On this week’s show we lament the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 still hasn’t been released, but take a look at a card game from the famous IP. We also jump into F2P Game of the Year Editions (they can have those??), and Peek at the slim amount of information available for The Aurora World. Top it off with a smattering of weekly bombs and feedback and you have a great show!

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  1. Games launched recently are dull! Even Age of Wushu are better than them! In comparison, it combines PVP and MMO so well … Nice game!

  2. Did you guys know that Blacklight Retribution is offering a gold pack for $100? Pretty much the same deal as tribes ascend, unlock everything and don’t have to bother with any restrictions or expirations ever again. It seems a bit like overkill. I don’t like the idea of unlock everything for money. What is the point of playing the game then if there is no sense of progression?

  3. hey MM and co hosts i shed a tear after i saw this in the final goodbyes it was fun for more then 1 year watching weekly we will miss u so much

    hey is there suposed to be another free to play cast this week cuz i dont see on site i wanted to watch after school but now im bored well ill watch this 1 again

  4. Nice job MM. All gamers gonna miss your sexy voice. I think in gonna drop a tear.
    But bashing Scarlet Blade have consequences. Big companies have long hands. Hope they will forgot it, and return your license in year or two.

    And those other dude was advertising spades on yahoo like 5 or 6 times in a row. They probably have payed him. No wonder it was hes last show.

    • HAHA! EPIC post! I wish these were the true reasons for departure! At least I would have a hell of a story! 🙂

      • Magicman, ahaha i imagined you just sobbing after you said
        “And we’ll see you out on the severs”
        The drop of tone was just perfect.

        Magicman, hope to see you back soon. Your a great host, and a joy to have you do these casts. Of course along with your whole crew, i wish you all the best of luck.

  5. I think Square did a stupid decision with this. Kingdom hearts is a hack and slach advneture action RPG ( something something something) To make a “card game” is completly out of bound, and Chain of memories in my opinion, was annoying, because it took away the fast pace the first KH had for me.

    When i read KH online, the firsty thing that came to my mind was fast action gameplay with other people, maybe on instance or something, sort of like vindictus maybe. With the cool clothe and oversize shoes, and Square/Disney NPC’s along for the story.

    Highly disappointing at this decision to use such a strong name as KH,and just spit on it like this :/.

    (Not to offend anyone who is actually thrilled about this game)

    • They should do something more like a mini game like they did in the Final Fantasy series in 8 and 9 in Kingdom Hearts 3 or something. I dunno how they’d squeeze it in but that’s just my thoughts on that. The card game in FF8 became quite popular(at least in the way I saw it) and there were plenty of websites spawning their versions of the game online where you could play other people, and many of them are still up today. Apparently Bandai released a board game but just in Japan.

      At least if Square did it that way they could try and gauge how popular it might be and then possibly do something along those lines. But I think they’re trying to play it as far away from their chest as possible and letting someone else take the fall for it being bad. Can’t say I blame em… its dangerous territory.

  6. Great Show as always hopefully that’ll continue even as you all are not around for whatever time that may be.

    As for the Kingdom Hearts card game… no thanks.. just because its a card game and that alone smells of having to spend lot of money having already spent so much money on other card games. Will this hurt the franchise? Probably not. If they had said “hey, we’re not doing Kingdom Hearts 3 anymore. Here’s a card game instead!” Then the gates of hell would open up. But since that obviously isn’t the case, unless KH3 never sees the light of day(though unlikely).

    As for the PS4… Hooray I guess but I won’t be buying it at launch. I only just bought my PS3 last Black Friday. 200 dollars for the 250GB PS3. I kinda wished they had announced it in 2015 so I could at least get a year or 2 on this console before they bring out the next one lmao. Oh well, what can you do? lol

    Now for those fun little bundles.. This would probably NEVER happen and it would probably be OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. But a thing for Blacklight: Retribution would be cool. But with that said we’re dealing with PWE and we know that will never happen. lol. I guess Need for Speed World I suppose. 50 bucks to unlock all the cars would be awesome. Then again… we’re talking EA here.

    This weekly A-bomb goes to all my friends who are asleep when i can’t sleep. lol.

