PlanetSide 2 is a massive open-world shooter by Daybreak Game Company, and it’s our Triple Play pick for July!

In Triple Play, we look at a free-to-play game, new or old, that we’ve been playing a lot lately and think deserves a spicy dash of extra coverage.

This month’s Triple Play video is Daybreak Games’ PlanetSide 2! Give it a look and see if you agree with our three points!

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  1. i took time to write this comment. I tried the game and it is really bad. the gameplay is atrocious and it feels like something from 2000. Magicmans video made it seem much better then it really is once you get in game. TL:DR — dont waste your time downloading crap. Aion or Allods is way better.

  2. Planetside 2 is garbage now and the elite players that had been playing it from the very start will tell you this. Why? Because it is infested with bugs from recent patches which have not been address for a very long time. And this alone has made lot of players quit the game. Other thing is, you can only mass zerg for so long before it becomes teeth grinding repetitive. Its been out for how long? And it still doesn’t have some kinda of new mode. Game will be dead within 1 – 1/2 year. Its already on its last few threads.

  3. one of the best games ever (fps), no p2w, open world, huge battles (screw bf, we want HUGE BATTLES), graphics are great, classes are fun as hell, good selection of guns, lots of attachments, great community, easy to learn (somewhat), useful classes (medic, engineer, max), 24/7 BATTLES!!! huge maps. got it on PC and PS4 and they both perfect

  4. 2 things what i hate in this game.
    1: i can play b a ttlefield 3 with high graphics, in planetside its hard even in lowest graphics
    2: total chaos

    • 1: Yeah, performance is always going to be an issue in this game, the scope of combat and amount of players is several orders of magnitude higher than any battlefield game. Even a good computer will have a tough time rendering the larger fights.

      2: Try joining a public squad or getting into an outfit. The instant you have a good squad leader, or a squad that will listen to you, all of the chaos of zergs melts away.


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