On this week’s Cast we welcome Jessica Brohard, host of “Free to Play Weekly”, to the cast and chat it up about a few new releases and one GIANT game going free to play. Damina plays “Slender” and we get to see some of her reactions, and we tie it all of nicely with some viewer questions. Jump in and post your comments on the SWTOR free to play model and make sure to post your weekly bombs!

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  1. A-Bomb To Spirit Tales, It’s fun at the beginning but thne its just to easy to kill mobs and bosses… and also they only concentrate on the male charecters in the charecter creation because they look alot better and there spirits are alot more coller, for example the males spirit is a big tiger and a female char is just a flying enlarged female char with wings.. witch sucks! I thought theese game are ment to concentrate more on the female chars anyway! XD

    Da-Bomb to Guild Wars 2 It has got to be one of the best games if ever played.. The first beta weekend I played I was instantly hooked by everythink! I also love the fact you can level in World V world PvP and that feature in the game is a cool thing anyway.

    To anser the Question of the week…
    Yes the Subscription based model is going to DIE! Very very soon… I alllso hope it will die to. Free To Play FTW.

    A question to the next free to play cast would be, Whats the main game you guys/gals play so other people can come and say hi if they allso play that game.

  2. Magicman & Community !

    I had been thinking about this the past few night’s working GraveYards! ( Fitting for Sub game’s)

    I thought long and hard about this, and how& why thier play bases are dwindling.
    We as players and consumer’s are getting flooded with them.
    Even with the Best F2P game’s, There are so many of them,Really we can only play 1 at a time anyways.

    The Sub game’s Don’t need to go F2P, It won’t help make players stay, For we get about 2 a month of these types of game’s.The only one’s that this affect are the die hard fan’s of that game.
    Instead of that 15$ a month. They now end up paying more for the item mall garbage that change’s thier game. To a P4F and they will,Just because they love the game.

    Sub game’s need to start realizing this and making those game cards. ( 2 month’s or 60 days)
    Example: If i logged into day, as soon as i log on i have 24hour’s till another day is subtracted.

    The reason i have not bought WoW time,TSW time, SWTORP time,(Warhammer online, Years ago was the last i purchased). And a few others i own.When i buy time i feel like i am committed to playing thier game and nothing more!To get my money out of it.But a week later i am bored or need a break only to have my time wasted!

    By adding this kind of timer, Everyone of my sub game’s would always be filled up.Like WoW losing 2 million sub’s. If they did the Pay to Log in ( 1 day deductt for a 24 hour span. leave for a day or 2 and come back still at 59 day’s.Sure they won’t make The huge Profit’s they once were,But they would still be getting some kind of money from those 2 million.

    What do you think?

    I would buy the time for all my games if this was changed !


  3. Pay2Play is towards its end. It’s like the MC Hammer baggy pants phase. It was great when it was around… but it’s a dead trend and not coming back.

  4. Seriously..they broke even at 500k subs..they had over 1million and still close to a mill and its a miss? 15 dollars a month time 1mill<<simple math..wats it cost to keep the game up? maybe 10 people working a day to keep servers up make sure there are no issues? and the electric to run the things? someone correct me if im wrong but even if these programmers are really well paid and the electric is enormous i cant imagine it cost more then 300k per month to run the game. how is 14million a month a miss??

  5. About Bullet Run: I can see why you would be frustrated being taunted, but if you taunt after a kill it makes you up to 60% more money and experience for that kill. This is not privileged information, its commonly shown on load screens. While it might be annoying I still prefer it to being t-bagged.
    The other fact is that it locks in your points. For example: if you kill two people and get 200 points but then get killed right after you will lose 25% so you will only get 150 points total. However, if you taunt after those kills even for a split second you get a bonus (+1-60%) as well as lock in those points meaning you get anywhere from 202-320 points. Therefore it makes sense to taunt as much as you can which is why people do it all the time.

