This week our Free to Play Cast panel looks at an MMO turning 13, examines the merits of a “clone”, and gives their final opinions on C9 so far… and their concerns. Viewer feedback and weekly bombs galore from all over the world and so much more are ready for you to soak in during this all new episode!

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  1. hey,
    first up, Great show once more!
    2nd: i’d like to give a The bomb at Uber entertainment for their great work about SMNC. I have received my keys about a month ago and think that they’re greatly innovating MOBA-style game with their 3rd person shooter. Even though the game still needs more refining, and a bigger playerbase, they deserve a The bomb.

    Otherwise, greetings from Québec

  2. This Migth be To late but i have good game idea it like no other it a action and hack and slash and first person shooting game with mmorpg elements it like u choose class like sword or duel gun or sniper or healer (weapon:pistol) or normal machine gun all class get small dagger to get hack and slash feeling staring point would instance where when learning about how attack yourplace gets attack by mutation or zombies or allians u get choose by whom get to be attack and place where u want start with others an like any action mmorpg no instance when leave the safezone there while be less ligth always dark so thrill get attack by anything depends on which map u choose and u can teleport any map when move or attack it will me fps main objective clam one land after the other after u conquered all land u can play fps or go for other planets where the mutation and zomibie and allians will be for ever . what do think please reply below

  3. hi free to play cast from india my q is how do u know if your invted to c9 i applied this first game that didnt tell me can jion the beta or not i only play game seee how there gameplay and story but league of legends is only game that i play for 2 years dont know why play it . q for allods i played your beta why didnt make it pay to play it has good grafics

    • Hi!
      You would have received an email if you were one of the 10,000 to be selected or if you were placed on the beta waiting list.
      Thanks for watching!

  4. My questions for the Allods Team are these; Why did you find it at all plausible to make the game practically pay to play back around its American start???? ( I know it’s not like that anymore. I’m just curious.) Second question is where do you ( “You” being the Alodds Team) think this new expansion will take the game in the future??

    – Aeirn –

    • I think that this is in part a product of games giettng longer you could play through Mario or Zelda on the NES in about 90 minutes, so even if you died at the end, no big deal. In contrast, most games today are 10-12 hours imagine if you had to start over from the beginning on the final mission of Halo. One of the biggest challenges games face is balancing their narrative with their mechanics. Games have to figure out an effective way to make death matter without totally breaking the game from a player perspective, and I think you’re definitely right when you say there’s no clear cut answer to how to do this.

  5. Really enjoying your shows and wanted to give my 2cents on few things.
    Originally C9 was released before Vindictus(Mobinogi:Heroes) and Dragonnest. If anything Vindictus and Dragonnest got some ideas from C9 community.
    As formal EQ2 player who played in raiding guild, in current format, bronze subscription EQ2 is not playable. Without spell upgrades you are just a waste of slot in group.

    Lastly, if you could, could you add link/list of games you guys talk about in these videos?

  6. Oh Thank God. Magicman you nearly gave me a heart attack. You guys normally release new episodes of f2p cast on every Wednesday and when there was no F2P Cast episode yesterday I was like WHERE IS IT! Did they close it down???
    But thank god you guys are still on lol. Great Show.

    Oh and could you guys come in into Seven Souls CBT starts 15 feb and I beleive mmoomb is giving out CBT keys. Come over make a guild and join us. We want to have some fun with you guys overthere 🙂 and thats my dabomb.

    • Sage,
      Not only can you count me in, but I will be recording footage for a First Look video so let’s group up and show some stuff off. You can bet we will be there! 🙂
      Sorry for the heart attack, the video took a little extra this week and we were a day late.
      Thanks so much for watching!

  7. Hey from Pakistan! 🙂
    Great show guys keep it up. The question to ask the Allods team is: Could you guys ask your colleagues in the Age of Wulin team when are you gonna actually start CBT????


  8. love the commentary ,keep up the good work , missed the beta for c9 ,(waiting list) email come 3 days ago. and i played about every f2p game out there (wink) and i lov beta,s and c9 look kool ,and yes i want in ,can wait love to hear comments from guys playin , lik you guys . and still peeked my interest. so keep up the good work ,filling us noobs who didnt get in rite away ,lookin for beta key if any1 is bored aleady(winks). going to try 7souls on 15th .look kool.

  9. im typing this while listening and
    2 mins in : i have duck hunt still…
    3:30 in : ya know… everquest 2’s b-day is mine too…
    6:30 in : FUUU I NEED TO EAT!!!! (RL time 20:50)
    paused at 6:51
    6:51 : back from eating (RL time 21:03)
    12 mins in : i stop this first time listening think log… ill be back with the answer

    Ask the Allods Team : WHY why do you make games and why are they free? (i want to know from an actual team that makes games, it keeps me up at night)

    extra’s from me : that live listen thinking this with the times was just for fun i had nothing to do and…
    Greetings from Belgium (again), from a fan from in the beginning (freemmogamer) until now


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