On this week’s F2P Cast, the host argue over City of heroes closing and NCSoft’s message to fans, debate how well the Oculus Rift will be received, and generally agree that Loadout if VERY cool right now. We dish out our Weekly Bombs and review viewer bombs, then wrap it all up with your questions! Enjoy!

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  1. Hello, F2PC!

    Nice episode, as always. The question of this week asked about what weapon we would like to create for PVP games such as Loadout. My immediate thought would be a gun that can instantly teleport whoever/whatever it hits to a random spot on the map. You can use it to get rid of someone/something in your way, teleport a dying teammate out of harm’s way, or blast stuff for the heck of it to cause chaos on the map.

    The gun is overpowered and I mean it literally: there is a chance that it will blow up on you. Regardless of whether it manages to teleport whom/what you wanted (there’s a chance it won’t), it can also cause varying degrees of damage to you, kill you, or even teleport you.

    I’m not sure how many hardcore PVPers would use it because of the fact that it’s not 100% reliable. The developers would need to tweak the % chance of each “side effect” happening to increase people’s willingness to use it. However, I think this is a great weapon for those who just want to have fun and not necessarily “win” a match, though I’m sure there will be people out there who will create big fancy spreadsheets to calculate when to use it and how often it should be used for maximum benefits.

    It’s also perfect for you if you are frustrated from losing matches all day and you want to create some trouble as revenge… admit it, you won’t be winning a match, so you might as well have some fun while you lose.

    My Da-bomb goes out to all gamers who are passionate about their games, including, but not exclusively, the CoH community.

    • Actually, the developers could even create maps that are perfect for this gun: they have shortcut passages that are blocked by certain objects. Hm…

  2. Huge A- Bomb to GW2

    My account was hacked thursday, Got it back Friday night, Chars naked , gold everything , mail , AH gone.

    This was thier responce to my email on getting my items back.

    The Guild Wars 2 Support Team is unable to restore missing characters or items. I understand this may be frustrating, but we simply do not have the capabilities to do this.

    Sure Ain’t No Blizzerd , guess this is a reason there are no sub’s.

    1 Pissed/Broke/Naked Inflictious

  3. Great show at always. Anyway I have a super amount of 3 BOMBS 2 da-bombs and 1 a-bomb
    First sd gundam capsule fighter has a DA-Bomb for great gameplay And a VOD service for lots of gundam anime. A-bomb for maplestory for jacked up economy from hackers, at one point you could buy in game money boosts. They have x2 or on certain events x4 xp and drop which in my book is pay to win. And a last DA-bomb for the same game maplestory for I think 13 classes not including subclasses, super fast xp rate and fun easy gameplay. Love the show keep it up and am I doing this right?

  4. Ok… I can tell you right now that NCSoft has NO plans for this IP in the future. This is NOT the first time they have shut down a game with this much following. They did the same thing to Auto Assault. That game a unique MMO. Granted Auto Assault wasn’t as popular but the community was the same, they loved the game and even got another company to Offer to purchase the IP and NCsoft refused. They don’t want anyone making money off of something they failed to profit from.

    I think it was a HORRIBLE decision for Cryptic to sell their Baby. YES they wanted to branch out but they should have held out and waited until they had another successful game to sell to NCsoft. Look what happened to Cryptic after they sold the game. They Tried to branch out on their own and they completely failed and got saved by Perfect World.

    ps. I know for a Fact that Perfect World would purchase the IP.

  5. Great show guys! (like always) I hope that the CoH players find a good game to play or that NCSoft will release the server software for them.
    Anyways I got 2 A-Bomb for LoTRO.
    First: They have the crappiest downloader & Installer I have used, beating out even the Pando Media Booster based ones I’ve used. It’s buggy, & eats up about 50% of my CPU.
    Second: The game crashes my computer every 30min. of play. Now, it would be fine if the game crashed & I got sent back to the dashboard, but no, it completely crashes my computer to where the only option is a hard reset. Very irritating.
    Well, least it was fun, & ran considerably well on my shitty shitty shitty computer.

    • If your computer is crashing like that … Its because your probably overheating something. If it was the game You would be getting a BSOD or crash dialog box.

      But yes the downloader is a little buggy but… yeah the down loader is far from worse than a PMB downloader.

      • Dude, it’s not my computer, it’s the game. My computer is crap, but it doesn’t heat up that much, either. Plus I’m not the only person to have had it happen to them. Many people have. Hell, even my brother (who I had been playing with) also had the game glitch out on him & cause a computer crash (however, it only happened once to him).
        A bit of Googling (after the 2nd or 3rd time it happened) & I found out that the problem might be a memory leak caused by the graphics engine after changing some graphical settings.

        • lol, Your to funny !

          Qoute’s from you !

          Dude, it’s not my computer, it’s the game

          I found out that the problem might be a memory leak caused by the graphics engine after changing some graphical settings

          That last part means your pc needs adjusting, lol sorry but it ain’t the game.

          Hope you got it working ! Enjoy your time there, I did.



          • No… A memory leak is a programming error that causes your RAM to fill up with garbage, unnecessary, or unusable data, not a hardware related problem.
            Considering that the same exact error has happened to other random people on LoTRO, with everything from high quality gaming rigs, to low quality computers like mine, it doesn’t seem to be a PC related problem.