    “I don’t know if I would call it pay-to-win though.”
    I think you need to define what pay-to-win means to you Magicman, because I find it strange that you say Blacklight is pay-to-win and you aren’t sure about Bullet Run. For me there are at least two schools of thought on pay-to-win: 1) a game where a basic purchase will give a player serious advantage and 2) games where the cash shop has exclusive items that give a serious advantage. Examples to clarify: 1) Face of Mankind: if you pay the monthly fee you have a ridiculous advantage over free players. 2) Wolf Team: there are cash shop items which if you stack them up you can get something like 4x HP/armor and 2x damage. Sorry for the archaic examples but I thought they were good examples of the extremes.

  6. For Hunter Blade, I think I’m going to pass it up. I tried Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, and I dunno…it didn’t exactly appeal to me (although I haven’t played it long, but first impressions are lasting..) so I don’t really think Hunter Blade will appeal to me that much either.

    I dislike the SOE f2p business model (which kind of put me off trying any of their games), and I’m not a big fan of fps games (I’m also not very good at them), so I’m probably not going to play Bullet Run either. It looks quite nice however, and I appreciate the unique setting.

    Looking at SWTOR’s f2p model, I feel its like a even more restricted model than SOE or Turbine ones. Blocking raids? That should not happen. All game content should be accessible, even if its limited to only a few times a week. And yet, there is an apparent lack of endgame content, and EA deems the game a failure…perhaps EA should do a SquareEnix and try and rework the game completely like SE did with FFXIV?

    Overall, I do believe however that even though there are big MMORPG games/expansions being released this year (namely GW2 & Mists of Pandaria), MMORPGs are on the decline currently and the genre on the rise is the Dota-style/ARTS/”MOBA”.

    I gotta agree with Magicman’s finale question reply, that NCsoft probably has the best f2p model at the moment (the Truly Free model).

    As for whether or not the subscription model is busted, I think its on the decline (in gaming at least), but it won’t die yet…not for at least a couple more years. I have a hunch Blizzard’s next MMO in the works, Titan will be a subscription based MMO, initially at least. After all, its what they’re used to.

    Great episode though, enjoyed it thoroughly ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW, this is my first time watching a full F2P cast episode and I’m wondering, what is A-Bomb & Da-Bomb?

    • Great post! “Da-Bomb” is for something you like in the F2P world. That game you love? Give it “Da-Bomb”. That company made a move that you love? Give it “Da-Bomb”. On the flip side if you hate something about the F2P world it get’s an “A-Bomb”. ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. oops, forgot ,hehe, tryed raiderz ,and c9 , raiderz is way better then c9 ,for some reason i couldnt get into it ,and i even got to party up in this round of raiderz nice to work w/some1 else . srry agin ,but its a slow week . gl with the shows .

  8. good show ,hope to hear more of different peeps up there, and great call on swtor subject. agree 150%. keep it short this week ,so ty .

  9. A grand show Magicman and ladies . Luv that view on Slender to! LOL jumped in my chair too.
    For the ? of the week I feel for the most that played games are slowing down ,but u will alway have those faithful to those games and willing to pay for them too . And Free to Play games is going to be here to stay for a along time as well . Again another grand show u all .

  10. YEAAA!!! Da-Bomb to MagicMan for being an Aion player. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Well, for atleast saying that Aion would be the last MMORPG that he would play, if it came to it.
    For those of you who haven’t played it yet, Aion is an incredible MMO, & definitely worth experiencing. The best part: the game is NOT pay to win, or even pay to have fun. Items in the cash shop have no effect on game play balancing.
    Blood for Blood, Asmodians!

  11. I really dont wanna yell it out loud but saying that eny game ever wont reach same numbers that wow is just stupid.. before wow, ragnarock online at its best time had 40 milion players, how you explain that ? you cant every1 just focuses on the shitty wow and cant see the real potential of other games and yes guild wars 2 is gonna swoop the rest of the players out of wow becouse its insanely well made pvp/exploring system, arennanet was smart and fixed all biggest problems that other games had.

