteblade23 of the Ruiari server from mabinogi here~

    This is rather… expected of us in mabinogi to see that people hate us… Though it’s sad to see so many people hate after losing their matches against mabinogi..

    We as gamers shouldn’t hate for a loss… Losing is part of the game…

    For those who call mabinogi “a shitty game” might be because they themselves tried to play mabi but in the process failed to love it as what a game is…

    For me mabinogi is one of the most excellent games out there, I joined mabi after their g1 had come out and still loving it … And I’ve met my goals for mabi already.. I am ttl lvl 15,000 and I got most of the items in the game… I came to love the game because my friends were there and as of now I am taking a break from it… I chose to take a break since there isn’t much for me to do but to level even further.. But also I chose to take a break to expand my gaming and play on other games…

    But maybe, from seeing such competitors(game’s community) be sore losers.. I will enjoy joining their communities and remind them that in a game it’s not about winning or loosing but rather how u play and enjoy the game (me taking on their communities on their on game)

    So I hope to see u all in your own game if u lose to me well.. I’ll just say it’s going to be fun and entertaining for me 🙂 hope to see u soon haters<3

    • Not all people hate because they loosed I just hate them game in general and most people do stop trying to pull up invalid arguments that are all just your opinions btw that’s not making your game look better just calling everyone sore losers and laughing at them. Cheers!

  2. I find it sad that ppl would take other ppls name just to make them look bad especially against mabi those poor guys getting complained for defending 1 vote poll from being bs just let mabi be enough that ABOUT HALFISH of the voters ganging on them dam just sayin

  3. I find it completely bizarre mabinogi got this far.
    Love the game to death, but I’m still shocked.
    I thought we were relatively unknown and very small. :3
    Even if mabinogi ultimately loses, as it probably will, I’m super happy the community banded together and made it this far. So proud of you guys!

  4. I’m happy to see mabi in the finals but also saddened by how some of us have been commenting this was suppose to before fun and I see that the rewards posted from nexon to encourage us to support our game has caused us to become ravenous in our quest to achieve the rewards we have not only become ruthless in our pursuit but the community looks bad I’m am saddened because next round I will not vote I’m am sorry but this is stupid

  5. Well Path of Exile should be going against SMITE next round.

    I’ll be voting for SMITE, but even if Path of Exile wins, I won’t be disappointed. Both are decent games.

    Warframe will be going against Mabinogi & I can honestly say I don’t know much about Warframe, but I’ll be giving them my vote next round as well, because I think either SMITE or Path of Exile could stand up against Warframe in the final…

    & lets face it, Mabinogi cheated when it became a close race, & I expect they’ll do it again & MMOBomb seems comfortable turning a blind eye.

    So well Warframe may not have the votes to beat Mabinogi, if they have enough votes, Mabinogi will cheat again. Not all players of course, like Sai (seems honorable) but many of the other Mabinogi posters here… they just have that cheating vibe.

    So even though I have no clue what Warframe is, nor will I ever play it…


    • I am sad to see that the Mabinogi community within the comments here has left such an impression on you. I doubt I could sway your opinion, but one mustn’t look upon the acts of the few to judge the character of many.

      Though, admittedly, we did have a few bots, but the majority of our votes have been said to be rather clean by the MMOBomb staff that is operating the polls.

      • Sai made a good impression. Others have as well.

        Unfortunately, their offset by a larger percentage of posters.

        Granted, some of that segment of posters are also clearly not Mabinogi fans, regardless of their claims to be & do look every bit like trolls.

        Still the hyper defensive Mabinogi players are numerous & I suspect they’d also be in that category of the first to cheat, if the contest got too close.

        Perhaps more level headed posters would speak up, but you have already lost that battle to all those who already have. You may say the majority is better, but the comments section speaks otherwise.

        You are the minority. At least vocally.

        • Hi, Mabifag here.

          Believe me, the majority of us are actually pretty cool people. It’s just that the loudest of us are the ones who make us look bad. The comment section is plagued with a lot of bad eggs from Mabi, but isn’t that true for almost every game in this poll?

        • The vocal minority who ruthlessly defend their favorite things tend to be drawn to comment sections, such as this, like flies to honey. Just look at any comments for a video or gaming news article that may remotely suggest the possibility that X game may have qualities that don’t quite meet Y expectations.

          Our verbal fools, which surely all games have, keep jumping into this poll’s comment sections to to fight tooth and nail against anyone who may bring up speculated cheating on Mabinogi’s end and ultimately make us look bad. The rest of us are more-or-less sticking to our own forum, and even more of us are staying in-game, just trying to avoid the flames that are being thrown about from these skirmishes, only coming to MMOBomb when it is time for us to vote for our favorite game, then moving on.

          I notice that there’s a few who use some strange terms I’m not familiar with, as a soon-to-be six-year Mabinogi player, speaking like they’re planning to cause some less-than-honest vote raises. I’ve only to assume that some of those are “enemies” we picked up along the polls who find themselves rather bitter that their favorite game was outvoted by another game that is relatively unheard of for the majority of people who will see these polls.

