Runes of Magic vs. Allods Online

Title: Runes of Magic
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 7 GB
Publisher: Frogster America
Developer: Runewaker Entertainment
Title: Allods Online
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 3 GB
Publisher: gPotato
Developer: Astrum Nival
Quick Overview:

Runes of Magic is one of the best free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG. Thanks to an extensive crafting and reputation system, more than 1,600 quests, regular updates, thrilling PVP, as well as demanding dungeons and boss monsters, Runes of Magic has something for everyone.

Quick Overview:

Allods Online is an impressive free to play fantasy MMORPG with some Sci-Fi elements. It features extensive questing, intense PVP combat, in-depth character development and plenty of social interaction. The game is without a doubt one of the best free to play MMORPGs currently on the market

Gameplay Preview Video:
[rokbox title=”Runes of Magic” thumb=”” size=”854 505″ album=””][/rokbox]
Gameplay Preview Video:
[rokbox title=”Allods Online” thumb=”” size=”854 505″ album=””][/rokbox]
What’s explosive about it:

Lots of content and new expansions
Extensive dual class system
Huge game world

What’s explosive about it:

Extremely polished MMORPG
Unique astral battles
Gorgeous visuals

Runes of Magic vs. Allods Online the epic clash of the free to play 3D fantasy MMORPGs. What is the best free MMORPG game? What is your favorite? what MMORPG game should win in this arena?

It’s time to take part in this ultimate fight between the two games, so choose your side and vote. We are looking for productive and intelligent discussions concerning the two fantasy MMORPG games so please be reasonable, offensive comments will be removed.


  1. Runes if magic(Gameforge) has worst customer support(which mainly supports gameforge and not the players) among all the publishers. I have not only stopped ROM but decided never to play any game hosted by Gameforge. Trust me, this is coming from someone who has played ROM for 4 years(with many breaks every few months now and then) and keeping up with end game contents most of the time. Time to time tried other games like GW2, diablo,NW, FW, allods and diablo( though not playing anymore) had best customer service of all of them. For rom things got worst when Gameforge took over from frogster and Gameforge completely ruined the game under its control.

    All i want to say is dont waste your time on any game hosted by gameforge. Things may look good in beginning but once you need help from customer support you will feel scammed and it will be end of that game for you, all the time and money spend on that game will be completely wasted.

  2. allods is much better i have played it for a long time adnd yet not bored.. it has good graphics and the latest path LORDS OF DESTINY is awesome and all classses are balanced..and there r many good event that other games dont give.and runes of magic has a good name and thats all it has poor graphics and bad gameplay as far as i consider and ur views might be different so… good luck and try joining allods and have fun..

    world of warcraft is so bad ..i hate its graphics and races..:(

  3. I have played both games. I have two endgame characters in RoM and a level 24 in Allods. Both are good games, but RoM is just constant grinding which I don’t have time for. I like Allods better because you can just log in and do some quests. I have payed a lot of money for gear in RoM, and I would like the game if I had a lot of time (even though daily quests can piss you off). I have just liked Allods better now.

  4. look for everyone who says that allods is pay-to-win, i believe that it’s a lie because I just made to lvl 51 with my mage without spend a single coin, and no i dont lose in pvp, in fact i win everybody( at least the ones that i’ve fighted) and I have played ROM for a time and really I liked the facts of the huge world, the dual class system It’s a pretty good game but the graphics aren’t so good and the skill effects and battles are kinda slow, allods have his flaws too like, it’s a little bit hard to reach 51, mostly at 29-40 and sometimes in Eljune(30-36) and Assee-tep(20-30) you enter in pvp without wanting to enter pvp because some missions of the main quest make you turn your pvp flag on for 5 min so the other players of the oposite faction can hunt you down, but taking all these flaws off they are both great games and I recommend them both

  5. RoM and Allods are both lots of fun. But the classes in rom are REALLY unbalanced. The only classes i ever see are rogue/scouts and mage/priests. Oh dont forget about the priest/scout. It’s sad how the main fighting class the warrior and the main ranged class the scout are the most under powered classes in the game. When I played allods people where really friendly and extremely helpful plus the classes where balanced in my opinion.

