In this week’s episode of Free-to-Play Podcast, we discuss some new updates regarding End of Nation’s MOBA revamp (looks like you can all drop the pitchforks!). A new F2P MMO studio has assembled with quite the cast. The original creepy game girl Alma returns with F.E.A.R. Online. And Wargaming purchases the Total Annihilation franchise, does this mean we will see a return of F2P RTS? All of this plus your community comments on this week’s episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!/p>

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.



  2. I have a A bomb for ya. Nexon North America is long known to have some of the worst customer service and in many ways worse the Aeria. Back in march there was a cbt for Navyfield 2 in the NA. Now Europe already had there version of the cbt by this point and shortly after the NA cbt Europe went live. Now here we are in august and the North American market has not heard a word. What compounds this worse in NA does not have a website, twitter feed, or any other social media presence other then a facebook page, which has been banning people for asking why it takes so long. Now many may say well thats nexon and not worth a A-bomb, but recently it was announced that Navyfield 2 jp is shutting down. If you can bring this up in one of your cast I would appreciate it.

  3. 20 vs 20?

    Its impossible to get a normal 5 vs 5 running without a leaver, feeder, afk, troll and so on.
    NO WAY 20 vs 20 would ever work. Just wont work. Sad world…

  4. Would love to see EQOA come back and be free to play and also be on pc was my first mmo and I have great memories of it lol and shrimp is the best rammen. as always great show and keep them comin.

  5. Did I miss something or did Aeria games takeover SW:TOR?I recieved a newsletter from them(you play one game from aeria and they keep emailing you forever.)and apparently Aeria games is now handeling SW:TOR.So I guess now it will be both restrictive and p2w.

  6. Call me crazy but I always thought that fable would just work well as an mmo it may be the most cliche thing in the world but I always thought even as a kid that it would be cool seeing other players in my world while I played… They have it all, they have the battle arena where you kill whisper, Jack of Blades just gotta turn him into a raid. Plus you can go through your home town with an obsidian cleaver, convince everyone to follow you behind a building, kill them, buy their house, and put it up for rent would be spectacular!

  7. So I did try EoN out and THANK GOD it’s not very MOBA like at all! The only thing I don’t like now, is that it doesn’t feel like the game I’ve come to love anymore. I used to enjoy a game called Shattered Galaxies, an OLD Nexon title that featured RTS elements using squads of units. EoN used to remind me of that game in such a great way. Now it just feels bland to me. The hero character I started off with just looked plain silly and just pulled me from the experience and the scale of the battles don’t feel as epic as they did before Trion started developing it in house.

    So Trion gets an A-bomb from me for pretty much ruining the game that I was looking forward to most of all. I’ll lift my boycott from them for avoiding the MOBA(enough) with this title, but they have a ways to go before I decide to actually invest in any of their games.

  8. Great show F2P cast, glad I can be of help.
    Got a Da-Bomb this week for Dark Souls. I had to completely scrap my character and start again because I butchered the skill points. Made a pyromancer, focused on endurance and strength. After many many hours of dieing I finally got to the Four Kings, kicked their face in and then killed the final boss after over 20+ deaths just on the final boss. I’m now working on New Game+ and extremely excited for Dark Souls 2. As for my favorite type of ramen… I like shrimp fairly well. Feel like I’m rolling the dice every time I eat ramen shrimp, but its good and I haven’t died yet so I’ll continue to eat it.

  9. i have a abomb and a thebomb. the abomb is for the computer i’m building ever time i have the money for CPU, GPU, and Motherboard a new bill comes out of nowhere. the thebomb is this will be my first computer build if i can get the money for the last three things i need.

    • Dude I built a $850 custom rig for $450 bucks you just gotta find the right parts. Also look at Craigs List. Lots of people selling some good stuff for really cheap. You just gotta know who to trust, ask the right questions when you talk to them. Also The Gigabyte Nvidia GT630 is a good low dollar graphics card, That’s what I started with. Then I saved for a nicer card & put the GT630 in my back up PC. I have a good friend & my Brother use the back up PC & we game side by side & this card keeps up with my new card!

    • i would love to see a MOBA go with bigger matches, any game that tried 10v10 or 3 way battles would get my attention(3 way battles wasn’t discussed on the podcast, i’m just trowing it in there)


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