          Then there’s the idiots that think that making it seem like they have an unfair advantage is going to discourage others from voting for their game. And as my mom always tells me, “you can’t fix stupid”, no matter how much you want to try fixing it by applying a rather weighty book to the sides of their heads.

          It would be rather nice if our more level-headed community members could join in on these discussions to show that we’re nearly not as bad as our self-proclaimed representatives seem to make us out to be.

          And now I shall leave this wall of text at that before I lose my train of thought any more than it apparently has been lost.

    • You vote for games that you never touch. I sense you have a hidden motive somewhere.
      Personally I would only vote for games that has a proven solid gameplay.

  6. Okay I’ll throw in my two-cents about Mabinogi-the-game.

    What I like about it.
    1) No classes. You tailor-make your character to the exact fighting style you want.
    2) You don’t have to be someone who basically just kills stuff, if you don’t want to. You can chose to just do crafting if you want. And there’s are large variety of crafting disciplines. You, can even choose to be a musician and make a band and play your own music in game.
    3) Like other MMOs I like the fact that you’re against/with other actual people from all over the world.
    4) Being such an old game now, there is a lot to the world. It even has history now. Older players can talk about the old Giant vs Elf war, which ended for everyone in-game and is no longer active in-game.
    5) Not only can you p!mp out your wardrobe, you can do so with your avatar’s body. Be a rake, be thick and juicy, be buff, be a wimp, and change it as often as you want.

    What I don’t like about it.
    1) Like other MMOs it suffers from lag lag and lag. I really wish Nexon would throw more hardware at it.
    2) Reported success percentages are meaningless. Ever crafted in Mabinogi? 80% success means 50% success. Ever shot a bow in Mabinogi? 20% means 50% and 100% means 0% (okay there I exaggerate but just a bit).
    3) There are points in the game where you will not move forward unless you (1) pay money or (2) convince people to help you. It’s great that that might “encourage” community and so on, but if you can’t find anyone then your stuck.
    4) No Dwarves! Gotta have Dwarves! Make them the “life skill” race.
    5) I’d like to see a graphics upgrade for it, say to Vindictus quality for the characters at least. Give players say a two generation warning so they can upgrade their hardware.

  7. Goodness there’s a lot of Mabi hate going on around here :/

    As someone who’s been seeing PSA after PSA all over the servers announcements, forums.. god even all the player shops have VOTE FOR MABI slapped across their titles… I’m kind of disappointed in all the baseless hate. It’s not all administration egging us on either (we don’t even know the reward for this round, if there’s any), it’s 99% player base ads. People have been paying real life cash for bugles (5 second announcements that appear on every player’s screen within the server) to get people to vote. There’s /no one/ talking about botting polls.

    As for how good a game it is, that’s purely opinion. It’s a VERY old game that’s mostly stuck to its roots for better or for worse. For the people who take it at face value and judge it by its graphics… play the game for a couple months and come back when you actually have an experience-based opinion. For the rest that have played and don’t like it, sorry that you don’t! But I assure you that the majority of us Milletians are taking this poll seriously and we intend to play fair. No sense in cheating when MMOBomb is already watching the polls~ Anyway, long (rant) post… Good luck to all sides, and may the best PLAYER COMMUNITY win!

    • You mabi players are wasting money then on a stupid poll.
      I guess you want nexon to finally realize that the NA servers care but whatever
      I hoped the game died out a long time to go.
      The game is just to awful!

      • Hey, we waste money because we care about the game and its success. Hey, maybe if we win the whole thing, Nexon will start improving on what we already have. Lessen the lag perhaps, haha.

        Also, no need to be rude when all I’m doing is defending the good parts of the Mabi playerbase. (Apologies for the very few, loud, rude ones.) Have you /actually/ played Mabinogi or are you just talking for the sake of talking? As for rewards, sure. The rewards are nice. (Then again I don’t see us allowing other games to have rewards if they vote for us like Warframe is with AirMech.) I personally would have voted either way. I love the game and I love the community… And I do recall this poll being about the /community/ anyway…

  8. Come on all these stupids games mabi needs to win all the other games are bullcrap even though mabi is planning to cheat on the next poll they enter been talking to my clan says they are gonna bot the whole entire poll.

      • Sure we don’t that’s why next rounds we will have more votes than anyone we will bot our way up to the top go team!

        • PlanetSide already didn’t have many votes to begin with (Less than 5,000 during the previous poll) so we won’t see very high numbers this time around, although the amount of Mabinogi votes will of course be higher because they’ve had plenty of legit voters for a long time, not to mention they have lots of communities supporting them (Maplestory, Vindictus, Combat Arms(?), Dragon Nest(?), etc.)

          And that’s stil fair, getting people from other friendly communities to help each other isn’t botting at all.

    • Not once have I ever seen a milletian refer to their player group as a “clan”.

      Your disguise is rather shallow if you can’t even refer to your ‘Tribe’ by the proper name.

      • Agreed we don’t have clans if your trying to get us DQ then at least be smart about it your own ignorance is your downfall away with you

        • Lol idiots It was a jake obviously that’s not a mabi player obviously gosh your fan base must have iq lower than a rock.

