This week the Free to Play Cast lands a new host, has an interview with Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris, divulges their favorite video game villians, and reads YOUR feedback on all things Free to Play. Join in for all the excitment on a brand new episode of the Free to Play Cast!

If you have submissions for the show’s Weekly Bombs, have questions for the panel (nothing is off limits!), or just ideas for what you want covered you can now send them to You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week’s biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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  1. whoah this blog is magnificent i love studying your articles.
    Stay up the great work! You realize, lots of individuals are hunting
    around for this information, you can aid them greatly.

  2. First i would like to drop an ApeBomb (a bomb) on League of legends Community; since /v/ and 4chan got a hold of it you cant enjoy a solo queue anymore, and at Riot for putting up with it and doing nothing about the massive amount of games been ruined by such people(trolls). I wish League of Legends would have stayed closed beta.

    Well my question is the following.
    Can i expect the F2P Cast to have a female host so that we can have a female approach to mmos and at the same time have have lots of sammiches? (many have asked this but i really want sammiches)

    PS. Only requirement would be a sexy voice

    • Hi Nick!
      On the show going up this week there is in fact a female host. You will have to decide if the voice is to your liking lol. As for sammiches…you can ask her but she’ll probably be a bit busy PvPing and whooping up on me!

  3. i give da bomb to the sacred world its an upcoming mmorpg and its buy to play, but it has no restrictions and you can play one day like a tank and a second day you can change eaverything the way yu want to be

  4. I want to give DA bomb for Realm of the Mad God, for in genius gameplay and fun, a very well structured Free 2 play game. You will never ever need to spend money in that game unless you want too.

  5. Hey guys from Canada again.

    Once again great show, I love the show, I think this is better than those 700 channel on my TV, but I think you guys really need a female gamer in there. just a thought…… 😀

    Well I guess you guys already know my question, but I ll say it anyways: Hey F2p cast, when is there going to be a female gamer in the F2p cast? And also how would it make you guys feel? Oh this gonna be good. 😀

    For the bombs, I wanna give a Da-bomb for League of legends, I use to play the game 2 years ago, but due to stuff in real life I stopped for basically a year. Now I recently went into the game once again, its just awesome, looking at how many new heroes came out, a new game mode, I just love it. Although I won’t spend so much time on it, but definitely a game i ll drop in regularly.

    Good luck to you guys on finding a female gamer. hehe 😀

  6. Guys, i have an idea, why not make a guild on some mmo’s?You know, with will be great, chat with the cast, maybe do some first look,raids and advertise the site!What you guys think about it?

    • lol Glad to see i was not the only one thinking about this , I sent Magicman an email asking the same thing a few episodes ago 😀

  7. I’m with ya, Havoc. I hate Chuck Norris as a person and as a meme. Stupid Bible-thumping has-been. Also, you guys needs to get some girls on the show!

    • Umm, first I am going to correct you. Chuck Norris markets jokes, yes he hired people too create jokes. There is a reason behind it..He was trying too get childern involved and get a message out. The internet being the internet has come up with so many more and carried it a long way.

      Second, bible-thumping? Are you that hateful? Are you that stupid? We can start the whole theology debate, and the only thing that comes in the end is the all time claim you can’t prove god..Well I got news for you, science itself has can’t proven that you or I exist. So maybe go pick up book hell even a bible and read it..It might open your closed minded ideology.

    • Honestly, I do not care to much whether hosts are female or male.

      I just listen for the information provided on upcoming games or games i might have missed and want to try.

  8. Okay this my seem out of the topic but does anyone know if there is any internships or something of the sort for Hi-Rez Studios? im looking for an internship and it would be amazing if i got get that possiblity. And for the deleting of char after OB finishes i think this is something really nice because i hate losing my character after beta and i just end up quitting the game because i dont want to play the same things over and over just because my hero was deleted. I’d Luv to join you in the PVP slaughter of Aion come feb 28 🙂

    <3 FFVII

    I have two questions! 😀

    Have you guys traveled anywhere around the world?

    and are you guys open to having members of the public maybe joining your F2P cast? maybe have a user special? something that 😀

    • Hey Rinor,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      As far as traveling, I’ve lived in Central America and I have been to Amsterdam & Sweden.

      If you want to be a guest on the F2P cast email just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you would like to cover.

  9. umbrella isnt the bad one its the good one i mean they do it to give the BSAA their paycheck…
    sephiroth is a (srry for cursing) f*** asshole i threw him 3 times back and he kills me like 10 times in the process of that…

    Answer to the question of the week : if you could remake any game what game would you remake?

    a freaking THE bomb as big as russia and asia together to Team Fortress 2

    reasons :

    1.) it isnt pay to win , what you can buy in the store you can easily craft
    2.) they are now introducing the workshop to players to MAKE content to be IN the game so the community can be actually a part of the game
    3.) fun community , so much fun to play and they are so nice
    4.) the variety of guns and hats and such
    5.) its messing around… if thats not something nothing is…

  10. As I use to say, always say no to “pay to win” games, boycott’em all, because if they make a game F2P and make it P2W too, it makes us free players just training for the ones that actualy pay, another thing you guys could discuss a little magicman would be woman having smaller hit boxes in shooter games, man it gets really annoying.

  11. You guys forgot to give an A-bomb to Hellgate Global. They’ve IP banned a few Asian countries.

    Back when IP banning MMOs are still new to many players in the internet, players that are IP banned have asked why they were country banned and asked to make a petition against IP bans in public mmo forums. I’m not saying names here to avoid others being offended. But at that time, playerbase from IP exclusive countries have not taken the pleads from Asian, Europe and middle east playerbase politely.

