Tune in to see how the Free to Play Cast re-reviewed some games after YOUR feedback from the live cast, listen to our thoughts on a super secret Square-Enix free to play game, and wash it all down with the Weekly bombs! Fresh from the MMOBOMB.COM Firefall livestream we even delve into our personal opinions on Firefall as a whole! This and a whole lot more on this all new episode!

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  1. magicman abouth the wot to be pay to win… yes the premium tanks get more credits, so you save time, there just like premium accounts withouth the exp bonus… so i disagree abouth that

  2. pls create an asian server or make it global pls i am truly lagging in blacklight retribution i cannot stand i keep dieying man

    • Mate, this isnt a BR forum this is just a bunch of people talking about it maybe u should go try sending an email to perfect world or create some sorta petition 🙂

  3. Square Enix developed Fantasy Earth Zero. (My personal favorite MMORPG to ever be released) Which might show their capabilities in that area.

    I don’t think any of you are looking at Neverwinter in the right way. It’ll be more along the lines of Vindictus, than Icewind Dale 2.

    A Bomb to F2P cast for quickly stating that Blacklight Retribution is Pay to win when the game is very well balanced even at the basic guns and is nowhere near “heavy pay to win” (Combat Arms)

    I personally attest to this as I haven’t put a cent into this game and was able to enjoy and still get in very high ranking. This is all balanced out by how a skilled player can take a paid player’s gun and own just as much as him, if it was really about the gun.

    What the hell is wrong with those guys, huh?

    • This guy =.=”
      They clearly said that there are alot of people with regular gun that have high rank in the game, so why are you bother comming up with that statement? second thing, if you dont paid, your gun isnt going to be that strong compare to other people that paid. In conclusion, its a p2w game since you are going to get nerf if you dont pay to get better gun, duh.

      • Agree with you, BLR is dissapointed, their gun is so strong compare to me, i left after 5 mins and unistall the game .

  4. I have to say I am hugely disappointed with Blacklight Retribution. I was so eager to get my hands on the open beta, but then after just playing a few games I got my hopes killed. My main issue with the game is… well it has nothing to do with the gameplay, actually the gameplay is awesome. My issue with the game is the shop. To buy a weapon permanently you have to spend hmm about 10k GP points(in game currency). The average amount of GP you get a match is between 150-180. A single match lasts 10 minutes. You do the math. All in all you need to spend way, way, way, way too much time playing it just to get a single weapon(fully modified – muzzle, magazine, reciever, scope, handle etc.) So you have to either pay some real money to get ZEN and get geared up, or you have to be grinding all day long. So disappointed with it :\

    • Correction, it is way more than 10k GP for a fully modified weapon. Not even mentioning the armors and the secondary weapons. If you count them in then you will have to spend like a f***load of time.

  5. I luv how everyone gives opinions about these videos 😀
    Also for the Square enix game… i think its gunna be some sorta browser game :S it just sounds like its gunna be released so fast… i mean like you said FFIV are stillllll in development how can they focus on something with this even though they have FFIV still in development …. just doesnt sound logical to me…
    okay im gunna give An A Bomb for Tribes…. i know its a great game… but the cash shop didnt do wat i expected… for example to buy a weapon or one of the new skins u would have 2 spend up to 30 – 40 quid… which i understand is not a big problem because u CAN get the weapons by playing the game but seriously 100000 exp for one weapon is ALOT of effort and its not something like LOL micro transactions where u know u dont even mind spending the few 3 -5 quid for a skin… i just dont feel that they cash shop is really in their favor atm idk like 2 hear your thoughts 🙂

    buttttt id also like to give a Da Bomb… and this one is different this one is for the mmbomb client i dont know if many people have heard or seen it but i thought id mention it cus its a really nifty little thing to have and its cool that u put it up there with a free client and everything so DaBomb for MMOBOMB 🙂

    Take care and would luv to hear your thoughts

  6. Magickman I think you are totaly wrong about Black Light Retribution, for example the slots, you get them for free if you reach required level . You get the first one from level 5.
    And you can unlock weapon upgrades just by leveling up and they are actualy very cheap. Complete 6-7 maches and you can put together prety good weapon.
    Next time at least spend 1 hour before saying that game is P2W.

      • actually you can get permament weapon withaut paying anything. And please at least download the game before commenting about it.

        • I tried it from the beta, the weapon that you pay real money for is way stronger than if you don’t pay. Its p2w all the way.