          • What is this “jake” you speak of? Is it the name of a person? What do you have against Jake? Do you generalize all Jakes to be the same kind of person who comment anonymously to confuse and spread chaos across the Internet without rhyme or reason?

            You, sir or madam, have a very shallow view on the way life works should this be the case. There are Jakes of all sorts, in all shapes and colors, and they are all very beautiful, unique individuals (Jake Everson happening to be my favorite, no offense to the rest of the Jakes out there). I would recommend against such blatantly ignorant words in the future as you may call upon the wrath of all Jakes within our local section of the World Wide Web, inadvertently bringing needless fiery hatred down upon yourself when you least expect it as you prepare your daily routine of logging into your favorite Free-to-Play game to gather experience, loot, gear or what have you.

            Fear not, Dweller of the Information Super Highway, for I shall notify the Duke of Jakes of this terrible misunderstanding, for his good nature may save you such a terrible fate from his people. Should you be spared the consequences of your words, you must make the effort to repent and think about what uDid.

    • Rolf…. of all my years on mabi never herd anyone calling there group “clan” since there is no such thing on mabinogi haha…. am sure you never played mabi to start with… i smell a warframe troll…


    THIS Is why AirMech should win. Show me another game where someone is willing to give away every single cosmetic that they have to the community to encourage people to vote. In no other game will you see this dedication matched. Airmech has my vote for this reason. The community is amazing, unrivaled by any other F2P game out there. Airmech all the way!

      • Your right about it being just more bribery but there is one difference though, this appears to be an individual player doing it rather than the company running the game.

    • In other words, they are bribing players to vote?

      Warframe isn’t bribing players and it made it this far.
      It’s currently just the Warframe community voting with absolutely no reward to gain from this.

  10. League of Legends Metascore Users : 5.7/10 with 926 positive against 640 negative

    Your game is not so popular sorry that’s not a matter of participation…

  11. League of Legends players doesn’t care about MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Tournament, they really don’t care that why they loose.

  12. Mabi got so many claws… im looking for a soulmate want to floot… im a guy @_@… need a girl perf. so i say need :P.. Denjalife for got my sever lol… never remeber that lol it one with the most ppl lol

  13. MS vs SMITE has around 13k total votes now, and the poll has been open over a day. Those are pretty low vote rates when you compare with what was witnessed in Mabinogi vs RO . If people are running bots to vote for SMITE they really need to get in touch with the folks from the previous poll since their bots had much faster output.

    • Except the number of votes for polls involving Smite were always around that number.
      I believe Maplestory saw fairly large numbers as well.

      The better game is winning, simple as that. It’s very unlikely that bots are inflating the numbers.

      If you even thought for a minute Maplestory was going to win, then you’re as dumb as your comment.

      • Um? I guess you couldn’t read between the lines. I’ll say it slow and simple for you.

        Those numbers are too low to suggest SMITE used bots. If they did used bots their numbers would be way higher. mk? Are we all clear now?

          • All along I’m saying the same thing you are. All along I make arguments for SMITE NOT using bots. And yet you can still manage to hate, That’s awesome.

          • That’s SMITE community for ya.

            Hide yo’ skillz, hide yo’ games.
            and hide yo’ IPs, cause they be hatin’ evrybody out there :L

  14. Smite is winning because they’re experiencing rapid growth and just barely released. If you’re looking for a game that’s gotten as far as it has due to a tight community, try Airmech.

    • Airmech will make you fight hard for it. Fight very hard.

      And either way, it’s a win for you. If we win then essentially a warframe advertisement is put into the game in the form of an Excaliber Prime hat type cosmetic. If we lose, then you get to advance into the next round and go against Mabi. THAT will be a hard fight, even after you remove their few botters (Who were mostly there as a reaction to the hordes of RO botters from what I’ve heard).

      I’ve never played Warframe, but from what I’ve heard, it is, like Airmech, a game that is loved by it’s players and has few flaws. This match will be on more equal grounds than prior ones, which were against games where much of the playerbase was discontented (APB… APB.) I cannot wait.

    • Warframe doesn’t really have a hope in hell of winning. Path of Exile and Smite are both vastly superior games.

      Warframe is kinda fun for an hour or so but it’s so repetitive it gets boring way too quick. Well made, but yeah. The content just isn’t there.

    • Lol smite isn’t cheating you dumb moron and it isn’t close to cheating our community is close together and one of the best out there! Don’t be mad that maplestory is gonna loose…

    • By the way Smite is a highly new game I have been lerking on maplestory’s forum and it seems like everyone has gone and gave up hope of maplestory and sayings it pay 2 win since smite is a highly new game and just got out of beta I would imagine it would have a more better community. BTW: WHERES THE PROOF???

    • Smite for days! They are fighting us at our best. Smite just came out of beta. Have not seen the votes for Mabinogi but im assuming it will be close. I was afraid we were gonna lose to Maplestory

    • It’s the nature of these kind of polls. They’re not a direct measure of the quality of a game or a direct measure of which has the larger fan-base, but a measure of which managed to get more people to bother to come to this website and click some buttons.

