On our last episode before the 1 year live show we give an update to the End of Nation saga, talk about Crytek’s change of F2P heart, and get excited by the Path of Exile open beta date! All this and more as we get set to wrap up our first year with YOU!

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  1. This is I guess you would say a contradiction and I love you guys and I love the show but I give an ABomb to F2P games lol There ruining gaming because they all suck! lol and if you wanna be competitive you have to spend a ton of money. Seriously I would rather just by the box or buy the box plus sub…

  2. I’m happy that Path of Exile are delaying slightly, there is still a massive third chapter to come which is supposedly as big if not bigger than the first 2 AND they are still polishing in the mean time.
    They have been very active with patching the bugs they may have introduced during their patches.

    Also read earlier today that The secret world has went buy to play…don’t think that’ll make me play it though even though i’ve heard good things about it but it’s just not my taste in story or setting.

    • On a side note keep an eye out for additional Path of Exile friends keys magicman…they are apparently giving out 500 per day so Brim might actually get in before the OB

      • Also saw today they are doing a facebook giveaway for the next week just like the relevant post to have a chance at a closed beta code

  3. Combat Starfish is happy…Happy we are our bombs made it on show…and great show as always…

    I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE Da Bomb to Darkblood for what they did during the MMOBOMB live stream giving away promotion codes and a other Da bomb to the viewers of the Live streams.Dont worry magicman i got your back in every game we play together hue hue hue

    I have a A bomb for a certain some1 who is making my beta key give away a headache -_-…And a other A Bomb too the LoL Jungle -_- its so hard q q then again im a support…stop making me jungle -_- i just wanna play Leona and Nami

  4. lol sorry for double post but I was looking up Creyteks F2P plan…apparently they where planing to make Crysis 3 Multi-player free but if you wanted campaign and and other bonus content you would have to buy the game. Now they say “Crysis 4” is going to have Free Multi-player but pay for everything else. So if you want DLC pay if you want Campaign pay want other extras “Pay”. To me it sounds like the “EA” contract has changed Creyteks plans for free to play.

  5. I think EON(End of Nations) is going to be a F2P alt of Command and Conqourer still, however C&C will be B2P of heavy Pay to win game.

  6. Hi Damina Brim and Magicman i would like to say amazing job as usual although i am not here since episode one of f2p cast(i am here morel ike since episode 48-49)i went back and took time and watched ALL f2p cast episodes from 1-51 and i will be ofc be present this sunday u guys sure know how to entertain us and have fun at this show at the same time 😛

    End of Nations:i really hoped this game would be f2p but like magicman i believe it will become b2p like guild wars 2 and i think it is over that someone else took over the game for some reasons that i would say but i am lazy to type that much

    Path Of The Exile:after playing raiderz ob and live i 100% prefer a game that is DELAYED(example age of wulin)and has not a lot of bugs than a game published soon with 100 bugs(example raiderz :P)

    A big DA-bomb to u guys AGAIN for one more time for entertaining me again for 1h and a big A-bomb because my pc sucks and i can’t try planetside 2 also an A-bomb cause there is no tutorial whatsover for what the controls of the game are and u just jump into battler and its kill or be killed( i tryed the game on a friend who has a better pc than me)

    u guys are awesome as always and i will close by saying to damina GET OFF MY PORCH

  7. hiya magicman, brim and damina great show.

    recently its getting harder to play my mmo’s what with me doing A level I.T
    but every week seeing this show, warms my weary self i have been watching this show since day 1.
    I love how you try to give everyone a voice (where as other pompous shows feel they are above it).
    so a Massive Da bomb to all of you who have been working hard to entertain us.

    A bomb to EA for being money grubbing a**holes who have a tighter grip on their wallets than a miser in winter.

    Im glad i’ll be able to catch the live show live doubt ill be able to get a question in so im gonna ask all you guys here what are your thoughts on windows 8 and how it’ll effect gamers mmo or otherwise.

  8. Hey again Magic, Brim, and Damina. Keep doing the awesomeness you do, week in and week out for us! Can’t wait for Episode 52.

    First off, for End of Nations: I think the take over is a great thing for the final product. regardless of the pricing model. Granted, the sudden possible change in model is troubling at best. Petraglyph has a knack of rushing things, or not fully developing their product before its release. Don’t get me wrong, Petraglyph’s rework of Rise of the Immortals has gone well, and its now very enjoyable, but Trion will have more resources and a better focus on launch day. Their core audience will benefit the most from the change of direction.

    On Path of the Exile: Polished but delayed is ALWAYS better than rushed and buggy! That’s a law of the universe.

    A Bomb for Kick Starter in general. I need money, but i don’t let scumbags and grifters use me to get a piece of the action. FOR SHAME!

    Question of the week: After such an amazing year, what does 2013 hold in store? (Spoiler Alert)


    • lol ik this has nothing to do with the topic but i was watching magicman streaming(5min ago on my phone)a 1:30h loadout and he refered to ur name and now i see u here makin the 1st comment weird concidincel ol

      • Hey Zhao, I’ve seen you around the site. I’ve been involved on the free2play cast, askmmobomb, and been on a few mmobomblive’s. I love this site and it’s diligent, dedicated employees. I try to contribute on all the great content MMOBOMB brings to the table. This is my first MOUNTED though, which I am pretty proud of. Real life kicks my ass most of the time, but I caught this video right when it went up. Keep following the site! Let’s catch up in game sometime.

        • sure man i <3 mmobomb too apperently lol i am currently playing the following(which i can support cause my pc kinda sucks lol)Loong,World of tanks(europe),district 187 and DCUO(dc universe online)


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