  12. I`m sorry Magicman, but I had to stop listening to the cast when the SWTOR news came. Let`s be honest, we all know it`s going to be bullshit because EA probably did this only to (hopefully)squeeze the last bit of money they could squeeze from the player`s pocket…

    And here is a thing thats seems bloody obvious but just came trough my head. A game which went from pay2play to free2play will probably never be as good as if it launched free2play because:

    1) It has been obviously designed to be pay2play from the start, making it free2play will require quite some changes.
    2) The devs made the game in the first place pay2play becase they DIDN`T WANT the game to be free2play, therefore, transitioning the game to free2play is something they probably hate and don`t care as much because it means something bad already must have happened if they are now required to make the transition…

    Even so, it seems that free2play games become better and better, so the free2play revolution wasn`t a bad thing afterall.

    • IDk about games going from pay2play to free2play not being as good if they just released as free2play.

      Game’s i am talking about are D&D online and LOTR.. Both went really well for taking that change.

      And ” When ” wow doe’s. 90% of those haters will be playing it. And will still be as good. Maybe better more population in the lvl 1-70’s again.Making it an enjoyable experience for those hater’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Question of the week:
    I don’t think the subsription models are dead. Although I don’t play any games that use them. But alot of my friends are still playing wow. But for SWTOR I never played it but the game is even more expensive then WOW. Wow is 20 euros for 2 months and SWTOR would be 30 then. It’s 10 euro more expensive.
    Some of my bombs.
    Da-bomb for all the recent beta especially firefall and Raiderz. Raiderz is very awesome, and then I realise this game is just only in beta stage. I can’t wait to see this game going to open beta. And firefall has a good dev team. They update the game often. So you are never bored.
    But I have an also an A-bomb for firefall. The game is now heavily PVP focused/grinding. There are no real quest lines and/or dungeons. And they still need to optimize the graphics engine. But these 2 games are for me an thumbs up.

    I have also seen the hunter blade first look, and I think you would be better of playing vindictus, C9 or if you like open world Raiderz.

  14. Why don’t they talk about the chat restrictions on SWTOR. I have tried the free to play till L15 & the chat restrictions SUCK! They make it so hard to party up. The free to play model is ok but I am not a raider or PVP player. You can’t even chat on general chat in game unless you are a p2p player that is what bothers me about some free to play MMORPG’S is chat restrictions & social panel restrictions! If you can’t party up than what’s the point of playing the game isn’t that the point of gaming online? Some one please answere my question I would like to know how playres feel about free to play games with social panel & chat restrictions. Also i would like to see in all first look videos social panel & chat options. It would go more in depth about the game instead of watching some one playing the game on the first look video. MAGICMAN please show chat & social panel options in your videos. You have so much time to do so 15-20 min vids. Please feel free to leave your comments on this thread.

    Thank You

    • Almost every Perfect World Entertainment game has the chat restriction.I won’t be suprised when RaiderZ and Torchlight 2 go to the full launch that these restrictions will become an item mall feature as well.
      It’s just PWE’s way of getting more money.


      • No they don’t.

        They do have an item to talk with the whole world, is not even a good item and if you need (you never will) you can buy cheap, but this is not a restriction… and PWE has nothing to do with Star Wars


        @chefmadness I think that the chat restriction you are talking about is a Trial restriction, the game is not Free to Play yet, it is still a Free Trial only

        • I am talking about all F2P games not just star wars. I ran in to chat restrictions on a few other games & a lot of social panel restrictions. I got really burned out on it but DDO has the best social panel & chat in any game i ever played in my life they make it so easy & friendly to party up with players. To bad you get burned out on it doing quests over & over again. lol.

          • yeah, I think DCUO had that restriction, it is really bad, and people usually talk about that in first looks and reviews when you have those restrictions… but SW I think it won’t have when goes f2p, not sure though

        • Jade Dynasty or Ether Saga, go log in and try and zone chat. Not talking about world. Only way i ever talked to anyone was if they were in my face.

          • Ether Saga you have a chat that you talk with all the channels just using in-game currency, you can also ALL chats but the world chat… and the world chat is usually used to flood only

            and again, the world chat can be bought really cheap and can be acquired through newbie box, sometimes events and special market (Core achievements or points acquired through daily quests that most PWE games have)

          • Murito..

