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It’s been a rough month for Daybreak Game Company. H1Z1 was split in two, EverQuest Next is cancelled, Landmark and both H1Z1s are no longer free-to-play. But we can still enjoy PlanetSide 2, right? That’s still free-to-play, isn’t it? For now, at least?

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  1. FAKINJG soe scammers, game is pay to win not , very boring brainless small dot shooting from afar, all factions is the same, there is no unique stuff, they call it diff and looks diff but its the same,nothing new ingame, 1 new unit per like 4 years, devs working for food only ideo t going to pay for this shi t.

    • Don’t forget to mention how OVERPRICED the game is. To get the good guns that have 0 recoil, you need to pay 10 dollars a gun. That’s not even including the other upgrades throughout the game. 100 dollars wouldn’t even last you 20 mins in this shitty game. Biggest rip off company. Also whta you say is true. All the factions are copy paste. They put no effort into making it unique beyond the stupid plane and tank.

      • Wtf i havent payed anything yet i have 0 recoil gun battle rank 17, i enjoy playing ALOT. 3-5 kills per life. Totally awesome game. Best open world shooter 🙂

        • I agree, Kamikosh. Excellent game, although I’d like to see new content more often… Factions are so not copy and paste as the other two seem to ignorantly think. Although I think the rest of the vehicles should be augmented to reflect the differences between the factions.


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