  15. So were Mabinogi’s… Or they wouldn’t have been included… Like the top 98℅ of Ragnorak’s prox IPs…. What’s your point buddy?

    • The point is there were two different groups of people here. The small handfull of people botting votes for RO and the ones that voted honestly. Yes, were all angry at the ones running the bots. But don’t rage against the ones who didn’t.

      • A small handful? Out of the top 100 bots 98 of them were for Ragnorak… The last two being for mabinogi. Who do you think you’re fooling with “a small hand full of bots”

        • There weren’t that many bots. People have misinterpreted that each spammed I.P. address represents the work of a different bot. This isn’t the case. All those spammed votes could have been accomplished with as little as 1 or 2 bots.

          I read earlier in this thread that someone said RO used 1000 bots. If you assume all their votes were cheated that would mean each bot voted 53 times over 3 days. You could do way better manually.

          So indeed a small handful of people

          • Can we drop the whole botting conversation already? There are those of us on both sides that just want to drop the whole thing and move on.

  16. It’s cute to see some of the sour RO players now claiming Mabinogi was botting for them. I don’t see how that helps anyone. Not only does generating a new IP give RO a vote but it also doesn’t change anything as MMO is filtering out the repeat IP addresses. What is accomplished? absolutely nothing. Now they’re bitterly claiming Mabinogi has a very little player base. I guess that doesn’t include the 184,987 people who currently like the game plus all of the fanpages.
    Mabinogi is a great game. It’s not your regular F2P that’s 3D based. It doesn’t look like a final fantasy rip off. It allows you to use whatever skill set you want on whatever character you please.If you don’t want to use combat then there’s weaving, tailoring, carpentry, blacksmithing, cooking, and even…. cow milking.The possibilities are endless. And to that one tard Mewi who needs to be hit in the face with common sense, they may be a partner of Nexon’s but Vindictus was disqualified early.She’s bitter that her game lost. I’m not trashing RO. I’ve never tried it. Maybe it’s a wonderful game. Who am i to judge? But seeing people like Mewi, makes me dislike the community before even trying it.

    • Let’s not forget that almost every single voter for R.O. was honest. Mabinogi won. Be happy about it and move on. All this crowing about it will just make the Mabinogi community look worse.

    • I do agree with you about that person though. I found they did seem to protest a little too much. The way I see it, it’s either:

      they are upset with the lack of transparency about the poll and are concerned that maybe the honest RO votes did in fact carry the day and the declaration of mabinogi as the winner was tantamount to RO simply being d/q after promises that wouldn’t happen.


      they know EXACTLY how many votes the bots attempted (for whatever reason cough cough) but don’t know how many actually were found and would therefore like to know how many bot votes went undetected (for whatever reason).

  17. everyone should just be glad that no one has to go up against Minecraft

    that’sssssss a nicccccce advancccced heavy weapon you got there……BOOM

  18. Quit with the game bashing! Milltiens you are better then this I know you are as for the rest of get off it it’s a contest to vote for your favorites! Deal with the results of the polls and quit the bashing and whining for gods sake you make your respective games look bad because you act like children if I was new to any of these games I would be afraid to join them because the community of players, that make the game good or bad because they become your allies, no your friend by playing, don’t seem friendly. I need help in the game and I would be afraid to ask anyone because the player community sounds mean. It’s disgraceful to know my fellow players are acting this way over a contest I love mabi hell I love a lot of games in this contest but if I had never played before I would wanna play because of some of the comments on here. Know how you act represents the games you play and that if you want new players to come in you need to show them it’s not just a good game but it has a nice community this an advertisement for these games! Now stop acting like children.

  19. Wow both side is just so sad, trash talking each other. Are you guys like 5year old? When things don’t go your way, you cry and whine saying it’s unfair. It would have been better if both side got DQed. No one likes a person who thinks “My game is the best, nothing is better than my game!”
    I’m disappointed in both community, especially Mabinogi didn’t know people were that desperate for something pixelated as 3x ap. I’m also disappointed in Mewi who refuses to just let the fire die down.

    Warning! boring story below!

    I have try both game, I played maple story first though then went to a RO private server ,because I couldn’t afford that member payment, at that time I think mabinogi came out to. Told myself “ew that game looks boring.” After trying RO for a couple of days killing slime power leveling to a super beginner and becoming a gunslinger. I had no idea I was doing. Most of the time I was just spamming desperado in this zombie place with bats. After alwhile RO got boring it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I eventually gave in to mabinogi gave it a try. It was like a whole new experiences, met lots of people that are important to me now. But my friend sold my mabinogi account. So once again I went game searching, trying out every game out there. I was going to try out RO, but had forgotten the download actual game, patch it, use custom private server item patch and etc. I had a shitty laptop back then, now I have a shitty pc cuz I fry my laptop gaming 24/7 and always leaving it on xD
    Well I forgot what the point of this story is, but everyone have a different set of view for things maybe you think RO is the best or that Mabinogi is. Everyone has different statement.

