On this week’s episode we talk about the newly announced blocky shooter Minimum which has players exploding other players into tiny blocky bits of power all while giant Titans clash around the level. We also talk about Grimlands last hope for survival via Kickstarter and the announcement of Neverwinter’s Open beta date and Age of Wushu’s official release. We cap it all off with some bombs including a rant about how not to answer interview questions along with the usual plethora of interesting answers regarding our question of the week on this episode of Free-to-Play Cast!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to michael@mmobomb.com. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

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  1. WTF was that?! Boring as hell, and then you BASH ON AGE of WUSHU with FALSE information… Comeon guys.. Im gone..

  2. Frankly, this episode was probably one of the dullest ones…yes, I know you’re not Magicman and his team, but you guys need to step it up. The content of the news felt lacking especially.

    Maybe I’m biased towards Magicman’s group, but his delivery on the F2P cast was far more engaging. I’m hoping when Magicman gets back, perhaps both Spunkify and Magicman can be hosts at the same time, with the contributing hosts switching in between Magicman’s team and Spunkify’s team (adds more host diversity). Spunkify, you’re great at doing the First Looks, but I wonder whether you’re really suited towards doing hour podcasts on news and community feedback.

    • i kinda agree this episode jest seemed dull i mean i am not expecting magic man lvls your still new but it jest seem like i have to drop my bar rilly low the web sight seems to be doing fine but these f2p cast shows are kinda losing allot of people i think its more to do with your topics the questions and stuff jest seemed behind a very basic magic man always seemed to ask all the hard questions and bring up other points of view this new team is very narrow minded to me that might be whats making it so dull and predictable all luck to you spunkify no hard feelings i jest wish we could get more content out of the video or you make more opinion from the other sides it jest seems like the boring and normal topics are not what we come to find we watch this for the info sure but we also watch it for how you think about the topic and why you think it. wow i didn’t come here thinking i would type that much but again love you spunkify but spice it up some more maybe get some more pointers from magicman or other old host to see how that got the hard questions and gave their opinion. RenTheRose saying:Spice it up!

    • I think a big part of it is the supporting cast. I don’t have as many people to call on to come and be on the show with me. I do agree I am definitely more comfortable in First Looks but that is because I have done them for so long. If I can get more cast members on more regularly I think the show would improve greatly.

  3. Ugh…where to start. Guess this is the last F2P Cast I’ll be watching. First of all, I know people differ in opinion and are entitled their own, but I always enjoyed the show as it at least tried to give a good look at a game before just dissing it and tossing it out (Heck, even Warren Story got it’s fair shot!). Those times seem to be over. Ok, we get it, you guys didn’t like Scarlet Blade, move along. Is it really that necessary to bash it every time? Even more, bashing Aeria (Not my favorite company, but hey, at least they tried something different) for their interview answers. You claim they didn’t answer your question…but you explain to OniSnake exactly what they answered…and that it actually did answer what was asked, just not in the exact words you were expecting to just jump out and say: “OW YOU DID FO DA BEWBS!”. Seriously, that was a big let down.
    You then proceed to bash Age of Wushu, saying it’s just another tab targetting MMO. Guess what, when you make a game you have to target the bigger audience. As much as I enjoy my action MMOs, tab targetting ones are still the prefered style and they make a lot of money. But you want companies to try different stuff (which I guess is just a random spurt, since when they do, you bash if you don’t like what they did. You just want something you have on your mind, not something new that could be fun to another audience). Age of Wushu has some very interesting sub-systems. It is more of a sandbox focused game. Yes, you have fetch quests…but guess what, you have no need to do them! Go craft, go PvP, go PvE, ignore those quest markers and you’ll still have more than enough experience to up your character and skills!
    If you want to bash something out of it, bash it’s awfully bad premium system. One may argue it is a “pay to have fun” model as previously mentioned by the MMOBomb cast crew, but it is really hard to draw that line. Yes, you can reach the same floor as a premium character…but the amount of time spent to get there is absurdly high. A premium character can grow in a week what would take you at least a month. And that difference grows exponentialy as more content (further meridian expansions and new inner skills) is pushed out.

    Apologies if the rant was a bit long or differ from your point of view…but it was my rant, my point of view. Best of luck to the new cast, maybe someday I’ll come back to watch it. Just..right now, fun factor and news factor of it is pretty much gone for me.

