This week, the F2P Cast hosts take a peek at the Aion patch, speculate on what Visceral Games might be up to, and then finally argue over the importance of Guilds in current MMOs. All this and some Weekly bombs on this all new episode!

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  1. wow…..SICK OF MOBA’S!!!! So stupid… i mean god damn.. Yea LoL is doing good but that’s to be expected in this day in age when Lady gaga…… and Katy perry making millions off 100% dog shit… You have to be a mindless robot to love that’s shit… I really hope this hole 2012 thing is real or i’m going to be the first to build a time machine and go back in time with a AR-15 and then history will show that i the damn reason the Mayans turned into dust…..God damn moba’s….

  2. Yeah…. cause its totally okay for people to cheat at the Olympics? Or any serious competition?

    No, I would not cheat for the million dollars and you know why? Because its a competition, that’s why you’re there and you invalidate that by cheating. I am ashamed of you guys.

  3. Ah that was a fantastic show, im sure myself and others laughed as much as the cast did, if not more.

    Question of the week: I subbed for SWTOR but even though it was all about the story in that game, i dont think i would wanna spend time just levelling up some more characters. I dont believe they will be making any raid content either, thats worthwhile to wanna shell out cash for.

    Da-bomb for Caitlyn.. She needs abit of love, not only for the bacon & porkchop ordeal but also for making the youth of today see the dark side of gaming: That games will die eventually and all the little Timmy´s of the world better realise it sooner than later 😉

    A-bomb for EA in general.. Stay out of the F2P market untill you can make something worthwhile and just stick to what you do best: Put on new logo´s on last years models and call it a day.

    May the loot and bacon be with you all!
    Tyreal out

  4. this reply is more towards the “Guild” being relevant…well their are 2 type of guilds in my honest opinion.
    – you have the PUGS (pick up guilds/group) who recruit whoever will join to zerg the guild to cap level or gain benefits to zerg yourself to cap

    -then you have the guilds who are small or medium who form together with set ideas and goals and who slowly form in gaming communities.

    and as far as the LoL Championship i agree it is mostly Riots fault they have HUGE ass mini maps in plain sight but non the less they got fined but <3 Azubu Frost and regaurdless…AZF would beat TSM

  5. Can’t stop tearing up or lol !!!!! Takes my mind off my broken left wrist, Ouchie!!!!!!!! But u’ll made my night and with this one ,and took my mind off the so much pain too.!!!!! I can’t say anything about the quest of the week, due to the facts I don’t play the game .Oh by the way, giving u’ll Da Bomb !!!!! AGAIN SO ANY THKS AND KEEP UP THE GRAND JOB!!!!!!!! 😉

  6. Gonna have to give an A Bomb the 3 show hosts this week(Magicman, Kaylin(sp?) and Brim). We get it, you don’t like MOBA’s…but you certainly like talking about them and then being generally negative about them. This is a genre that is relatively new despite the fact that DotA(and Aeon of Strife) had been around a few years prior to the launch of an actual standalone game. You seem dead set on the fact that these games will all be exactly like LoL/DotA2/HoN, yet you throw SMITE in there which changes things up more than you’re aware. It has a completely different control scheme and camera system which allow for both more manual control, requiring each all attacks to be aimed, albeit still in a 2D plane, including non-skill attacks. The camera system also removes the warding mechanic from the other games by giving a longer viewing distance, but restricted to the front of the character, allowing actual stealth to be used by opponents.

    Then you have Super Monday Night Combat which removes in game purchase of equipment but now aiming has to be done in three dimensions, using ranged weapons in which a lot of them require actual leading of a target instead of instant hitscan. On top of that there’s various maps with same objective setup but with different environments/paths to take.

    My point is basically this, yes there’s a lot of MOBA’s out there, but compared to the number of games in other genres its actually really small. And within those games we’ve seen tweaks and innovations within the genre at a rather rapid rate. LoL is only 3 years old now, meaning this genre as a developing genre outside a single mod is also that old. To write this genre off as done now is just absolutely absurd! LoL might be the top dog now and DotA2 will certainly be a major contender, with it most likely going back and forth between them for some time, but this fight is just getting started. You don’t have to like the genre, but the seemingly rude dismissal of any upcoming game or anything attributed to the genre is certainly uncalled for, especially by a group of show hosts who are supposedly to inform and bring about discussion in the free-to-play market.

    • You do have to remember that this is meant to be as much an opinion show as it is informative. You make a fair point – that we’ve pretty much only seen the tip of the iceberg as to what MOBAs are capable of. But you can’t fault these guys for having their own opinions. I also happen to love the MOBA genre, with LoL being one of the main games I play. Still, I’m not too angry with them for expressing that they just don’t like MOBAs.