    I’m sure some of you guys, gals, dragons and cat will say something like “Oh you never try RO/Mabinogi! Stop lying. You have no right to judge my game, because you only spended a couple of days on it!” Or something like that, I’m entitled to my personal opinion and of what “i” like in my game. This is just my opinion, except the story. That is a fact cuz it actually happen. Wether you want to believe me or not, it’s up to you.

    @MMObomb if you want them to stop trying to spit lies and threat at each other. You should just show them the voting points. Unless in reality you did get bribe, conspiracy, or on reality that one sided crushed the others badly, maybe the player legit vote was so low that it could hurt both games.
    Also a way bitter can use the voting in a harmful way, maybe mass vote against the winning team for pay back in next round? Or maybe you want to protect the ip from being threaten or whatever. I suck at being detective. Claiming not show the voting and just telling us bitter would use it somehow is too vague. If you could specify on what you mean , so us legit voters should have the right to see the final poll counting.

  20. if you don’t want to encourage what is called cheating then this statement should definitely be rephrased

    ” Vote early, vote often, but whatever you do, just vote!”

    especially the ‘vote often’ portion of it

      • That would be funny huh mabi asking for vindictus cause vindictus takes place before mabi defeats the fomor and dragon egg cause its similar and maple story would choose combat arms and sudden attack because idk maplestory looks like its connected with fps from nexon but still I would vote for my game mabi

  21. Ugh why is mabi still in the poll I hate that cloudy game it gives me nightmares
    By the way I have been spying on you mabi’s since the beginning of the polls I knew you would be a threat but anyways I think mmobomb let a major voter passed on because there is no way you could stand a ground of 34% when they got WAY more votes than you any who I am NOT a ro player I don’t like anime looking games like that or whatever I am more into other games like smite.
    I would think that mmobomb would be fair and not include most games from nexon no offense to you three prob reading this right now (MMOBOMB). The thing is mabi alone is as low and ro alone to be honest they gained most of their support through other nexon games and the nexon promise all the treats if they win. Sorry to say mabi but you won’t win this poll you might win the rogue division but you certainly won’t win the whole brackets. Of course if you did I would accuse hacks. Back to the topic I have seen some mabi players posting on other games other than their own about voting for their game if they vote for theirs. I think the brackets should of been divided into a popular group as in 1 meaning VERY popular and as in 4 meaning popular. It would of made the brackets more fair and little games won’t be crushed by the big games at the start. I can list some reason why I dislike mabi.
    1. The horrible name HOW DO YOU EVEN SAY IT!!!!????
    2. Its just a copy from a Korean game
    3. Its to bright and just childish
    4. Dating online is VERY much on there I can not go a day without seeing it.
    5. Graphics are just horrible I MEAN have you seen the game? They can make a lot of improvements but they choose not to.
    Just my Opinion on mabi I surely didn’t believe it would go this far but hey!?!?!?!?

    • 2 things
      It’s not childish and
      It doesn’t have dating its a game that kills Bordem(unless u AFK for some reason), allows ppl to chill , and a game invented for almost anything compared to RL -emphases- Mabinogi the free FANTASY LIFE

    • this isnt necessarily butthurt, but on the other hand just from the “of course if you did i would accuse hacks” comment it is….

      1. mabinogi is the name of the Celtic lore the game is based off of. In otherwords the name has a purpose behind it, that describes the initial storyline of the game, but yes it is a weird name.
      2. Most game in the US are originally from Korea, and to take it further Majority of games have very few or no things that make them unique, look at WoW then look at many f2p games and tell me the difference….
      3. thats a matter of personal preferences, if that were bad LoL wouldn’t have a huge player base, instead people would play HoN or DoTA
      4.odd phrasing here when you say “I can not go a day without seeing it” implies to actively play it, but that can’t be the case here.. online dating exist in many games, mabinogi just happens to be a social game so yes it will be more prevalent than other games.
      5. that opinion based…. i personally like the anime like graphics, and the scenery is really nice imo, but if want better, there is a huge revamp coming up, they are changing base gaming engines, the phleione engine is a bit outdated, but thats to be expected of a game released in 2003 (or was it 2002)

      the info preceding those points is a bit pointless and so i wont respond to it.

      • I get a little word play of saying but did u really need it dumb it down to the simplest wording like really is all that necessary there is like ways to shorten that…

        • Pleione Engine into Sahara Engine..but it will be on the KR servers first to do the bug testing, then the other servers will get the upgrade so no set date on the far as system requirements as far as I’ve been able to tell if you can play Mabi now you will be able to use it after the change.

          O and yes Mabi started back in 2003

    • While I agree that it is surprising that Mabi made it this far considering it’s definitely not the most well known game, your points are definitely less valid points and more bashing…
      1. Just because it isn’t some simple English word doesn’t mean it’s a horrible name. The game is based of Celtic Mythology and the name comes from the “Mabinogion” which is a collection of Welsh stories and Celtic Mythology. Maybe you don’t like the sound of the name but it’s more unique than a lot of other game names out there.