  6. I personally find LOTRO (lord of the rings online) perfect for f2p. Not as good ad WoW but you can go up to lvl 70 without paying so it’s good for ppl that cant afford WoW. Or else i think that it depends how to play: PvE (ROM) PvP (Allods)


    • If it wasn’t for the imbalanced cash shop and abusive bonuses paying users get, allods online would be the most perfect f2p that ever existed.

  7. Im useing this rom and i like it but it has one major flaw and many other peploe may not care but it seems to disable my lapdock it dosnt seem to hookup to it anymore and thats a probem my question is how do i go about removing it so i can try the aura ROM?

  8. in allods there is a currency exchange that lets free player convert the gold they make into the cash shop currency. I i have not seen that in RoM, of course if you pay your going to get the better tier stuff sooner. However in RoM its all about gear and i have honestly seen a lvl 15 player giong around twinked with endgame stats killing ppl lvl 30-35, that never happens in allods. RoM graphics suck. and that game really makes you grind. in Allods the gm’s give out dbl exp at least 3 times a week while RoM only offers it on special occasion like aniverseries and holdays. RoM is not that very good and all in all i would pick Allods over RoM

  9. In short terms :
    -Allods = nice game, nice mechanics, but Pay2win, need real money to be able to defend yourself.
    -RoM = complete copy of a nice game, in a worse way, old graphics, no balance issues though.

    • No balance issue in Rom?
      In CH3 90% players rolled to scouts. In ch4 70-80% players were rogue/scout. That is enough to tell how much this game is balanced.
      And about pay2win i cant comment much about allods but in allods most of the items u buy stays with ur char like runes/stats/talent points.
      But in rom for end game you have to spend about 3-4k dias(150-200 $) on every piece of gear and u have 14-15 pieces of items to upgrade. Every 4-5 months new contents are added so do the same effort again. On top of that no matter how good your gear is ch4 last instance(TOSH HM) need you to buy CS item to survive on most bosses.

      About p2w: In rom if you let money flow out of your pocket you can make a new char and level it to level cap within 1 hour and gear it with best gear available. I bet you cant do this in any other game available till date.

      • I wouldn’t care about leveling speed if I were you, I’d only care about the fact that, free player vs cash shop player, you get 1 shot, no more than that, in almost all situations. You play a level 29vs29 chars, it’s like playing against a player that already reached endgame, lv52… he does your damage multiplied by 10, not exagerating here. It’s not like armor, it’s much much deadlier than armor, it’s the runes.
        And just to give you an idea about the prices of high end runes, players need 6 runes, 3 defensive and 3 offensive. Max level of runes in the shop is 13, you want a set of 6 level13 runes, you have to pay around 17.800$ dollars. Enough said.

  10. so i play allods im lvl 51 as much as i love this game i have to say cash shop does influence alot so people that dont pay can get everything everything paying players get but takes so much time and during all that time endgame pvp is not so balanced but the game is not all that pay 2 win gear is alot in allods and about classes you can have 3 classes you have 2 reincarnations.

    runes of magic is a game i played till lvl 25 i think its not bad its a really good game but not much to offer early on idk about later on.
    people say allods doesnt have good instance but it does the astral has alot of endgame dungeons good pve and mechanics plus great pvp everywhere i say allods is better but thats becuz i have played it for alot more then RoM im not going to judge RoM

    • Now that they added Incarnation system, they said it loud and clear, now Allods is more Pay2win than it ever was. Pay cash, and you will get runes to be able to defend yourself at level 25-29 in AT, because without money, you are no match for incarnations that are usually runed 7-9. AT isn’t a place for free players PvP anymore. Want PvP, use cash shop.

