On this LONGER episode of the Free to Play Cast Magicman gets surrounded by the ladies (He’d say that’s an everyday occurrence), we jump into some details about Sevencore, give our opinions on the multiple games in or starting betas now, and then chat it up with Mark Kern, Red 5’s CEO/COO, about Firefall. As release marches closer and closer, Mark tells us the plans for the beta phases and chats about the cash shop. Oh… and there was one more thing… what was it… oh YEAH! MMOBomb welcomes Spunkify to the team as the U.S. Editor and YES he will appear on this very show in a few weeks! Enjoy!

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  1. Magic man and remotay should have a gamer showdown because my friend think that remotay is better which is not tru

  2. SWOTR will be disappointment for sure, with it’s restrictions…bad idea. So I’m throwing FUTURE F…BOMB on SWOTR F2P ๐Ÿ˜€

    I was hoping for better F2P model ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Great video as always.

    A Bomb to Brickforce for making it kinda P2W, since you can buy high tier weapons (5 stars out of 5) ONLY with Tokens (real money currency), which means that all the starting kids, who want to spend some money on their mommys credit card, then they can own buts of non-paying players, even when they aren’t good in FPS games.

  4. Another game bite’s the dust, Not even making it to it’s 2 year birthday.

    It is with a bittersweet sadness that we announce that Zentia will be closing its doors August 13th, 2012 at 11:59PM PDT. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue to keep the Zentia servers available for play after August 13th.

    I myself did spend some time on this a year ago,But the world really was dead even back than,Game ran fine.


  5. Worst F2P game that i have ever played was LOTRO when it went F2P (i’m talking about first months or so, not after bunch of patches where made and restrictions were taken off).

    I was so happy when it came out. Played it for like 2 weeks in a row non stop. Liked the hole concept of the game, liked instances , liked community. But when it came to restrictions it was so bad. Once you’ve reached LVL 20, you were forced to buy quest packs and content in order to continue with you typical gameplay. You could level further but without questing..but LOTRO is all about the story…..right? You could buy a horse but you couldn’t ride it without a trait which you supposedly needed to buy in a cash shop. Restrictions were just awful. But after some time they took off some of the things and made original content available for people who didn’t pay ๐Ÿ™‚ It took some time for them to adjust the F2P model, but they made it playable. Still biggest disappointment at the start, ever!

  6. The worst mmo i ever played was WOI. First off i could never get used to the camera panning it would not go down at all. Also there was a ton of daily’s which made it nearly impossible to focus on your main quest.

  7. I’m sorry to say your female co-hosts have absolutely nothing interesting to say. They do not posses the ability to be descriptive at all in anything they say and they’re opinions always seem to be extremely biased. Great show otherwise though.

    • Sorry you feel that way steuck. Please keep in mind that we are on the show to offer our OPINIONS not an unbiased news story. That being said, if you consider saying that a certain game type is not a genre you enjoy biased then I suppose you’re right.

  8. xoextreme, that’s because most people are waiting for the big patch to arrive (will probably be sometime this week) because the characters will get wiped then. If people know the characters are getting wiped, they aren’t really motivated and wait untill the wipe before they playing again. I’m sure you’ll see (most of) them back when the patch gets released. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, to answer Inflictious’ first question about Firefall: The devs of Firefall announce a wipe at least a week before they’ll do it. They try to keep the amount of wipes as low as possible, and only do it when it’s really necessary because of big changes (for example now they’ve removed the leveling in the patch that’ll release this week). In the wipes that happened before, only the levels and the inventory and such were reset, you still had your character (you didn’t have to create your character again).

    • Thank’s, Now i don’t feel so bad for not playing itin 2 months.
      Really did not want to get bored of it during testing like i had alot of other game’s.


  9. I have an A-Bomb for firefall. Well i got into the closed beta about 2 months ago and played for a few days. I got into Tera at the time so i did not play firefall much. When i played firefall the first couple of days i got in, the game was booming with players! But now the game is empty. I was in a pvp que for 20 minutes before i exited the game. I dont know what they would do to get more people into the game but they really should do something.

  10. Hiya guys and gals of the free to play cast great show!
    da bomb for this week has got to be a split for me ^^; bounty hounds and maestia
    bounty hounds got it because it’s just a fresh form of mmo i haven’t seen that many mmos do, mech games aside from hawken and mechwarrior online (got me excited) for maestia it has to be the freebies and the play as npcs or use npcs to solo which is cool.

    the question from this week worst game i played was last chaos didnt even last one day the graphics were bad which could have been forgiven if the game machanics didn’t also fail to be fresh or even appealling. a close second though is runescape but when i played years ago so my oppinion might change.

    and finally my question to you guys/girls
    have you recently heard of sword art online an anime based on a light novel in the same vein as .//hack virtual reality mmo however with a twist the players that are logged in as a feature not only can they not log out but if they die in game they also die in real life and also if people outside try to remove the head gear they’ll also die and the only way to escape is to complete the 100 floors of the game world and beat the last boss. My question is do you think you’d play it if you knew before hand that you could die or would you have to be like the people in the anime and be blind to it till its too late to do anything about it.