      2. It’s not a “copy” of a Korean game. It’s a NA port of a Korean made game. If this is a point then I’m guessing you don’t play Nintendo games or anything either because they are “Japanese game copies”?

      3. Just because a game is “bright” doesn’t mean it’s childish. The quests and storyline have definitely been dumbed down over the years but the gameplay and storyline are definitely things that require more thought to enjoy more.

      4. Dating online is basically in any MMORPG. Whether or not the game itself supports it. If this is a sole factor for you not liking a game then there must not be many online rpgs you can stand, if any.

      5. Based off your other points, I’m inclined to say the part of the graphics you don’t like is the style. Which is an opinion thing. However, if you were to say that the graphics can be glitchy and aren’t as smooth as other games then yeah, that would be true. But Mabinogi is an old game, it’s not going to compare to newer games in terms of graphics or else that new game is not spending its money in the right place.

      So yeah, basically those points are just pointless hate =/. Not that the game is perfect.

      There are many glitches (in large part to it being an old game). There are *huge* balance issues but since the game isn’t very PVP orientated the developers don’t care as much about fixing balance issues. Due to the setup of the combat system and dungeons, fighting can get a bit stale, especially when taking balance issues into account. There’s a lot of glitchiness with abilities that have movement attached and there’s no real focus on need for teamwork like some other games with bosses that require you to have certain classes of party members. However, part of the appeal of Mabinogi was that it is classless and you can swing a giant sword around and decide to zap enemies to death with lightning and burn them with fire alchemy and punch their faces in whenever you choose. And then the cash shop… well… There’s definitely a lot of pay to win (another aspect of the balance issue). But at least you an acquire cash shop items through player trades and events I guess.

      One of the biggest reasons it has gotten this far is because the community in the game is fairly close-knit. Not that everyone loves everyone loves everyone but the players who play long enough to figure out the game usually are drawn to the unique aspects and often come back to casually play here and there even after deciding to quit.

      tldr: It is surprising that Mabinogi made it this far due to it being a less well known and older game. However, the points that have been made against it are often just mindless bashing. Not that there aren’t issues with the game, the biggest of which I can think of are listed. The community is close-knit and that is the biggest reason the game has made it this far.

      • Are you aware that not everyone can play nexon games? Only NA and a handful of EUROPEAN COUNTRIES so why do you think it deserves to win compared with other better games which everyone can play?

          • I never did say oh Mabinogi should win or no game should. I said there are flaws but the flaws listed by WhyTube were poor arguments. I then went on to list real flaws the game does have plus why I thought the game has made it this far despite having the flaws.

            The game is actually Korean and so saying only NA and Europe can play is flawed. Actually Mabinogi Europe was shut down so NA now services for NA and Europe. Taiwan, Korea, and Japan have their own servers as well.

            I actually expected Mabinogi to fall earlier in the poll but I am happy that it has made it this far with a huge amount of forum posts trying to band the community together for it. Honestly I expected League to win though it looks like no one woke up from that side to post on forums to tell people to vote. So Path of Exile won because more people in their community cared. I have heard good things about the game too so kudos to them for knocking out League since I am pretty sure League is more well known even though Path of Exile is still pretty famous.

            Game that “deserves” to win: Well this is a hard thing to say. Unless I played every game in the poll, it would be hard for me to judge and even if I did, I would still be biased towards things I like just as other people are biased towards things they like. Criteria that should be included would be graphics, music, story, gameplay, game community, and game company. There are more but even among these there are already issues. I will go through these with the two games of this poll that I play the most, League of Legends and Mabinogi.
            How do you compare graphics among games that came out at vastly different times? How do you compare artwork and music when some people like one thing and others like another? I like the artwork and music of both League and Mabinogi. Are they the same? No. Does League have more crisp artwork than Mabinogi? Yes. But Mabinogi is many years older.
            Some people think story isn’t important to the game, for me it is something that can help make or break the game. For example, Mabinogi’s original storyline was great, they diverged from it into some weird stuff I didn’t like for a while, they came back recently to a storyline I think is engaging again but not as good as the original. Meanwhile League doesn’t have much of a storyline at all and what they have been doing with their lore has repeatedly come under fire as of late, but I still like to play the game.
            Gameplay: There’s so many games out there you can’t say any game is 100% unique but they all have unique things. For Mabinogi, the classless system is a huge aspect of uniqueness. You could say that it creates the problem of lack of teamwork that is an issue the game does have with players who are very high total level not needing to work with anyone if they don’t wish to. PVP or no PVP? Some people don’t like PVP, some think a game isn’t fun without it. Mabinogi and League both have PVE and PVP. Mabinogi is very PVE focused while League is quite PVP focused as there is only so much fun bots can provide you. One less subjective thing in this area is how well the game is coded. For Mabinogi, there is lots of poor coding and lag as a result. Again, it is older but sure a game with better coding should win if this were the only factor.
            Game Community: An area less prone to opinion than the above. There are going to be the good people and the bad apples (as has already been made obvious during the course of this poll). There will be people you like ad people you dislike. However, does the community band together in times of need? Well, Mabinogi’s community has hundreds of pages talking about this poll and banding together to try to win as many rounds as possible. League, a game with a huge community that usually does band together for things, definitely did NOT band together for this poll and so they didn’t have anywhere near the number of votes I expected from them. Polls are biased towards a community with a large number of people and all those people being willing to vote. Many people from this past round will also say it is biased towards cheating and botting. But the people that set up this poll are doing their best to make that a non-factor, even if there is no guarantee of preventing it completely unless they asked for like, Social Security Numbers or something which would just be stupid of a poll like this.
            Game Company: Also less prone to opinion than other sections. Nexon is definitely one of the companies with a more poor reputation. There are many things they do wrong that piss me off and I play their game(s) still. I quit playing for a while because of it but they have improved recently and that is a plus for them. I would say that between Riot and Nexon, the companies that run the two games I play the most in this poll, Riot beats the pants off of Nexon but STILL comes under fire from the community for some things they do. You can’t make everyone happy. If this were a best game company poll, Nexon would lose horribly.