    • A fair point my friend! I actually don’t have anything really against MOBAs, besides the fact that due to LoL and a few other successes the market is being flooded with them right now because they are easier to make in a short period than a full blown MMORPG. On this show I may have been negative about LoL (mostly to get under Brim’s skin though). I like LoL, I’m just bad at it 🙂

      However, I do stand by not wanting to see a Dead Space MOBA. We don’t even know if Visceral is using the Dead SPace IP or not…but if they are, I REALLY don’t want it to be a MOBA.

      • Visceral has done more than just Dead Space. In fact most of the games they have made are games based off other IP’s such as Lord of the Rings, 007 and The Godfather. They also made Dante’s Inferno. So they have experience working with other IP’s, adapting IP’s and creating their own. Based on that, the game could be about anything. Maybe EA will have them make on based on John Madden and you finally get to kick his ass repeatedly.

    • They should separate the classic RTS MOBA from TPS MOBA. TPS MOBA sucks. I would rather play shooter games.

      Regarding to which is the current top dog, DOTA2 is the dominating MOBA Genre in eSports. LoL’s rune system is not really compatible for eSports and also the recent news about the partnership of Valve and Perfect World in delivering DOTA2 to China.

    • Love your post.

      But it is just thier opinion’s being stated, I myself am not into MOBA’s, But i love Anime game’s, last one was Knightage same thing!
      ” Oh god not another anime inspired game”
      So be it that’s thier opinion, next one to come out will get the same responce !

      Don’t take it personal, Its just thier opinion !

      But maybe when talking about certain type’s of game style’s they should bring in 1 host that fight’s or state’s thier Positive aspect’s of that genre.

      3 host’s that hate it , I hear ya there, make’s the listeners, just follow along , oh they all bad mouth them, must be crap, Not gonna bother… Young/New listener’s tend to follow these comment’s a little more.



      • My point was basically they whined and complained without knowing a single detail about the actual game, just the development team and type of game. They also assumed that the team has only worked on Dead Space when they have done much more. It shows a major lack of professionalism on their parts since they are presenting their arguments to a large audience. If this had just been the 3 of them discussing it privately, I wouldn’t have a problem. But because they have significant influence over a large audience it is their responsibility to fully inquire before they present their opinions to that audience.

  7. tnx telling my derp my finger in now fixer and and i really was angry and i want tell you i will never play that kha’zin and pulled out main champian jax and start showing my good side of my gameplay i have more than 800 wins in eune so i got angry and really not nerd bcos of my hight i am 6 feet and i am just 17 and south asia people are so op(over power) and game we can play forsaken world maybe on one year anniversary

    • change my name due bad spelling of it make it easy and magic man pls check your mail for my question of the week i think sending to wrong mail

  8. I generally join guilds through friends/buddies, be they real life friends or ingame friends (I will follow real life friends before ingame ones of course), for the purpose of socialising more than anything else. Convenience and guild buffs are all bonuses to me. And while I do enjoy raiding/dungeoning with guild members (there’s a lot more social cohesion between people), typically people outside the guild join in as well, so I’m fine doing that with guildies or without.

    I reckon MMO gamers (the general majority) showcase how humans hate moving away from the norm, and if there is a shift away from the norm…players will be VERY particular about wanting the new game to be near PERFECT. If there is a single flaw in a game, despite the rest being really good, they will hate and hate, which saddens me.

    I was gonna ask a question, but now I forgot it 🙁

  9. GREAT SHOW, GUYS AND GAL! Made me laugh throughout the whole episode. Kept reminding me of that Beggin’ Bits commercial. ANYWAYS, thanks for the referral to Star Citizen Squadron 42. It looks like its going to be a great game and serves as a counterpoint to the argument that MMOs are afraid to try anything new. As for the relevancy of guilds? I think it is tied more into the story-telling immersion of the game. As Magicman pointed out, there’s a level of discipline to be maintained and bragging rights sound more dramatic when you proclaim, “THE LORDS OF MMOBOMB HAS RAIDED THINE CASTLE!” rather than “Me and three dudes from work pwnd you.”

    Finally, I know that this question is from last week’s episode but my perfect weapon would be knife-throwing, diaper-wearing midget “turrets” that can sense each other. Think of it: Each team plops one done next to each other, stands back, and watch them go at it. Hilarity ensues.

    …Uh yeah, I go now…

  10. this is by far the most hilarious episode ever! 😀 love u guys! great show once again 😀 poor Caitlyn 😛 maybe u should add another content in the show called “whatcha eatin’ ” XD

  11. Great show all,

    Question of the week:
    Played Knights of the Old Republic for a while, quite enjoyed it… Then Guild Wars 2, Aion, and Firefall entered my life… Yep… I don’t think I have enough hours in my life now to go back :/

  12. Another fine show Sir !

    About guilds..
    Most F2P game’s do not need them besides a social hang out. I am talking the strictly launched as F2P not the once subbed now converted. But in an email i had sent you I mentioned R2 Online.

