In this weeks exciting Free-to-Play Podcast, Ubisoft has been hacked! Is this something we should be mad at Ubisoft about or is it merely an inevitable for large gaming companies? The gang weights in before discussing the fact that World of Warplanes has finally transitioned into Open Beta. Was it worth the wait or has War Thunder stolen the spotlight?

We also speak of the unspeakable, World of Warcraft heading F2P? Or wait, it’s just getting micro-transactions. What could this mean for the future of F2P gaming? RuneScape 3 has divulged its due date, but does anyone actually care? And is Jagex on to something with the revamps versus sequels? All of this, plus the weekly bombs and our newly added Member Topic discussion on this week’s episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Too late, War Thunders had the spotlight since WOWP was in Alpha.
    I even played WOWP in alpha and trust me, even for an alpha game in my worst imagination wasnt as bad as WOWP.
    Ive heard its better but War Thunder has waaaay better graphics and performance (for the most part) than WOT or WOWP, has better physics and gameplay (discluding Wot from that)
    War Thunders tanks division looks very promising, especially with the latest updates to Wot making Artillery nearly useless and even less players use artillery, War Thunders tanks may be better but its going to be hard to top Wot or get on Par with it

  2. If I could be an e-sports pro in any game it would definitely be hello kitty online… But in all honesty I’d love to see rift jump to the popularity where esports would be possible… With all the unique possibilities in builds it can make for an extremely interesting dynamic… Plus I’m pretty kickass 😛

  3. So much stupidity and social awkwardness in this podcast. This is the first and last podcast I’ve seen.
    “Belarus Russia” was the last straw for me.

      • What’s there to understand? Are you telling me I need to have experience with these f2p podcasts to understand what they’re talking about? Are they using some sort of advanced terminology such as “e sports” and “f2p” that is way over my head?

        Maybe you can explain to me since I don’t understand anything. It would be much obliged.

    • I think you might have liked this show more back when Magicman was it’s host. Just watch a few (one is probably going to be enough) older episodes (before Ep.61) and see for yourself.

  4. Good show guys! Got a bit weird by the end but funny and enjoyable none-the-less.

    As I’m not sure whether I love or hate it, I have a Bomb (note; neither an A-Bomb, nor Da-Bomb) for Gotham City Imposters. It’s one of the very few F2P FPS games that is extremely fair to their free player-base, allowing all combat items + weapons to be unlocked through gameplay at a rather speedy rate. And the amount of damage most weapons do, combined with regenerative health, allows the game to play at a nice speed, neither too slow nor too fast. However, the matchmaking system is crap, and will cause you to get matched up against either people who don’t know how to play, or those so good (and so cheap) that they will take 30+ kills in a game. Also, no dedicated servers, so if the host has a slow or spotty internet connection, the entire game suffers for it.

  5. I used to play SWG at a kind of internet cafe type place, also i agree with the WoWP controls for mouse and keyboard do suck these days, dont know why or even why they were changed, and trying to play the game with constant crashing makes it unplayable for me. On the other hand War Thunder is awesome with easy to use controls, yes there are lots of buttons to press but they make the planes more usefull all around imo, and you can “Land” a plane in War Thunder where you cant do so in WoWP which makes it more realistic i guess. In the end when WoWP becomes playable for us mouse and keyboard users ill try it out again otherwise its gonna be War Thunder and WoT for me.

  6. Nice show F2P Cast.
    I actually caught the show on a train ride home, thanks for riding me of an hour and a half of boredom.
    I have a Da-Bomb for EA and Dice for picking up Star wars: Battlefront 3. I know its last months news but I am ecstatic that a franchise from my childhood is coming back. I saw the trailer that was at E3 and literally yelled “Yes!” while on the couch.
    If I could choose to be pro at any game it would have to be Gears of War since the skill level for it is soooo high. It’s a game that’s easy to pick up, but hard to master.
    Keep up the good work mmobomb.


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