            So it is hard to say which game “deserves” to win since that is suggesting that people vote objectively for the best game. I, of course, vote for the games I play because obviously I have played them (so Mabinogi, League of Legends, Vindictus, Dota 2, MapleStory, and Tera, some more than others of course). The poll is probably most biased towards the game community aspect as it is about coming up with people willing to vote for the game. A game can be great but if their players don’t know about the poll or are too lazy to vote, it won’t get anywhere. I can’t even tell you my favorite game of all time because of these issues, though I would say one of my top series is a game series hardly anyone even knows, the Ys series by Falcom. It’s a great RPG with great music and an engaging story. The fans for it make up a close-knit community but it’s not about to win the number 1 game award because the number of people that know about and have played the game is no where near, say, Mario Bros.

            tldr: Sure Mabinogi has many flaws to it but how do you determine whether a game “deserves” to win with everyone having different opinions, playing different games, and the games having different styles of gameplay and having been made in different years. It’s about which game has a fan base that knows about this poll with the most number of people that care to vote. A new, popular, well-known game with a huge player base that doesn’t vote (whether due to being lazy, not liking the game as much as others, or not knowing about the vote outright) will still lose (like League did).

          • Oh that turned out quite a bit more poorly formatted than it looked when I typed it in notepad. Oops… I apologize for the wall-of-text appearance.

    • this is almost artistic in how obviously written by a 14-year-old it is. usually they’ve grown out of the “anything brightly colored is childish!” phase by a certain age.

    • 1.) Ma-bin-no-gee
      2.) No, same game. Same company. It’s a translation with different servers. Not a port or clone or copy. Same game. Is the Korean version a copy of itself? No? Neither is the translated version.
      3.) Turn your brightness down on your monitor or game settings if you have problems with brightness. Childish? That’s a fair opinion. I don’t share that opinion, but you can have it.
      4.) Welcome the internet. People have relationships, people in relationships like to play together. Mabi lets them play together. Mabi is also a social game. So what exactly is your point here? Seeing couples playing a game together disturbs you? You don’t have to take part in it or play social games or join social media like Facebook if you have issues with it.
      5.) They’re not cutting edge, the game is definitely showing it’s age. This is both a downside and an upside. It runs on low end and older computers which allows almost anyone with a PC to play. I’d say that Minecraft has worse graphics… However, as minecraft and similar games have proven, the majority of people care more about game play than graphics. If you’re not one of those people then you can have your opinion. You can keep your opinion. Again, I don’t share it. Mabinogi has plenty in the game play department worth ignoring it’s lacking graphics in order to play in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion, don’t take it too seriously.

      • It’s pronounced the way it looks “MAH-BEE-NO-GEE”
        There is NO “Bin” sound in the name.

        Source: Korean and Japanese advertisements.

    • 1. The name is phonetic – how hard is that? mah bee no ghee. Learn to Irish.

      2. It’s not a copy, it is the same game, but there are different regions, each hosted by a different company – in our case Nexon America.

      3. It’s too bright? Seriously, as a legitimate complaint? Mabinogi, unlike most other MMOs, require skill and strategy to defeat monsters that are stronger than you. In other games, it’s usually not even possible. How is that ‘childish’?

      4. It happens, but it happens in many other games as well. It’s certainly not the main feature and most people don’t engage in it. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

      5. In this respect, you’re correct -the graphics kind of suck. But then again, they make up for in in other ways. Superior game play that no one else anywhere has. More customization than any other game. Not gender or class locked. People can literally learn every skill and change to a different skill set any time they want just by switching weapons. Inferior graphics is a small price to pay for all of this other freedom and customization.

  22. Just a heads up to the creator of the article. The graphic for warrior division is missing on this page.

    Understandable omission, with all the cheating drama taxing your attention.

    As for one party cheating harder than the other… they both cheated. That is all i need to know. Pity for the legitimate participants on both sides. It tarnishes the legitimate efforts made.

    What happens when a legitimate challenge is faced, will another close race be enough to push the few to cheat again?