            Thanks, I guess both those games just have horrible community’s !

            Jade Dynasty, I know they have the bot programn for players to use, could be why no one ever talked in chat.

            I know i have a lvl 40+ that i really never played botted from lvl 5 to the lvl it is now.

            Servers were so quiet i thought thier games that you had to pay just to chat !

    • Hi!
      I can do that in the next First Look I do for ya! ๐Ÿ™‚

      We didn’t talk about the SW:ToR chat restrictions because that is currently NOT restricted in their F2P model…it is only restricted in their “Free to 15” trial…which in my opinion actually makes sense to limit chat in a trial. Credit sellers would love to not have to pay for accounts to advertise ๐Ÿ™‚

      Check out the published SW:ToR Free to Play restrictions here: http://www.swtor.com/free/features

      Of course they COULD change, but at the moment, chat isn’t part of this.


      • Hey thanks Magicman for reading my thread. I really hope you check out all social panel’s & chat options in all first look vids from now on. It would be totally awesome of you. If you ever get a chance check out the social panel in Dungeons & Dragons Online & you will see what i mean about a game that makes it so easy & friendly to find other players to party up with. I wish more games would make it this easy I Hahe PC gaming alone if I’m going to play a game alone i might as well but a new XBOX360 or PS3. I don’t own a console gaming system, i haven’t bought one since the PS2. PC gaming RULES I would rather build a 500.00$ gaming rig & upgrade as i go along than buy a gaming console any day of the weak. Hell The guts of my PC are worth 450.00$ when i built it, but my case is an ole HP case my buddy gave me & my PC is screaming fast. XD. Hope to hear back from you Magicman.

        See Ya

  15. I will post as I watch the video xD

    First, about the Hunter Blade, I think that it is a bit unfair to talk bad about it, you know, probably is not a high budget game, with a small publisher, and they have to face a huge competition, Vindictus, DN, C9 and will soon face RaiderZ… if the game was launched a few years ago, it would be a game that at least people would try.
    Btw, you were talking about a game that changed in CBT, Kung Foo changed a lot to come back as Legend of Martial Arts, better controls, graphics (the game couldn’t resist because it was too old); you also have games like Perfect World, LoL and Jade Dynasty that got lots of changes in the graphics and content…
    I wouldn’t give a thumbs up, but I don’t know about a thumbs down

    About Bullet Run, the game is fun, it is a generic but it made me play a lot… but the shop is too much, anyone with a better weapon or more upgrades in the weapon do have advantage, even if the guy played to get that, it is just painful to play against better guns… the amount of money you get scale up when you lvl, but so the price of everything. It is a painful grinding, not a lot of options of weapons (at least nothing interesting), the accuracy is weird sometimes, it is just not worth it to play hardcore… but overall, a nice game to play sometimes, better than Combat Arms and some other generic shooters (at least imo).
    btw, the comentators of SMC are better, SMC seems like a real television show

    About Star Wars… yeah, I knew it would be f2p and I knew it would be that fast (I gave it 3 to 6 months)… problem: it is a EA f2p game
    I will check the game (never did, I don’t play p2p or free trials) but I am a hardcore pvp player and I wouldn’t pay if the game had great end content and will definitely not pay for that crappy end game.
    Seriously, if they had WOW as a competitor, now they will have Allods… and they could win with a smart cash shop, but with limited content they wont.
    Thumbs up for going f2p, thumbs down for being EA f2p xD

    About the WOW question… Allods can be as good and popular if they work more the cash shop and content, maybe not as much players because, as you said, there are way more choices; and as MMO, there IS a game as successful as WOW now, LoL.