  6. Hey guys, great show again, I love to listen to you while I play my games
    My Da Bomb goes for you guys since I’ve started listen to this 3 weeks ago, my consideration for you have been growing and growing and rfereing my Da Bomb of last week was amaizing and it is ofr things like that, that MMOBomb is the best F2P games community that I have the plesure to be part of it. Thank you
    My A Bomb goes for Hi-Rez. I’ve played Tribes and I like it so much that it is the only Shooter I can play, I just get bored in other shooter’s. But the A Bomb goes for them because with the GA2 I’m already seeing less updates for Tribes and feedback from them. I understand since they are a small company and with the sucess Smite have they are focusing more on Smite but Tribes is also a great game. They need to hire more people

  7. A Bomb and D Bomb both for Star Trek online. Season 6 is great with star bases and building it with your fleet. A Bomb for some of the projects and how much items and Fleet credits and Dilithium you need. They make it where you have to go out and spend all the time grinding

  8. for the weekly question im going to make a gender switching gun with a mounted rocket launcher, so first switch the gender of the opponant then while their confused, interested or just feeling weird i nuke em with the rockets adding insult and grievous injury to lulz.

    Da bomb to MMOBomb, the free2 play cast crew and the MMOBomb community, so far this is the most constructive community i have ever been apart of on the net, the uptodate news the great comments keep up the great work everyone!

  9. To MagicMan!
    what you mean ncsoft put more effort into other projects like guild wars 2
    Guildwars 2 is ArenaNet, Ncsoft is only the publicister company to help out to get it out on market.
    so Guildwars 2 has nothign to do with Ncsoft projects, and CoH is workers are moved to game WildStar. and thay will be CoH 2

  10. On CoH, I agree that too little information was conveyed, just way too ambiguous. About whether they want to hold on to the franchise and develop something else…perhaps the closing of Paragon Studios is a way to bring the CoH franchise developing team into NCsoft directly, unlike ArenaNet’s large amount of autonomy. Or maybe I’m being too optimistic. Saying that attempts to sell the rights or the studio itself failed is utter bullshit in my opinion.

    Companies NEED to be more transparent and honest.

  11. Greetings,

    DaBomb goes to mmobomb for always keeping up the good work and the great commentary! Keep up the good work.

    I have a question: What do you guys think of the new MMO’s? Lately I have seen a lot of mmo gamer that tries bad mouth or either flame a new game that tries to come up with a new mechanic. And that’s truly disheartening to how the game community has become. So do you think that the nowadays mmo gamer are impatient or doesn’t want to try new mechanic or I am just spouting gibberish here?

    • To me your not talking gibberish.

      My thought to your question from this gamer’s point of view is,
      Personally i am welcome to all changes in gaming to make thier title unique. Whether i am going to like it or not well that’s something no one can decide for me or make me like or hate.
      i have never really trash talked any game i have played.I am a gamer , Not a critic.

      But for the majority of us human’s,We hate change..

      We hate change because it requires us to rethink the way things have been in the past. We hate change because it requires us to rethink our mindset about the way things should be.

      We are conditioned to accept the same thing over and over and over again. These Company’s get caught in a rut because it is demanded by their community,public,critic’s,website’s,youtube review’s..My list could go on!
      It is easy money because subtly the gaming public is sucked into the swirling madness of the gaming industry. We never see it coming until …. well most of us never see it coming at all.

      The reason is simple. The Company’s and the Gamer’s have been conditioned to accept the “norm”.



  12. Another Fine Show !

    On LoadOut, Since the game as you say now is balanced, Woud you be happy if they kept the mechanics, But cash shop buy’s you Map’s ( month lease) ?

    Thank’s for your responce on my Runecape question.

    Yes my numbers may have been off but i, like Selfius, Have not touched this in a long time.
    But with all the talk of sub’s , Got my mind thinking about it.

    Thank You !

    Da Bomb goe’s to Brim, I have had a blast gaming with him lately.



  13. Great show guys been watching for a while a never really gotten into the community, but it is a great community and you guys never bash someone on there option, so I will give mine!
    I Give a DABOMB to SWTOR for the F2P model. They did a smart move give access to 95 percent of the game. You get the story and limitations on everything else but raids. I think this will allow for more people to play a great game and not be limited to the point of the game being boring. Also it is not pay to win. So this F2P model for a p2p.

    • Hi!
      I agree, I have said a few time that if you wanted KOTOR 3 then Bioware just gave it to you with all storylines being free. I’m still surious though what the actual “limits” are going to be for Flashpoints and PvP matches weekly.

  14. The shutdown announcement came just after GW 2 came out. NCSoft would rather redirect support staff to that game instead of CoH. This was planned. When Blade and Soul gets released L2 or Aion will be on the chopping block.

    They can’t release the source as it most likely contains proprietary technology.

  15. COH was a fun game, I played it for a while. I also play Champions and DC Universe online. Champions to me is ALOT like COH, so maybe try and play Champions if you miss COH. I like DCU as well, I like the fighting style in DCU, Champoins is more like COH when it comes to fighting styles.

  16. Hey love the show! I And thanks for saying my thoughts in the last show and it`s col to see you on my wide in a way on the topic.

    Keep up the good work you all.

    DABomb goes to MMOBOMB.com staff, just keep up the good work, and i can`t wait to be on your show in NOV. I am thinking of two names to use lol for the show.

    A-Bomb goes to NCsoft for the reply to the COH community, i thought that was a big FU to the fans. I did not play COH to much but i even thought was was very messed up.

  17. i say there being evil because city of villains was released. “I swear to God I’m going to pistol whip the next guy who says, ” Shenanigans.”

    • “Hey Farva what’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?”

      “You mean Shenanigans?”




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