  7. hey have you tryed dragon oath that game is good and diffrent game play very old but has lot contant
    it pure pay win u get some item called gems lvl 3 those thing take mounth make iif pay 5 dollar u get them instantly they make game breacking diffrenence between players they give lot of stats who pay most own other players easy

  8. Da Bomb to Aion 3.0s main menu soundtrack. It is beautiful, I had to start the game while typing this just to listen to it again.

  9. Why does noone ever talk about NCsoft’s f2p titles Lineage 2 and now Aion (aion has had coverage)

    DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!! NCsoft’s truly free model. I have never been happy in a f2p game due to pay to win and content restrictions Lineage 2’s truly free model in amazing couldn’t be happier <3 ncsoft really came through on that and hopefully the same happened with aion.

    • Hi!
      We have actually talked about both games! Aion, in fact, was discussed on episode 10 when the free to play release date in North America was announced.

      • Thats great to hear I must’ve missed the episode lol. but yes i strongly urge anyone who still believes that turbine does f2p best to try out lineage or aion (still no first hand f2p experience there) I really hope someone takes a que from NC and converts a more western game ( If SOE would take their collective heads out of their investors asses and used this model for their Vanguard f2p conversion it would be godly)

  10. You guys were completely wrong with blacklight as play to win. You unlock the loadouts for one, I’ve never spent any cash on that game and am only a level 6. I never do bad at the game I’m always in top 5 of my team, if not first. The Lag recently has been bad yes. But I have been able to customize my gun and add scopes and everything, based on the packages they gave me when I leveled up. I also unlocked a camo or something also and its permanent, so yuo guys didn’t play enough. I always watch you guys, and you do just find, but you guys kinda ticked me off today.

  11. The one thing that I wish you guys had done was looked at the video of the playable demo for Neverwinter, because if you had you would have seen that while the game look great, it is fundamentally different from the original Neverwinter games when it comes to game play. Neverwinter’s combat is more of a full on action brawler/hack-n-slash game as opposed to the isometric point and click style of RPG game play that was in the original games and a lot of those early Bioware and Obsidian RPGs. There is no white damage and it looks like it will be much closer to DCUO’s style of game play, and to be honest I actually like this approach, because quite frankly the old style of doing things has been seen so much and is actually the same system that many early WoW era MMO’s based their combat on. This is a new game with a new style.

    The other good things that I can say about this approach is that it’s closer to what DDO is doing (accept even more so) so it’s likely to pull fans of that game into it as well, and the other thing is that it’s not Cryptic’s normal style of an “action” control scheme, for those who have played Cryptic games before, you will be familiar with the fact that they often like to base the combat on a WoW inspired keyboard setup (accept with some rather counter intuitive choices in terms of layout) then they give you several style options in terms of game play, usually offering shooter-style, traditional-style, and action-style. The action and shooter styles are usually just replacing the auto-attack with you having to press the mouse buttons which now have your main attacks bound to them, it’s “action-like” but not really like an action, more like a point and click RPG wearing an action game’s skin like a people suit. This game is action based from the ground up, so you won’t have the RPG click and wait system underneath like in Champions and STO and it won’t feel as tacked on.

    The last thing I am liking about this is that being that the developer is Cryptic, they will most likely have a really extensive character customization system. Say what you want about their other games, you have to agree that they make the best character customizers around, with so many options that you will most likely spend hours just getting the look right and everyone in the game will have a truly unique look.

  12. Im just going too say this, Black LIght is pay to win, I payed 50 dollars because I was enjoying it…then I found I was just killing people with ease at high levels. Like turrets and other fairly overpowering items.

  13. Here is a game that is not pay2win, Crimecraft…. all the stuff you pay for is extra rewards from matches like experiance points and in game cash.

  14. As Church said above about blacklight, also you get loadouts for free as you level up, i got an extra one at lvl 5, im now level 9, so dont know if i get another when i level up some more, but not much only requires zen… Zen is only used to access stuff early, only camo is zen required, but also you get packages for leveling up that contain camo and gun parts that when you want to use them have a 3 day life, so you get all the bits to make good guns until you save the gold to be able to buy everything permanent. Zen is basicly just a shortcut.

    Thanks for the shows, you guys give good info and also make it funny 🙂


  15. Hey, Magicman, good show, getting better everytime. Can you make a clan in AION? in the new sever. i m noob, and if u play it, i would like to play with some one like you 😛

  16. Really good show. Had me cracking up at times. As far as the Black light retribution goes its a great game, and I don’t care much for having to pay for the upgrades. but I do wish they would give the option of using a controller for us Fps Console Gamers.

  17. MM, ZEN is used to unlock items at early access, or non weapon or none suit upgrades. You can still get all the suit or helmet or weapon, w/e, upgrades when you reach the required level. The only 2 things that they so bad on, that I might quit this game, is the matchmaking, which is probably worse than APB’s matchmaking, and the lag, which was maximum of 50 (PERFECT!!) in Phase 1 of CBT.