    About NCSoft improving, yes, it improved, but the best model? I didn’t like Lineage 2 cash shop… I think that Valve, Riot and Gamania (at least what I saw so far) have the best f2p model for sure.

    question of the week: I think people just can’t see yet (EA obviously still can’t) that the p2p is already “dead”… yes, some games might stay p2p, EA might launch another p2p before they understand that, but it is dead already… it died the time big games like TF2, AoC and DCUO went f2p, in that point it was clear that p2p couldn’t hold playerbase anymore, that’s why I gave 6 months for Star Wars to go f2p before their CBT begins
    Even Blizzard already said that it is looking at the f2p market, a guy from Blizzard said they were interested in the f2p model, in a panel they said that Blizzard All Stars might be available to everyone with the free version of StarCraft… so I don’t think that any other game besides WOW will survive as a p2p, and WOW is surviving for now only because they have hardcore fans and huge content

    sorry for the long post and poor english

  16. Never really played guild wars but heck with guild wars 2 count me in lolz i am actually looking foward to it. Also could you please do a review on PWE RaiderZ closed beta, because they need a wake up call because right now the servers are just terrifyingly horrible and we cannnot truly test the closed beta because the servers have been done more than they have been up.

    • As somebody who has little free time and likes to actually play what he signs for i agree. if i find time ill prolly post my own footage next time servers are up!

    • Funny you should mention this! (I got your private message on this as well) We are talking about RaiderZ on the F2P Cast that we record tonight and I have a “good and bad” list of my own to go over…your topic is on my “bad” list obviously.

  17. A bomb to Damina for trying to steal my 8 pages, It’s not my fault your walking in the wood’s in the middle of the night. So why you have to go steal my pages? Those page’s are my pride and joy. Everytime I feel depressed I look at them and they make my faceless face smile. Plus the bandwagon is being driven so much I swear I might get turned into a super hero.

  18. I luv how u guys masscar my name hahahahahahhaha

    and yea thanks for answering that and its kinda cool i never really thought about it that way i mean when u said even blizzard aint gunna be able to make it that popular like they did with wow kinda hit me, is this the reason blizzard is coming out with its free 2 play game (possibly titan no 1 apart from blizzard employees really know :P) but yea

    about the comment question of the day is yup they are dying fast and hardddddddddd and how i see it is that gaming industry works in cycles and for the next 5 or so years we are gunna see an increase in free 2 play games because right now that is wat is in fashion for the gaming industy and that is wat is making money so yea sub is dying ๐Ÿ˜›

    thanks for great episodes ๐Ÿ˜› seriously still giggling from how u said my name ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. if they will do so on ; keep, add, and raise the subscription price … I think I’ll go and buy me a bike or read a book , not quite the MMO in this days is vast selection and do not know which to choose from cause they are poping like pimples on young mens face . they still dare publish something like this … unless they really want to lose customers (the gaming market as a whole)

  20. i totally predicted old repub during the beta. just too mediocre to be a lasting sub. and btw: any else get error 380 in RaiderZ?

  21. R-r-r-r-eall-y-y-y hard t-t-t-t-o type-e-e-e right now-w-w-w.
    I think Damina wanted to make me cry!

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Again Another Fine Show .

    Thanks for Da-Bombing me!
    Little upset that after 33 episodes and being here since day 1
    That not even Magicman has Da-Bombed my Uber Awsomeness. lmao ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Glad you enjoyed Slener!

    When Damina said to herself ” Why did you marry him”?
    I want to know why you married Ronald Mc Donald in your alternate universe to!

    Question of the week:

    Subscription models to me are on hold!

    Reason i say this and strongly feel that once we get new technology in our gaming.

    Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPFoh75sbSU

    There are already Virtual body suit’s,That someone half way around the world can touch you and you feel it.
    People have hemselves where they can directly hook thier body’s up to a computer.” Matrix” Yes but it is already in our world.

    I remember Sony actualy had a simular PS 9 Commercial Televised before the launch of PS2.

    Right now F2P is a fad that might last until,maybe 2022,That’s when the Subs will be back with something so indepth that F2P won’t even be able to touch,For about 12 years.

    Subscription companys you can bet are already working on something to bring them back!

    Agree with me or not,But in all my years of gaming . I’ve seen alot before most of you were even born. lol Even you My Friend Magicman. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank’s Magicman


    Peace !