  11. The worst game would probably be Mu Online for me. It wasn’t too bad long ago, when it was hosted by K2 or something like that, but when Webzen started hosting it the exp rate got decreased, drop rate decreased, if I remember correctly if you want to have a decent exp/drop rate you’d have to spend approximately 90-100$ per month on it. And there is nothing really fun about the game, at least for me. It’s a total grind since level 1 to the max level and even into the master levels or whatever they’re called that got added on the way. They might as well make it p2p and give the boost to everyone because with f2p you’ll be spending years and won’t get anywhere.

  12. Question of the week!
    Waren Story,… You know… Yea…

    Just joking :-D!!!!!!!!
    The worst still existing MMO that me, myself and i have ever played is MU Online by Webzen. Haven’t played it for 7 or 8 years now (i’m 20-y-o) and i know it can’t change much but it hasn’t changed at all :-/. To think that i spent countless hours and days into that thing to get to level 250 just to find that i can reset and start all over and do that until December 21st, 2012 comes, just pissed me off. It wasn’t even worth the time my PC was on with a blocked right key so my Dark Magician could spam its’ “Evil Spirits” spell at the mobs spawn point. The thing that drove me away from this game after realizing the reset thing was the PvP or accually the no-pvp-content except the PK which gets you red-named and you can’t do s*** after killing 3 people without dying.

    P.S. WEEKLY BOMB – *D* bomb for Path of Exile for the progretion they have made and the fact that we will all be enjoying the game soon (if i am not mistaken it goes into Open Beta in August). Although i find it difficult to die if i don’t do it on purpose. Yes mobs really punch hard, but once i picked up a magic damage build for my Templar i just one shot everything except bosses and “elite” monsters (Bosses in my deffinition are big scary, ugly that are at the end of Acts or big places like the prison :-?).

    *A* Bomb to Brickforce for not letting me update the client so i can accually see if i can play that damn thing :-D!!!

  13. my friend and i was talking the other day and we came up with this great idea for revenge.

    step 1 : invite you friend (person you want to get revenge on) to dinner
    step 2: tell him there is gonna be a lot of food so come with a empty stomach
    step 3: only cook fish. and those kind of fish with a lot of bone (you see where am getting at right)
    step 4: when he comes give him the fish and enjoy the revenge.

  14. A message adressed to F2p cast.
    Guys, when you are gonna play slender. Please, please record you with a webcam and record the game and upload it. It would be awesome to see you guys play it. Haha.

    • I agree !

      But since Magicman had played it i would like to see the responce from the 2 hco-hosts that were on since they never played it before. .hahahaha

      Let them do a first look , first time playing it !
      Add it to a future Free to Play cast as a segment!


  15. O Nostromo o Nostromo lalalalala;))) red 5 release the patch already this last week is a nightmare waiting it for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Great show, the question of the week is easy:

    DC Freaking Universe of P2W Online

    God dammit, i hate this game, first time i was WOOT, i can fly!I can run in walls!I can beat Joker ass like Batman!!Then… they striked me, the worst villans EVER!!

    Account restrictions and DLC, even Batman and Superman can’t beat then…Dammit…

    First i was super-happy with my little super powerfull badass hero, then i realize that i cant purchase the best R&D recipes, that i cant be Green Lantern or Flash, that my lvl 23 hero is a n00b and cant stand a chance against anyone…

    Screw you Sony Online, you destroyed my dream! T.T

    And please, dont talk about Slender, i got nightmares with this game. And Inflictious, how did you survived listen to that crap music?Man, iam glad i never played that game, it must be hard to do quests and blow things with that crap playing…

    • lmao

      The game was new back in 2006,Not as many games came out like we get nowadays.

      Normaly i would shut music off,But, lol the song was so damn catchy i could not bring myself to shutting it off. OMG i sang that thing for 7 months everyday, I use to just hang out in the town and go afk as the music played. ๐Ÿ˜€

      As i said , Therapy ๐Ÿ˜‰

      After all that time i could NEVER go back!

      I really don’t even know if they ever updated it.

      But thanks to Magicman, I have not stopped singing the damn thing since i remembered it


      • Intense therapy i guess 0_0, and i must be crazy…7 MONTHS????

        I cant even imagine this!!I would explode my computer!!

        Man that game must be good…

        A-Bomb to Magicman for make Inflictious remember the song…

        Hey GunZ is back online on Aeria?

        • Yes it is was playing last night, Unfortionately day 6th the first Hacker appeared, Only a lawnmower hack but still.

          Decide Online was not good at all, That damn song was the only reason i logged on .


