This week our player panel chat about role playing within games, drop content information for a few titles, ponder the consequences of marriage, and then take a nap! Does Magicman have what it takes to sell products with a voice over test? Find out in this all new episode!

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  2. im listing to you guys and realized that im sooo old … my fisrt comp was Atari xl 800 so my fist game was Spy vs Spy … Montezuma ;p Karateka ;p then Amiga 600 Another World …

    • HEHE! Yeah I have and play all of those every once in awhile but they were just barely ahead of my time:) THanks for listening!

  3. Hey, greetings from Egypt here, really like your show man keep up the good work… anyway, for the question, the most important feature for me to find in a free to play game, is *DRUMS*… classes and job progression, the more there’s, the better it is oh and character customization too because it gets annoying seeing thousands of people that look exactly like you.

  4. Hey so i have a Question what is that game from the start of the Video ? it looks like monster Hunter but wich one and how did u get it on the PC ? pls help been waiting to playing Moster Hunter again. Thanks adn keep up the good Work !

  5. hi isaest here from sweden and for a free 2 play game the thing i look first at is how you play the game. like wow i realy don´t like it i want some fast paced action eather pve or pvp. some examples is vindictus, realy like it it got that unice gameplay style and very good graphics even if i don´t care so much about the graphics. i have played games like realm of the mad god and can still play it. looking towards to firefall and dragon nest europe thoose two seems to have that unice style

    so my answer is gameplay style like fps, hack and slash or the one that i realy don´t like point and click.. or what it now was called.

    realy like the show ceep up the good work 😀

  6. Hey from the Canada!!! First off just want to say, Great show guys keep it up. First time posting here, but been using this site for a longtime to search up games.

    Now lets get to the question of this week, Character customization: More specifically I am a sucker for sliders. Because whats the point if you can’t even make your character to be how you want it to be, like come on this is 2012. And of course after character customization, I look for all the common stuff like game-play and stuff. Just in case here are some examples of character customization I like: APB reloaded, Star trek online, Aions, Perfect World…………

    Anyways, currently I am playing star trek online, I am really digging it, and I hope in the future at the beginning of the game, everyone will look different. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, and happy almost valentines day.

    • Hey Dizzyjay, thanks for the warm greetings from the Great White North! I’m right along with you for the sliders vote. I like making my toon less like everyone else’s and it gives my toon an identity, especially if jobs are gender locked. Thanks again for the first time post and make sure to follow us on our Twittter accounts for up-to-the-date info on what we are testing or playing! – Selfius

  7. Answer for this weeks question : PVE why? because
    1. i love to play against different kind of monsters and not be stuck fighting the same kind of race
    2. i cant be flamed… except from fiesta monsters.. (they need to shut up when i kill them)
    3. i actually can kill them…

    from Belgium and a fan since FreeMMOGamer (first site from MMOBOMB)

  8. Hey from The Netherlands again. For starters I am a him and I was trilled when I heard my name in the vidio , I needed to pause it for a min to let me laught out :).

    Then for the question of this week I would say having a very good option to make your char unique. I like to use a lot of time making my char really unique if I had that option.

    So that was my anser of this weeks question, great show as always guys and till next week.

    • 1. Do NOT show anything, if you are JUST giivng tips and not trying to be SeaNanners then watching you do boring shit is going to be well, boring.2. Brightness up full if it isn’t3. PVP arenas bro.

  9. Silkroad r abomb bcos if they want to get rid of give everyone bots and every free to play should have this make players play little long u know they will just bot and be online for long time .what u think reply below .

    • By adding bots to every free to play game would make for lifeless gaming, Computers would be the only thing playing ,Every player you would see would just be a BOT.
      If you don;t believe that play some of PWE games * JadeDdynasty * as an example, world in starting and even mid lvl is dead for a communtity, you will see players but not one will talk to you ,.
      Why ?
      Because thier bots.

      As for silkroadR

      I agree with Magicman 100% it should not have become a new game but just a revamped patch.
      Old silkroad i have 3 years invested and i sure ain’t gonna start over to play the same game with a few quests added and No Gold.

  10. hey from India i think that balance of class and less different between paying users and free players thats what i love but abomb for rusty hearts realesing an other cash shop charecter which come soon i would every game learn how cash shop work like from league of legends and magic man i would like play with u in league of legends wishing this reach the cast .

    • Big shout out to Jashwanth, whom is hailing from India! I too would like to see a closer balance in some games between the F2P users and Cash Shop users, but that is what makes the Cash Shop items so appealing to some gamers. The thought of “Come buy something no one else has and be the talk of the server!” is exciting to some, *cough* epic mount *cough*, while to others it ruins the game and feels unbalanced. Thanks for the comment, keep watching and hopefully we will see YOU out on the servers! – Selfius

      P.S. Trust me, you don’t want Magicman as a PVP teammate on League of Legends! Lol!