    They were all, “U mad, Bro?” or “sucks to be you!” or ” F**k Asian countries and their gold farmers.” Now back to 5 years ago, when I was younger, I did not take these insults lightly. Now listening to that part of the podcast, it’s like digging back the bad gaming past. The ones that I have to get over and pardon fellow players. And yes this is like a painful flashback.

    It’s a good thing that you guys mentioned it. I’m just trying to shed some light to you guys that in certain countries other than yours, these countries didn’t have the same benefits compared to yours, in all of these expects, PvP, Ping levels, Cash top-ups, and Subscription-base wise.

    I’m glad that you guys are teaching people from other countries not to turn a blind eye and overlook the inconvenience that players from other countries have to go through, and also the bias-ness service providers do.

    Greetings from Brunei.

  12. I have a questions:
    1.) Do you all sit in the same room to make these videos or is it an over the phone/net chat discussion?

    2.) Do you control the website directly? Because I always notice that gamelists are never updated. What I mean is, some websites have a top 10 list based on votes, or web host choice. Now, lets say in 2003 a ton of people voted game X, then the market drops today and most of those people quit playing the game, however it is almost impossible to vote for another game, as X retains this mass amount of votes and sits on the top 10 list, even if it has been shut down, or lost massive popularity. That would require the website managers to reset the voting, and start new. OR keep the votes, but mark it in the “2003” top 10, and start fresh voting for 2011.
    Do you plan to do that? That would be awesome, because right now your list of top 10 has more competition.
    On that note:
    3.) In each genre (FPS, MMORPG, MOBA) what are your top 3 picks?

    4.) IS Serjio from the cast, the same serjio that runs around posting comments here and in youtube? I swear I am being trolled by an imposter.

      • You are correct sir!

        And cacalips your not being trolled, you can check the page check the MMOBomb Team at the bottom of the page you’ll see my name.

        As for the user “richbg” commenting on the youtube videos, that is me as well I annotate my posts with “~Sejiro” so the community knows it’s me.

        I’m a member on the F2P Cast, and I create First Looks for MMOBomb.

        For viewers that want to know how to find out what game I’m playing you can check my tweets @SejiroGaming

        I also livestream typically on the weekends

  13. ok one about eligium there people play this game came i went to play in cb i played still 35 before it end it took me 3 days reach then open beta came i went sleep when it came online when i woke up i only slept for 6 hours there is person who reached 35 that person did do anything for 3 more days he just played and played reached 40 now it has been week since start playing i reach 35 at last if they wipe the charecter in open beta i will never see this game forget the guy who played the game 3 days with out no sleep he would cryand there use to be bot system in this gameit was working fine in CBT they closed it in OBT and do u know after one week i spend all the ingame currency to make one mountin this game u cant buy a mount . magic my question is for you i dont know any game with out pvp or pk how do survie those or what games do u play.

  14. Hey Magicman !

    I will give my thoughts on a few things you asked us about this week.

    1) Having your chars wiped after beta`s.
    I prefer the company`s allowing players to keep thier chars.
    Nothing is worse than having everyone start back at lvl 1 , This makes the first 2 weeks almost unplayable if everyone starts over.
    Lag sometimes becomes an issue due to over flooding that they never experienced in Testing.
    All quests become a fight just to get the number of items or kills you need to complete it.
    ( These few small things can make or break a fan base for those never in the testing phase)

    2) Spirit Tales – I myself was in the beta and got hooked for about 5 days. Just had a diffrent feel to it and really did keep me entertained for that time.The lack of open worldness did take its toll in the end and i left.
    Great Kids Game for low end PC,s

    3) What i want to know about you guys

    Just how we can figure out where you guys are to join you in a game during the week or weekends.

    Great show , keep them coming !

    Your friend Inflictious !

    • Now that i had a day to think about it.

      I would like to know all of your reasons for picking your “Gamer Tag’s”

      Everyone has a reason why he or she has chosen it.And continue to use it in every mmorpg they play.

  15. Dear F2P cast I wish to give an A-Bomb to have a product that is horrible, and bugged but yet they still sign up with game developers even though punkbuster may or not work for there users.

    P.S. Im from Alaska

  16. DoTa was a clone of AoS….A clone of an even older game on starcraft..SO lets just agree too avoid the lawsuit and call it MOBA. I have roughly eleven years playing MOBA games and by no means does Blizzard own the rights! Not that MOBA style games started out on Starcraft then we had Warcraft 3 RoC followed by TFT where the engine allowed for DoTA played for years…

    • realy, and every fps is a clone of cs? guess what then thats a clone of lite.. wolfenstein 3d and that from the first fps ever or some thing and at the end every game is a clone of the first game ever… i realy don´t get it why is every new game a clone of something older even if it got new things.. and then no offence to you, i just don´t get it..

      • The original DoTa was an EXACT clone of Aeon of Strife with only renames. When Frozen Thorn came along, Aeon of Strife released one version before the originally developers kinda vanished. AT that point DoTa came out with a version of Aeon of Strife that had five new heroes and everything renamed..So yes DoTa is a clone. However, most of this goes back too Starcraft when the Battlenet community originally got a small group of people who fell in love with the “MOBA” style. Dota later evolved into a great MOBA game, where as Aeon of Strife kinda of..well came back in a different format.


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