          • Hmm, i was expecting hackers, Aeria sucks in security…and very bad…
            Now lets stop talking about this song…it must bring back bad memories for you =D

  17. Another Fine Episode!

    Warrior Need’s Food Badly ! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Aeria Game’s
    My GunZ Account’s ( IjjI ) all 3 with my 100’s of dollars of prems transfered with no problem.
    I really want to thank these guy’s for not being total A-Bomb’s and making me rebuy everything.
    Day 5 now ..Still No Hacker’s ! (reminding me of the days of I-GunZ)

    Question of the week.

    lol, Really i gotta just thank you on this for bringing up the worst memory of my life !

    Decide Online :
    Reason,The Christmas song’s looping in each zone,Higher your lvl the longer you had to listen to the same song over and over and over.
    Would not have been to bad , But it was in the middle of summer !

    Song: Jesus,Oh jesus, What a wonderful child. ( Starting zone and town )

    Jesus, Jesus
    Oh what a wonderful child
    Jesus, Jesus
    So lowly meek and mild
    New life, new hope, new joy He brings
    Won’t you listen to the angels sing
    Glory, glory, glory
    To the new born King

    I won’t write the whole song , But thanks again for getting it stuck back in my head !
    After all those years in therapy.
    A-bomb to you sir. lmao just kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Question : RaiderZ
    The combat style of the game is not really new as you mentioned Tera ( I think,Never played)
    But is it one of the first Free to Play mmorpg’s to have this Style?

    Question i would have liked to know when talking to Mark, Since there really is no open beta.How will Character wipe’s work if any?
    And he said about beta testing the Item Mall, And said he got that idea from other game’s, I personaly have never heard of any company testing thier Item mall besides,The item mall being totaly accessable during beta ( Spirit Tales )

    Thank’s again my friend and looking forward to next episode.



    • There’s actually about to be a wipe in firefall, as they’re releasing a massive patch that will change the game completely. They’re removing levels from the game, changing how you obtain/equip gear, reworking all the battleframes (classes), etc. They only wipe in this sort of situation where everything changes.

      They’ll be testing beta probably by adding in little by little, allowing you to purchase from the cash shop. If it proves to be too much or too “pay2win”, they’ll remove it from the cash shop, and refund you for the purchase (hopefully).

  18. I want to give a “Da Bomb” to Free2Play games in general. Being a PC gamer since i was a kid, and being alienated and ridiculed by my console wielding neighbors in my younger years, i felt like the time of Person Computers was up. But NOW, with the new crop Free2Play games, I’m proud to brag to my 360 and PS3 friends that have to pay any sorts of money to even test the crappiest of “anticipated” releases.
    So again a “DA BOMB” to ALL, and I mean ALL, games that have and will come out that will require no charge at all, it makes me happy that I stuck it out with PC.

    I give an “A BOMB” to paying DLC. PUT THAT SHIT IN THE GAME!!!!

  19. Portuguese people ROCK! ๐Ÿ˜€ If you are Portuguese join our MMO facebook community! Search for MMO Geeks Portugal! Sorry for the ad guys!

  20. Hey everyone!
    Just wanted to let you know that Spunkify IS scheduled to appear on the F2P Cast that we record on August 12th! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Don’t forget your weekly bombs!

    • Hey Magicman i was just wondering if u considered c9 in the same category as Raiderz. i honesty haven’t seen any games JUST like raiderz. And if there are any id love the names so i could try them (excluding c9 and vindi of course)

      • also A-bomb to c9, alot of people love this game and from what i herd so do u and many people at mmobomb but this game has finally got on my last nerve. don’t get me wrong the game is fun superb graphics and game set up but the support and server issues are making it a complete a-bomb. since obt the servers have gone down multiple times for maintenance with out any warning to the players,multiple bugs (even after official launch) and little to no player composition. just recently the whole us server went down and failed to give us any details accept that it was down (witch was quite obvious at that point) There have also been major bugs were groups of people have been unable to log on due to errors (not me luckily) and webzen hasn’t even taken the time to replay to there complaints all they have been told is to re download the game regardless of if it helps or not. so thats why c9 gets A-bomb. Da-bomb goes to maestia (and raiderz even though it inst out yet rofl) Maestia has given me something new to play as waiting for knight age,raiderz.,and sevencore. The way they have implemented the mercenary system is amazing. The main selling point is that it isn’t an easy game. Its the first game in a while that has been challenging to play. Just earlier to day my friend and i duo’ed a dungeon with a merc and it took us over an hour and used all out potions….IT WAS FRICKEN AWESOME! the continent that the game takes place on is decent sized so there is plenty to do and there is 20v20 faction pvp along with a decent guild system. for each of the 4 class’s there are 2 separate skill trees along with a “shared tree” in the middle with a mix of skills that both trees can use. Im 19 and am proud to say i have played 50+ F2p mmo games and i can say hands down that this is one of the best i have ever played, def top 5. Thanks for all the amazing videos helps me find new things to play considering how many i have tried its hard to find anything to play recently Q.Q keep it up!


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