    • i think he keeps bringing scarlet blade up because its a very hot topic on mmobomb but the rest of your comment i completely agree with you should comment more often we need more people like you^^

  4. hi new mmobomb cast i kind like you beat age of wushu like it was trash it is not it has bug it other stuff yes but there other asspect of game u have no idea of accoding to them only realsed 50% content and i cant get through them even play 6 to 8 hours day there so much fun stressful asspect lie school where chance lose your school legendary weapon and in school each on its own so the war take place 4 maps and amount people that play the game i dont think it is failing the server are always full they though 2 was good but it got full they made 2 more still all server full and only thing like is random enconter it like win favor npc ( it very hard i cant tell how ) by give him item he has triggering 1% out of 100% u need get gossip about u need good or eveil bcos his friend if trigger the item migth priceless or cant not be got in game any other way than get him like there few enconter there do quest which can be got only ones per charecter . so pls go indepth to the game before beat it it has flying skill most set cant be targeted u have play action oriented and few slow bcos they do more damage few are fast bcos they do low damage and rage and array systerm all good one pls read before u ever make comment like that

    • This grammar… It should be a crime to spell as bad as this. Also no punctuation at all? Come on dude.. this post you’ve wrote is almost impossible to read. And due to lack of punctuation marks, it’s hard to make any sense out of it unless you read it multiple times and try to see what’s what in that word jungle of yours.

        • Grammar exists for a reason. Try reading his post and tell me whether or not it’s easily readable…
          And i would suggest you google the definition for word “troll” because you’re always using it wrong.

          Btw the reason I’m going grammar nazi on him is so that he realizes how hard it is for others to read his post, so that hopefully he will start using at least some punctuation. Because even adding punctuation marks makes it so much easier to read something even if the spelling is not very good.

          • Everyone has the right to speak the way they want to. I understand that you’re worried about your language being decayed by such things, and your a good person for worrying about something like that (since the American Education system won’t), but as many times as you correct him/her, they wont speak any differently. They find it much faster and easier, or hell, someone may just have a bad education. You can’t blame them for it. But I do agree with you, if you’re going to make a comment, at least try to make it even slightly understandable.

          • i know what your saying but you souldn’t make the whole post about his grammer it dose not move the topic forward and i use troll because your name is known on this sight for trolling its in the fourms and everything lol also i can read it jest fine.

          • @RenTheRose

            My name is known on this site for trolling? What are you talking about?
            I never even once trolled on mmobomb, hell i can’t remember last time i trolled ANYWHERE. So get your facts right before you say things like that Ren.

  5. If I had to point my finger at a genre of games that needs some F2P loving, it would be open world action games. Yes, we have TERA and RaiderZ in the Fantasy RPG world, but both of these focus on PVE. Only one exists in the action flight subgenre (Ace Online/AirRivals) and its dev’s constantly try to kill it. All other action type games I can think of are instance based (like Vindictus/C9) or battle arena (like WOT). So many options exist, yet rarely do we see a developer take the risk.

  6. Sigh. I wanted to give the new guys a fair chance before judging their work. But I just can’t stand it anymore. No one can replace Magicman. Nothing is the same without him. Farewell MMOBomb. There’s no reason for me to stay anymore.

    • their make us put the bar very low but theirs no reason to leave the sight they still give good news on the sight jest the f2p cast that is uhhmm rough

  7. I don’t see why everyone always mentions Final Fantasy Tactics when talking about that genre when Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis was SO MUCH BETTER. I mean seriously TO:KoL is the best game of that genre ever made, it needs more love.

    • FFT was probably the more popular one. There’s usually always a popular game that’s not as good as another, but people usually remember the former (after all it’s popular) rather than the latter.

    • Never so stop being cheap and buy it already.b2p pretty much never go f2p they usually shut down befor ethat ever happens.

  8. I feel the genre of games that need more love free to play or not is RTS’s. As of late we just haven’t had many Real Time Strategy games. Most RTS games have a relatively good following yet the number of tyem is constantly decreasing. I’m a huge fan of RTS games and wish yhat more wou l d be created. My all time favorite is Halo Wars, but there has never been a sequel yet. Im looking forward to the new C&C game.

    • I can’t believe you said it, you said Halo Wars was your favorite RTS…
      I must eat you, for the sake of all RTS players…
      But yea, the new C&C game looks great I’m just hoping they don’t screw it up like they did with Tiberium Dawn.

  9. *First One to be Mounted*

    Great show, keep up the nice work. I’m looking forward to playing MINIMUM; block combat, what’s next Human Mounted Combat. I would like to give a Da-Bomb, to mabinogi, for not having class restrictions, meaning I can be whatever mix of class I want to be. For example, if someone wants to be a healing, warrior, mage and a cook. In mabinogi you can, and having events going on like almost all the time, keeps me coming back each time and of course playing with friends. I would also, like to give a Da-Bomb to MMOBOMB, why, because of all the hard work, that goes into everything they do.


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