  18. Im gonna give da bomb for soul of the ultimate nation by webzen loved the character designs the lore and how after a certain amount of skill points are invested you get the next tier of 4 skills free. definitely worth playing.If you don’t mind the leveling speed being a bit quick.

  19. Hey guys, awesome show.

    I am really looking forward to firefall, been looking at that game for a longtime now. I tried to get a beta key in the community, by posting opinions and stuff. I even gave them battleframe ideas, and I have yet to get anything. So I guess I ll just wait for release. And plus I can’t play anything from end of may to end of july since I am going back to my home country.

    I have a A-bomb for blacklight retribution, this is not for the game!!!!! But for its technical support, as for I ran into a infinite loading screen issue, they have a official thread for it. But in the entire thread only one moderator posted and he said, “did you try reinstalling the game?”, just take a look in their tech support most issue are probably solved by other players. All i played so far is the tutorial, I really wanted to play it but after looking for a solution for months and nothing, I give up.

    P.S, Aion delete Zikel server, so starting a new toon, in that new server they started forget its name, not israphael(I spelled it wrong I think).

    • Hello again!
      Yes, NCSoft merged Zikel and Vaizel into a new server named Tiamat. Your characters are still there but you have to select server Tiamat to see them the first time. For some reason it doesn’t show you have characters on the server until you actually select the server and see your characters once. Then they show up correctly.

      • Really!!!! Wow, I never noticed goodbye new character I made, time to play on the old one!!! Thanks I thought I lost that character forever. 😀

  20. Hi Fubuki,
    This is a fair question and we get it a lot so allow me to take a moment to address it here. MMOBomb is dedicated to passing out the best news coverage and entertainment shows regarding the free to play gaming community. With that aim in mind, we will not be covering Guild Wars 2 in any great detail since it requires the purchase of a retail box. We understand that the game is highly anticipated (some of us are looking forward to it as well!), and is likely to impact the free to play universe but we must remain true to the aim of the MMOBomb portal.

    This is the same type of situation that other games such as Dust 514 find themselves in. Since the game is currently a PS3 exclusive (thus requiring a box purchase) we will not be covering it unless circumstances change. We are not ignorant to the impact these types of titles have though and they occassionally leak into the Free to Play Cast or the LiveStreams when viewers ask our opinion, but they will not be featured stories on the site since they quite simply do not fit the vision for the community we work so very hard to support.


  21. How is day 13th and U don’t even touch the historical day 10th? Technically no fees make GW2 free to play =)
    Actually i would like to see some info about it on website also =P

  22. You should be happy your not trying i out under aeria games because then I could easily guess your opinion.
    ‘Shin Megami Tensei is a P2W game’. lol :p

    I have some real hatred for Aeria Games anyway because of their greedy schemes to squeeze out money from a game and then close it down after a year or even less and then open 2 or 3 more games with the money you’ve gained to do the same over with them :(.
    The worst bit is they do monthly feedback forms which they never listen to even though their getting worse and worse by the month :).

    Because of Aeria’s actions good games like Shin Megami Tensei and Kingdom Heroes earn a bad reputation.

  23. You should be happy your not trying i out under aeria games because then I could easily guess your opinion.
    ‘Shin Megami Tensei is a P2W game’. lol :p

    I have some real hatred for Aeria Games anyway because of their greedy schemes to squeeze out money from a game and then close it down after a year or even less and then open 2 or 3 more games with the money you’ve gained to do the same over with them :(.
    The worst bit is they do monthly feedback forms which they never listen to even though their getting worse and worse by the month :).

  24. Just a word of warning for Shin Megami Tensai (megaten). The games being handed over by Aeria Games its old owners Atlus the orginal owners. Quote from Aeria Games ‘We are writing this post to announce that as of April 7th , 2012 @ 11 AM PST, the Shin Megami Tensei game will transfer to a new caretaker, the original Megatener…ATLUS! All players that have been active between February 1st (2012) and April 7th will have everything associated with their account transferred to Atlus’ US servers. This is anticipated to go live April 16th. This includes all items, demons, characters, friends (who are willing) in their entirety. Everything you have done on your characters (including purchases) before the transition from Aeria servers will go with you.’

    Aeri games has closed service for this game so if I was you I’d wait for afew days till I made an account and started playing so you dont get caught up in the fuss.

    • Good info Sage thanks! I will wait a little. I don’t want my opinion tainted by the fuss of a company transfer! 🙂


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