  11. I have played both games spent a lot of my time on rom than allods though.
    Currently there is nothing that can be said in favor of Rom:
    1- crafting- useless, you will never make any gear which u can use for your own level.
    2- leveling- not enough quests for leveling even a single class let alone the secondary and third class and xp from killing is so poor that u cant think about grinding. e.g. 40mil xp require to level up and mobs give 500-600xp. Leveling is fast at low levels but stops from weeks at high levels.
    3- pvp- one hit pvp, winner is the one who sees other first (exception are healers maybe). Their cross server siege war(pvp) is in beta phase since last 2.5 years and if players ask for solution to bugs they just its still in beta so have patience.
    4- class balancing: There is a reason why 60+% of the players are r/s and back in ch3 90% of population were scouts.
    5- there is no way you can quest in last zone by just using quest gear.
    6- cash shop- heavy dependency on cash shop for end game players. And by heavy i really mean heavy. Almost 80-100$ to make single piece of end game gear and u have to make 15 of them and every 3 months repeat same things again. Instance requirement for end game is ridiculously high. Prices of useful cash shop items are being increased recently. one item went from 39 dias(~1$) to 99 dias in past month.
    7- worst customer support u can ever have in any mmo, check the forum and u will see why.
    8- There is very low chance that they will accept a bug as a bug rather they close it claiming its intended.
    9- Graphics- Good graphics but you can hardly play for more than 10-15mins at high settings without getting crashed. Even with very high end graphics card, in fact this game has more graphics problem with latest cards than older cards.
    10- Every new feature is released without testing and left on players to find the problem and solutions. Check the number of bugs after every zone release.
    11- at end game you have nothing to do but farming non stop instances and sell item to gear up for next instances.

    All this is coming from 3 years experience of rom. Waited too long in hope of things getting better but everything has a limit.

    Played allods in between breaks but cant say much about high level, got lvl 38 an 31 chars only

    1- Slow leveling but at least you have option grind mobs for some xp.
    2- Sell of stat and talent points in CS item. Though it should not happen in any f2p games but then again its permanent for ur character.
    3- pvp wasn’t that bad at low level but it should not be forced while questing. Asee teph for example.
    4- Though crystal chips to upgrade offensive and defensive is an item shop item but at least it stays with char. while on rom all upgrades are bound(and very costly in end game) to gear which you will change every 3-4 months.
    5- low population- cant say much about this due to time zone differences but cant see many people in low level areas. Auction house too has low number of items compared to what it should be.

    Overall i will say rom has quantity over quality it’s like 100 features but only 10 working as it should be. No comments(cos of low experience) for allods.

  12. Ok let me end this argument with a person with fair expereince in both games and not someone who has only played 1

    Level 41 of 51 Allods
    Level 37/34 of 70(last time I checked)

    Runes of magic was my 1st choice between the 2 and was my 2nd mmorpg
    Runes of Magic is really newb freindly, this would be the best choice for someone who has never played MMORPG’s, runes of magic has a unique tri-class system, pretty nice graphics(If you have played runes of magic went to Allods and back to RoM or just Allods to RoM you will think the graphics suck) which most people can see. When you really get deep into the game however, there is so much to do, you could always be busy, not saying that you will never finish the game, the world is just HUGE and no zones look the same, fast paced(which is bad for pvp for me), strategic dungeons, which by the way look beutiful when completing and thats about it

    Very polished graphics, a real storyline, slow paced(bad at sometimes but better for longer pvp), similarity in zones, faction based, great graphics, fewer dungeons, you can balance classes if you use the item shop, everyone uses item shop, item shop ruins game, game expects you to have atleast level 7 runes, more diverse mounts, alot of competition between guilds within the same faction(not saying RoM dosn’t though) unique mobs, some mobs are reapeted in between the game, again VERY polished, you can purchase gpotatoes with in game money, bad economy(for Nezeb) atleastm alot of stuff to do, but you kinda need to do it

    I say RoM, Allods only has the pvp advantage
    If I didn’t include certain features of one of the games it was on purpose

    Yet I still play Allods? hmmm

  13. Eh both games are ok, but its just the same thing over and over again, theres nothing really “new” and the dont take the risk of adding something different :/ Things that REALLY deter me from playing these games is the items that are limited time, they just make me panic if I should use them or not etc. >_< Anyways, I certaintly like ROM because of gameplay, but I love the cartoony graphics of Allods :/ both are pretty great games in my opnion.

  14. OK, dont go crazy at me for saying this but I don’t like either. I mean I just can’t stand the combat in almost every single mmo. All you do is click on a guy and it auto attacks them (except allods doesn’t have auto attack) and then you press the number keys a couple times, ITS SO BORING. games need new combat.