    • I actually agree with you. As Mark Kern said in our Firefall interview, gaming tends to go in about 10 year cycles. Eventually P2P will make a jump in tech that will require a “sub” or a “B2P then micro transactions” to be necessary again, then the F2P market will have to evolve to that level of quality again. I may pick a different date (simply because I don’t think F2P is at a “norm” yet) but I agree with your concept!

  22. HellcatM you the first so just email me at rufinus1993@hotmail.com. make sure you include the email you want me to send the invite too. since i have 3 invite left the first 3 people to send me an email with the email they want me to send the invite too will get it.

  23. The F2P model is here to stay, I’m hoping the P2W model dies in a blaze of glory. I can see the B2P model like Guild Wars and GW2 being a good way to go as well.

    F2P is a good model if done right and there are still options that haven’t been truly looked at yet as well. I’m playing a few F2P games and the model gives me a chance to do so. If I were paying a subscription for games I’d have to pick and choose which games I like the best now I can try all the games I want and if a game sucks I can just uninstall it and forget about it.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic going F2P was something I saw a long time ago. I agree with you Magicman that maybe they should have waited. I like the idea you had of being able to download the game for free, get a free trial (I think 2 weeks to a month is fine…a week is a little short to really try out a game, especially if you don’t have time during the week to play). Will it succeed or not? I’m not sure. I played the beta and I wasn’t really sold. The game didn’t really feel like the Star Wars universe to me (not the universe in the movies). Also I’m not a fan of auto attack, just that is a turn off. I would have much preferred if the style was more like Force Unleashed. Or even like RaiderZ (which I’m having fun playing BTW).

  24. I left swtor because instead of adding more endgame content we got the legacy update. Which took months to roll out while nothing else was happening endgame wise.

    Also I enjoy pvp and my opinion on the pvp in swtor is it is very bland and uninteresting. I hated huttball. Some like it, im just not one of them.

  25. Listening to the show now, know it’s going to be good as always, so I’ll just go ahead and comment.

    Da-Bomb to Bioware for making SW:TOR F2P to a point. I just wanted KOTOR 3, and while it’s not quite that… It’s close enough for me. Raiding in tab target games has died. Not that it’s a bad model, it’s just everyone and their mother has raided in WoW and everything gets old at some point.

    A-Bomb to Activision for making Blizzard tank. Literally, once they took over after BC, WoW went downhill and crashed into a fiery blaze.

    2nd A-Bomb to the 900,000 cash cow P2Win games such as every PWE game out there and every browser game that has copied another (have you seen all of the games that are exactly like another but reskinned?!?!?!?!). That’s 100% businesses trying to milk people out of their money.

  26. hello F2P Cast. i have 4 Firefall beta keys i would like too give to mmobombers. also i would like to give the bomb too Raiderz it was worth the wait although i played in alpha it is still awesome.

  27. Hunter blade made 3 mistakes: the first one is that they implemented levels, this isnt bad but it make it more generic, the second one is that the graphics are worse than the original monster hunters and the monsters are generic kind or the exact same thing as the monster hunter franchise, thats not bad but they tryed to clon mh without much effort and didnt worked out. the third thing is the quest thing, they shouldve used a similar sistem than mh. It wouldnt be a mediocre game if it was an original, being a pc-online mh makes it just wrong it isnt the thing u would expect therefore u wont play it muchmore at least this is what happened to me.

      • Yes, the localization is terrible with the quests not working all the time and the spoken dialog that is there is in horrible En-rish. I like Monster Hunter, and from what I have heard they do have an mmo version of it but only for the Korean market (unless it was this game).

        But yeah, Capcom has no faith in it’s franchises when it comes to selling them in the West, so this is probably the best we will get for now. Surprising, considering that Capcom has remade Monster Hunter with different skins a bunch of times with the Lost Planet games and Dragon’s Dogma.

        This game is really a rip-off though, right down to the environments, the monster designs and the animations. The only things it really does different is the addition of mounts and spellcasters.


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