  7. This blows I really liked this show what a bummer for everyone. I think Spunkify probably wanted to do the show and sent them on there way more or less

    • I think Magicman is having “real life things” going on and since the co-hosts of F2P cast are his friends he and Spunkify thought it would be best if he used his friends to make the show feel more his than a show that Spunkify is taking over but using his friends to co-host the show. Which makes sense.

      • There were actually a few things that went into my decision to leave for the foreseeable future. Real life was a small part of it. I made no plans with Spunkify. I asked my co-hosts if they wanted to do the show without me and since they really only know me on the site they felt there wouldn’t be the “chemistry” if they stayed on with strangers. Site ownership decided to keep the show live and roll with different hosts rather than cancel it.
        Thanks! 🙂

    • Sorry to disappoint you but there was no such drama 🙂 Technically by title I outranked Spunkify so he wasn’t telling me where to go for anything 😛

      • Well I figured there was a chemistry issue with the hosts so I was partly right. 🙂 Its easier to do a show with people you know you have chemistry with than if you just throw 3-4 people together and hope for the best. You’re not actors so you probably can’t fake chemistry like on some talk shows and why should you? Spunkify will have his co-hosts that he will have chemistry with and the show will feel different but knowing seeing Spunkify’s other work he’ll be entertaining and make the show fun. Maybe if/when you come back the two of you can do it together and have a mixture of his and your co-hosts? When you two in the past did shows together you seemed to get along well and have good chemistry.

  8. Hi …Listen i feel that the companies dont like went someone say something bad about the game, instead of asking why, the managers and moderator try to delete such comentaries, I hate that, cause i feel like there is not free speech in the video games world, you know…. and i feel like a form of embezzling in this industry to their way, only to sell more and more…..

  9. God, i will miss all you guys soooo much.It was you that makes me smile every week.Its really a sad thing to hear that, i was away from MMOBomb for some time, now i’m back, and you are leaving.
    Great show!You are awesome!Lets see how Spunk does next week!

    Hope you guys return some day…WITH A F2P LIVE CAST AND A PARTY!!!
    Maybe do a raid or two… 😉

  10. Thanks for the shout out Magicman and person that sent the letter in. I was feeling kinda down because of the Magicman hiatus, but that shout out made me smile. Hope you return soon. In the meantime I will do my small part to support Spunkify and keep the show going strong so you have something to come back to…

  11. Hey magicman I have unlocked all of lotro but a few things without spending more the 2 months VIP it can be done you just need alts to turbine point deed grind, you can do bree for 90- 100 tp easy

  12. well cya guys i will keep watching this i am glad it didnt die and spunk will actually pick this up i will give a da bomb to you guys(not sure if i did it last episode)cause u all awesome hope to see you all soon
    As for the question of the week i would say world of tanks though i think it would be kinda crazy getting ALL the tanks for free and their modifications and i would assume it would also make WoT p2w but i’ll just go with WoT

    p.s havik u awesome now i get why MM likes u 😛

  13. as to the question of the week i agree with magicmans choice of LOTRO to get a package deal as there is soo much it will cost allot to get it all.

    and Dabomb to Spunkify for picking up the F2Pcast show and keeping it rolling no Abombs this week cause nothing made me angry enough yet,

  14. If Kingdom Hearts: X is going to be anything like Chain of Memories, I think it would be rather succesfull. I loved CoM and the only reason i find it would fail is if they decide to make it pay to win.


  15. The Wii crushes the Xbox 360 and PS3 in unit sales but it also has the most amount of systems just sitting on shelves not being used. lol I have 3 friends who have Wii’s and none of them use them…well one uses it for Netflix. 😛

  16. i dont think kingdom hearts would make a good card game.
    an a bomb to the clan i was playing in blacklight retribution because they kicked me out of it becouse
    i wasnt on for 5 days (my pc had a few problems) 🙁
    and i got a derp moment:
    a coworker of me told me that they had an apprentice who forgot to lock the cashdesk and went to his lunchbreak and when he came back to it all the money was gone, he started to panic when the brach came laughing out of the office and said “i hope you learnd your lesseon” (the money was in the office ofcourse).
    after i heard that story i noticed that my boss is an evil genius

    ps sry for my poor english 😛

  17. why is this one and the last f2p cast is the same you guys start out the same way and talk about the same i think i am watching ep 61 lol


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