  15. ive played rom off and on for about a year now, if you cant buy diamonds ur shitt out of luck when it comes to pvp cash items ruined this game i am currently playing allods and hopefully it get better. rom just isnt what it used to be only plus is dual class…..but if i had to choose MGS solid snake is a beast!!!!!

  16. So here is what I think.
    Both games are good at different things. (Cba typing all of them up)
    Allods has a more smoother feeling in the game and cleaner graphics, When RoM has the awesome dual class system and the fun classes.
    And RoM is more customizable in a way of changing ur UI and edit alot.
    And If im correct Allods is not really that customizable with addons. Im sure there is a few.
    And RoM and Allods rely on alot of Cash items. Which sucks, But all Fee-To-Play games has it.
    I haven’t Played Allods or RoM in a very long time now. And What I managed to test was the higher zones in Allods where there is World PvP. And Im a fan of that So it was amazing really, Except the ganking. And when I played there was this retarded system that game you this “Curse” Which lasted for awhile depending on you’re level. But they removed it I think.
    And RoM felt like you didn’t need to buy THAT much thru Cash.
    But yeah. Both games are good at different things. Thats why I didn’t vote and never will for theese games. Just as I will never play them anymore.

  17. God, its so hard to say one or the other when they both have amazing features, I mean Runes of magic has PLAYER-FREAKING-HOUSES i mean come out, is that not like the coolest thing ever to have your own house in a game, and Allods has Personal BattleShips, freakin awsome, only problem with that is that they are for high level players =/. If these two elements were combined it would create an unstoppable game.

  18. Allods is a perfect example of “Roll a turd in glitter and watch people wear it as jewelry”

    Unless they fix their incredibly annoying movement system, I’m not even trying it again. From “Target too far” when you double click on an NPC instead of just moving automatically to MANUAL FIGHTING! And not as in the really cool and exciting Vindictus/DDO style. Just spam the 1 key over and over. Auto-targeting? Who needs it!? This is 1997 baby!

    Seriously characters wont even turn around if the enemy suddenly moves to their backs, you have to manually turn the dude around, or it will keep telling you that the target is not in front of you.

    These seem like little things, but they pile up quick. The only “polish” this game has is in the graphics, the rest is an outdated mess.

    ROM might have it’s problems, but an annoying interface isn’t one of them.

      • Reading FAIL. My complaint is not of want of action, it’s of lackluster control and interface. I enjoy both styles, if they’re well executed. Learn to read if you want to troll.

        • No, I think Shelby made a valuable point. You’re whining because you’re too lazy to manually move your character. You’re in control of the character; you’re responsible for their actions. Boohoo, your character doesn’t automatically turn around when an enemy gets behind you. And woe is me, my character won’t auto-attack; I actually have to press the key if I want to perform a normal attack. In regards to the lack of auto-attack, I can see why that’d be a pain for some people. But I wouldn’t consider it “game-wrecking.” As far as turning around goes, if you’re actively focused and actually playing, then you’d have the common sense to turn your character around. Allods Online isn’t the only MMORPG to do this either. I’ve played EverQuest 2, Lord of the Rings Online, and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning before, and unless they’ve updated their combat/targeting systems, you’ve also had to turn around if your target was out of sight.

          Simply put, you’re complaining because a game was requiring you to get involved. I fail to see how these things could possibly bother you so greatly, unless if your attention span is that low.

  19. i played RoM for 2years in Turkish server. RoM is only go dungeon…build item…go dungeon…build item….this game lack of PvP
    now i am playing Allods .. the game is PvP based. there are great daily activities sometimes one day isn’t enough to do everythig in game. really fantastic i love it

  20. lol, realise that the first game you actually figured out how to play, is the game you like the most. i started play rom in the beginning of chapter 2, and i was stuck at lvl 37>.<, then i tried alot of games, icluding allods. none of them were as good as i rememberd rom. soo i started again and lvled a new char to lvl 62. the game is funny, but it is kinda hard to get good without paying with real money. but hey, ive only paid £5 and i do gc and all below instances, its a very nice game….dont judge it before you reach lvl 60!:P

  21. Allods FTW. Allods has better graphics , better gameplay , isn’t as buggy and the classes are alot more balanced. Just one thing that keeps people away… slow leveling. No auto attack makes you focus on your spells more.
    Just my opinion

  22. RoM was an incredible game for chapters 1 and 2, but had pretty much gone to shit after that. Maybe things have improved with ch 4, I haven’t really followed it. I played allods early on, quit at gipat patch, quit again, and recently came back. They’ve made some great changes and it’s a legit f2p now. It’s too bad they released a patch as terrible as the gipat one last summer and gave the game a terrible rep. Current state I’ll vote allods, but RoM in it’s prime was better than allods could ever be.