    Stay vigilant MMOBomb. Bad habits don’t disappear overnight.

    • There’s cheating going on in every poll. It’s just far far more limited then what was going on here. However, I tend to subscribe to the belief that the reason RO had such greater numbers was due to the fact that an event promised for winning would have greatly favored gold botters in their game which are quite more prominent than in Mabinogi.

      Not only would this explain why RO had so many botters, but also why, and on the best part it absolves most of their normal non illegal community from any fault.

      You perhaps skipped other the purged votes from the ABP poll as well.

  23. going up against a totally diff. genre in the next round…..a shooter…..i’m still voting Mabi, and hoping for the best …. ^_^

  24. Well, Mabi won over RO at 56% to 44%. Our voters had the honor it seems, but RO is a very good game, I’m just sorry that they had to resort to botting. :/ I hope it doesn’t come back to bite them in the butt and that new players try it out, It’s a very good game. 🙂

    • If you looked at mabinogi’s vote graph ( there was one somewhere ) it was a near perfect curve line… which indicates automated proxy botting hehe. No matter what MMOBomb says there was no way the “vast majority” of those votes were legit on EITHER side. Don’t be ridiculous MMOBomb staff you just chose the easy route of “clear out the top counts and ignore the rest”

      • I hope you do realize that there are only three people running the entire voting. At least show some respect and they tried to keep it fair.

      • Perhaps it should be noted that graph was composed by a member of the Mabinogi forums. Moreover. The poll botting only ended for RO when seeing MMOBomb’s tweets the bots attempted to bump up Mabinogi’s side to attempt a double DQ once again tweeted by MMOBomb matter of fact. However, realizing a DQ wasn’t happening they then spammed 50,000+ votes for RO on top of 30,000, and in addition this was probably hopes that they could slip in past votes when they were being removed.

        Moreover the curve simply shows we had users active at all times attempting to get votes out. We contacted foreign servers. Messaged afk players using in game mechanics and rallied friendly communities to help.

        I’m not exactly surprised, and with bias I do say that while RO had an impressive amount of votes without the botters. It was their hubris in believing that the majority of botters wouldn’t get caught and removed that prevented them from banding together for legitimate votes because they believed they had already won not to say they didn’t have a strong effort however. Yet it wasn’t as desperate as a side which believed it was LOSING the entire time of this competition.

        This is if you wish to ignore the fact we had combined with closed threads nearly 300+ pages of discourse on this poll itself. While the main RO forums, and the other few I browsed through would probably only account for ~100 pages or 1/3rd as many.

        Proxies and Onion are something an 8th (and probably 6th) grader could set up, and those of us with actual long term technical expertise and knowledge of languages (although I prefer the beautiful but simple Python over C) know there are many many ways that bots could have used to get around this, and not get caught.

        Shortening the methods botters need to go through makes little sense. The results will be released at the end, and nothing will change.

      • seriously…. mabi players were advertising this vote on every channel of every server, since there was a reward involved many people would vote as soon as they learned about it, which for many people was probaly when they logged on. but thats whatever because both sides are going to use the graph to say whatever they want. RO just doesn’t have a big enough player base, or their bribe wasnt as good as mabinogi’s. There is no way to tell if each side was voting their own votes or the others. and it doesnt matter. There is no reward to the winner of this poll, as this little fight has made increasingly clear there are only a small group of people are trying out the other games… This poll is being taken way too seriously…. The truth is RO doesnt have a playerbase as big as mabi’s. Deal with it instead of insulting the people who run the poll. A big part of this poll is publicity, i didnt even know about RO until this poll, im trying it out some the renewal server, making a rougue.

      • I remember that graph and in fact did note how uniform Mabinogi’s vote rise was. However when you looked at just what that rate was, it was terrible. They literally would’ve gotten votes faster by doing so manually.

      • MMOBOMB released some of the botted votes, and most of them were in RO

        And in big numbers too

        You had 1 person giving over 1k votes with that.

  25. Good form mmobomb and legit RO votes no hard feelings to those who were legit In voting mabi voters good luck in your next round

      • tooo much butthurt seriously drop it already…. this is belittling to both communities…. There is no point in making either community look worse than the more childish forumers, and these botting incidents have already done.

      • Uh, no. If you check out MMOBOMB’s twitter they update things about the polls.

        They won’t win to real people pretty much. And you can’t prove that one side didn’t bot for another to try and DQ the other side so stop it. Just stop.

        • Admittedly, while there is a possibility that either side boted in an attempt to DQ the other, it is a moot point as neither side was DQ’d and the boted votes were simply removed. The butthurt over this incident is immense. While it saddens me that boting occurred (especially from the Mabi side, since I am a mabi player myself), people need to accept the fact that both communities have “less admirable” members.

          • I agree. I’m from Mabi myself, however, I didn’t wish for either side to bot. They did, it’s over. People need to get over it. I have. Both sides need to forgive and forget. Holding a grudge will just make one bitter and sour.

    • Well Imma casual gamer and I’m pretty happy that we have this tournament because I wouldn’t know titles like Warframe and Planetside 2 exist xD.


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