      • ok selfius i will take your advice about magic man . ok i agree who pay should get something no one has even i pay i also get what others dont get thx for reply

        • if you can , would you please make a muerdr hole since in your spell bound cave you had a muerdr  hole and you got a load of xp. plus it will help out the newbies=)

  11. wht is the moust importent thing in a F2P mmo
    i think it shoud be the class system, and the choys of classes
    when a game has only 4 basic classes its so boring when you find eaveryone the same
    an then there is the questing
    if the quest are like you have to kill a shit load of same mobs its nothing intresting

  12. Hi again this week, Another well done episode,Keep them coming!

    For the question this week :

    Realism :

    The things i hate –

    I personaly can’t stand that so many F2P games will have (let say) 50 mobs in a field and all of them are standing still , And maybe 3 move every 10 seconds. This truely turns me off in the first 5 minutes of playinging thier game any more.
    When i pan the view up to the sky and there is no cloud movement or the sky looks like a pitcure pasted over 4 times to cover the sky.
    When fighting a boss at any lvl and they only have 2 basic animations for an attack look.
    Walking through tree’s,rocks or mobs – Truely a sign of a cheaply made game rushed to make a quick buck.( walking through other chars , has to be enabled though)
    No jump feature.
    Characters that walk or run in a stick man animation (stiffness)
    Swimming should be in every game or even the abilty to walk in water, those invisble walls in some game’s really bites.

    Were in 2012, You would think the game companys would have looked at these relatively small fixes to make eye candy and a more Realistic look and feel for thier customers/players.

  13. I know what you mean magicman at the point i seen this movie i was knee deep in wow sin . lol and was playing about 12 to 15 hours a day thanks too slow season soo when i seen his story i felt semi shamed so was making a personal reflection on how it was deep and made me think . I really enjoyed the part about the guy that could not speak and was in a wheel chair , was a very touching story all in all the movie made me more proud to be apart of a commiunty that did not shun or look down on anyone , and now with control enjoy mmo’s too the fullest from free to play to new obsessions such as swtor the force is very strong . but i have enjoyed the shows , and the humor keep up the great work

  14. I mostly look at how the Free2play game presents itself, both graphics-wise and the game mechanics. Graphics don’t have to be top notch, I just prefer visuals that can be simple but nice to look at. Game mechanics, such as how the character move. Running has to be consistent and realistic, not floaty and flamboyant like you see in Battle of immortals or Rosh online.

    As for interface, it has to be well polished. I have come across mmos that you have to click on command buttons or press hotkeys more than once or twice for the action to execute. Having to check whether or not the ping level is too high or my computer lagging, it still happens when you have a low ping and the mmo is low spec. So yes, interface is an important feature to consider as well.

    • As for the most important features in an mmorpg is the livelihood skills: fishing, mining , smithing etc. Games like Wakfu, Mystical Land and Runescape where you are able to level non-combat skills.

  15. Well if your honest with your self … it might make you feel shamed to be a mmoplayer hahahaha well if your the wow guy in the movie but it has great outlooks and views in general for real life or second skins .great great movie.

    • I actually thought ‘Second Skin” did a great job portraying both sides of the MMO player base, the ones that do it for fun and maybe meet a few new friends along the way…then the side that take it way to far and forget we’re still taking about GAMES in the end. It didn’t make me feel ashamed at all, it made me go “You know, at least at the end of the day I still know it’s a game!” lolol.
      Thanks for listening!

  16. Role play…has a lot of bad people but if you can get a few good people its fun. However I do find RP across vent servers often…plagued with an issue of not everyone being conformable so I avoid it when with less experienced people.

    Anyway lets not forget LoL had a box. Which I bought back in the day so..yea.

    rinor..I apologize, that was a bit..stale?

    Flame war! But no, the most important feature is the game mechanics, does the game work. I don’t care if the gameplay is there if the the gears and cogs behind it don’t work well I don’t care much for it.

  17. “only getting married once in my life and that will be IRL” sush epic touching comment ever :D:D Laughed till i Cryd when al went awww! suld name next cast that 😀 :P:P work on Dice in stockholm artworker on all the BF/battlefield games. And I like this show much keep it up!

    and last week cast you guys mention F2P will be the standard typ. I thinck you right from naw on game world wyde gose F2P so till end of 2012 F2P will be standard for sure!

    volle out thx bomber’s

    • “Laughed till i Cryd when al went awww!” for next weeks title? I like it! You have my vote. Even though i’m not in next weeks Free2Play Cast I’ll talk to Magicman and see what I can do. Thanks for the comment and as long as you keep watching, we’ll keep doing it.

    • it is a mix for me personally i think its a bit of graphics + pvp + pve i really want some of all but i mean as long as it has good game play (PVP and PVE) its great i will try my best 2 enjoy it 😀

      • its cool just cool 2 see that u guys are entertained 😛 but seriously u guys do amazing work u guys deserve soooooooo many more views 🙂 cool 2 hear about u guys 😀


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