  23. I’ve played both games and i generally prefer the gameplay of allods BUT the incense issue killed it imo. Idk if they’ve fixed that problem but atm I think rom’s better because you can get by without paying (although admittedly paying players can progress a lot faster.) Oh and from my experience allods online doesn’t have better graphics than rom. ;P

  24. Played both games . But only allods drive my back 😛 pretty good game. allods i like for challenging gameplay and graphics . I dont like rom for the graphics “problem” 😀 and its pretty boring Imao . thats my vote Allods :DDDDD

  25. Allods is better. RoM has weird looking wonderland sort of creatures… I mean walking mushrooms? Wtf? I’d rather fight tough looking creatures, not a bunch of vegatables.

  26. @Fade, seriously, have you played both games? If not, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to post your rants here. Maybe you just have a sucky connection that forbids mob-spawning for 10 minutes and sends a surge of mobs afterwards.

    /anti-troll slash mini-mod

  27. F2P in a way.-

    These 2 must be the most pay-to-win/farm-a-lot games out there. Pay more for less.

    “Extremely polished” until you try playing a pet class and see half the mobs out there reset constantly on you.

  28. PLS never vote on ROM.
    It has got just bugged contents…
    Shit support, who can say you “Sorry” for your every question…
    Lot of goldsellers, cheaters, scammers are on the servers.
    Developers haven’t got any solution for 2+ years old bugs, they can not solve real money transaction bugs and they have never paid anything back for players….

    Just create an account and try out the game then look on the forum and you will remove the game ASAP.

    “you are lucky if you can play without bugs for an hour”

  29. im playing Allods and its one of the best mmorpg i have joined. good designed graphic and content. RoM is way more popular but Allods is a new game, many players have not tried or heard about this game. The point here to spread Allods all out over the gaming community is exclusive ad and promotional activity (no offense that Wow has done this perfectly and it worked), Allods should try once.
    Just my personal opinion and i love Allods online

  30. RoM is waaay better than Allods. I’m playing RoM since ’08 and still like it! Tried Allods once and didn’t like it at all. So for me the winner is RoM.

  31. ROM is boring. There are so much stupid quests just like “kill 10 woves” and so one. The questline is boring. It’s all about buy diamonds and daily quest tickets, to level up your character. Day by day do the same things. I’ts BOOORING!!!!

  32. ROM = donators game. U have cash, u are the best. Dont have cash ? U spend lot of hours of hard time playing to be max lvl, and then 10lvl donated kid kill u in one shot xD

  33. I’ve played both games since they both released both on and off and I have to say I like RoM better. Duel classing and smoother gameplay go to RoM. Allods has its pluses, but sorry, I gotta go with RoM. Especially being a WoW player since vanilla.

  34. well neither one is worth playing(please dont bash me for MY opinion) both arnt very good like most f2p mmos,(once again just MY opinion) ive played both and if i had to choose to play one it would be allods online. rom just flat out is a peice of shit wraped up with Nazi flag. Im a ferm beleiver in B vs G, mmos with 2 or more factions with open pvp.

  35. I played RoM to the max level on both classes. The game is pretty fun until you get to 45ish. Then you start realizing you need to either rely completely on dailies or open your wallet. You can’t do anything endgame without cash shop items. Period.

    I only played Allods to level 18, but the game itself has a much higher production value and is very polished. You level a LOT slower in Allods then you do in RoM. The PVP in allods seems like it’s fun, but I never was able to participate. Also, the reliance on dailies seemed pretty dumb, as it gives you an item that is necessary to participate in content your own level… why not make the item’s effect permanent or remove them completely?