    This is from thier site :

    R2 Online is also known as Reign of Revolution. It is a free-to-play MMORPG published by Webzen with high-quality graphics. The game incorporates a World Guild Battle System, Crew Combat, and many more. It is strongly geared towards competitive, PvP play and has a variety of modes to accommodate this playstyle. Guild vs. Guild battles for control over castles and territories are the most interesting, but there are smaller scale hourly battlegrounds. The game has also some interesting features like guild skill trees, no level requirements for gear, and a transformation system where players can temporarily turn into powerful beings.

    If more game’s sart throwing these event’s for guild’s, Guild’s will be needed once again.

    About EA losing some game’s, Don’t think for a second that they will not be getting some money back from thier F2P game’s, New item mall item’s or new restriction fee’s added.

    Question of the Week !

    I subbed this the first day it came out, I won’t be going back, The gameplay just seemed slow and felt like it was missing something!



  13. Possibly the best episode yet. I spent at least as much time laughing as you guys did.

    Alright, question of the week: I subbed to SWTOR from launch until about March or April. I’m never going back. Shortly after I canceled my sub, I uninstalled the game, and I haven’t looked back since. And there is no way that gimped piece of crap they’re calling a free to play model is going to pull me back in. No ops? Three flashpoints and three warzones a week? No purple gear? Um… hell no. I’ll go play something else, thanks.

    Now for my bomb. I’m gonna give a Da-bomb to a little browser based title known as Offensive Combat. I caught Spunkify’s first look and knew immediately that I had to play it. A game that gives you experience for teabagging your enemies? Aw yeah! And it turned out to be really fun, and somewhat surprisingly high quality. But then that Unity engine is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

  14. Well done once again. Another rough day at work, another show to make me forget it. Did you guys say bacon? Two words: BACON EXPLOSION !
    As to the information about Riot: How could you be warned of an issue of this magnitude, and do nothing to change it. As for AZUBU Frost, screw it, they thought they needed an edge and gave it a shot. To no avail obviously. This is on Riot, not the teams. I guarantee many other teams did this as well, maybe just a little better :). Give AZUBU back their money, and dock the money of the planner of the event. He or she should take the hit.

    DaBomb this week for X-Com (I know its not free to play) , but it really is worth a look. Very engaging, and the type of game that makes you lose sense of time. Check out some gameplay videos and see for yourself.

    Keep gaming and making content!


  15. da bomb to DOTA 2 I had mixed feelings about the whole MOBA genre. Then Steam was like hey were is this and tossed me a beta key. And I am not the one to stray away from beta invites, even tho dota has been in beta forever, so i thought I would give it a try. At fist is PISSED me off. I kept dying and everyone called me a feeder noob. But then I got better and it is a great game. And has opened a whole new genre of gaming to me that I would have never tried if I didn’t get that key.

  16. Hello again after a long time guys, I did watsh most of the shows but I didn’t comment. Not that I did not like them but I just wasn’t into typing anything because I have to do that a lot at school (painfull word for some people I know) so I wasn’t really in the mood. But anyways, thanks for giving me a great laugh every time the bacon came by. And when ‘the man with the broken middle finger’ was mensioned I was thinking this: didn’t you guys just talked about pations…… 😛
    I can’t awnser the question of this week cause I did not pay or even played Starwars the Old Repoblic. I personelly think that sub games are,…. lets say not very wel overthought, because in my opinion you can get a better game that can look and play like a sup game and even is free.
    Then lastly a Da-bomb for loadout for dragging me into a game when I don’t really like shooters or spilling blood over my monitor :). The weaponcrafthing is great where I’m spending more time in then the game itself.

    See ya

  17. Da bomb for bacon, A bomb goes for Blacklight Retribution and its upcoming big patch which gona raise level cap to 40. All new content is good, but gona need to level up and its tiring. Not gona spend money for early access to that new gear for sure. Anyway great show and bacon for everyone 🙂

  18. Riot’s problem is the venue setup said by magicman, they should use the setup in the korean’s star-craft’s finals setup, teams in team booths,

    on another note, i have a ABomb for RaiderZ stress test, although its a stress test, the servers were unplayable and with the get to lv10 and get something from us were quite impossible, some of us did try to play at midnight or early morning but the crowds were still quite heavy and there were ALOT of weird censorship, i still could swear in english but some words which doesn’t translate into swearing were censored and the area chats were full of people trying it out.

    Thanks for reading,

  19. Oh and a DA bomb for mabinogi 24th of october new update A bomb for nexon for their total fail yesterday with the maintenance i sat there watching the server status and i saw error error unavailable 404 on the main website about 7 hours on from the schedule and the game still has errors and dc’s

  20. LOL at this whole episode as for the swtor question Ii have mixed feelings about it i subbed for one month a couple of months after launch, now i love me some star wars but around lvl 20 i was meh and quit cause i was bored out of my mind. I might give it anogther try but i doubt ill be on it for long.


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