  36. guys i know you think rom is awsome but after like 2 days of grinding its gets fking retareded allods seems a perfect game tough it maybe will crash sometimes on my comp well that was my opinion good luck all ^^

  37. from the two,i choose WoW private at least its wow not a copy =D

    PS:I played both and i like more ROM because of the armor in earlier levels in allods iam a paladin and i use cloth because of my lvl, this have no sense =/

  38. I would choose Allods over RoM anyday except for the fact that you have to attack manually.I like mmorpgs to have auto attack for the simple reason that it lets you focus on skills more.

  39. RoM isn’t as good as allods online, allods has better gameplay, graphics, and doesn’t lag like if your a mage in RoM the spell casting time lags so it takes forever to make that work and allods is overall a better game then RoM

  40. i used to play RoM but got sick of the game randomly blue screening my computer,they said i didnt have enough ram is why (the web page says you only need 512 mb and i had a gig) sometimes i could play for hours others itd be just a few minutes, well you know what i bought more ram 2GB. and now it blue screens before i even get to character selection. It is the only game that does this to my computer. Allods has never done that to me.

  41. Allods need more pve,instance with strategy… rom got it but his pvp sux…. ” ONE SHOT” that is pathetic… allods is less pay 2 win cash shop too.. so im prefer allods

    • Interesting. I always found RoM to be much more traditional to western MMOs. That is: They are more like WoW, Warhammer, and other western MMOs than Allods, which shares more in common with Eastern MMOs. Allods does have a beautiful cartoon style that’s closer to WoW, though.

    • and also if there dungeons actually took skill. Like in wow when they have tons of mechanics and its difficult not some gay tank and spank shit.

      • Dungeons in RoM dont take skill? You have obviously never set foot in Grafus Castle or Sardos Castle. Hell, even ZS, HoDL, and HoS took skill when they were released, the problem with those is that now we are all so powerful we can just burn the lvl 55 bosses before the strategic part of the fight even happens. But GC and SC still require MUCH skill and strategy.

  42. Personally? They’re both not that great and they’re both completely different games. I would go with RoM just because it’s more traditional. But they both have so many flaws that it’s hard to choose.

    And to the guy that said he couldn’t find any quests at lvl 10 in RoM, that’s not the games fault, you just have no idea how to play MMORPG’s.

  43. RoM is great, Allods is great too, but there are people that judge games on their size.
    Although I don’t like to play big size games (takes ages to download, laggs because of lots of customizations and so on), I think this time the size does matters, and since RoM has way more stuff to do on my opinion, it is a better game.

  44. i played both and prefered ROM cause when u get high lvl in allods u dont have the choice to quest and then kill like 3 million times the same monster to get a lvl and repeat that again and again, pvp is a bit random in allods too

  45. to be honest i will go with allods cause you can always find something to do and when i played runes of magic when i got to level 10 i cant find quest i have to grind and grind.and allods uses smaller gb.

    • Runes of Magic is only a quest based MMO. Especially at level 10, there are hundreds of quests, just like World of Warcraft. There is no mob grinding at all. Unless you count killing them to complete the quests. It’s all about doing quests for XP.

  46. its like u would compare the allmighty mario with tetris or smth like that XD
    im saying that and i dont like RoM at all , but there are manny that do

  47. i think RoM is much better than Allods, it doesn’t have the balance issue that Allods has, also, it has that nice feature that let’s us combine two classes, i don’t know, i think i like RoM over Allods, that’s all.

      • i just saw the gameplay Preview video for runes of magic and its not that good compare to allods is way better i have a summoner lv 51 acid build.

    • Allods doesn’t have balance issues anymore and it’s quality of production is ALOT better… Allods is definitely a better game overall

      • No balance issues? lol… Allods has always been the biggest Pay2win game of all times. Easy math if you don’t understand me : Real Money = Shop Gpotato…. Gpotato = Crystal Chips/Runes(No other source than shop). Runes = ownage.
        So basically you fight a player of the same level, same class, same armor and weapons, but he has buys runes from the shop, he 1 hits you. GG.

        • actually u can buy CC with gold ,and you can buy runes with gold too. its only pay2win at low levels when no one has runes but the people who pay or people with other toons.

          • dude i have played both runesofmagic to end game twice with a rogue/scout and a rogue/knight do not even go there about pay2win cant even raid or pvp in runesofmagic without buying diamonds to enchant your gear so really please stop.


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