In this all new episode of the Free to Play Cast the hosts debate is 8-Bit still has a place in modern gaming, gets a little PvP action in with Brick-Force, and then chats it up with a Community Manager for Spirit Tales. Do the currently releasing Anime MMOs have what it takes to grab your attention? Find out if it grabbed ours on this somewhat longer episode!

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  1. I though id ask this now to see what you guys have to say about GW2, are you guys playing it? and whats your opinion on it? do you plan on going for “End Game” ?

  2. Hey just wondering when Magicman and the rest of the cast are going to make the game ” MMOBOMB “?
    All characters would be your bomb logo !

    Sides : a-bomb (dark side) & da-bomb ( light side)
    Classes :First look (tank), F2PC (rogue), Giveaways ( healer) ,Features ( mage )

    All characters come with a self detonation inflicting 90% damage to all other players in a 300 m range.But doe’s not hurt mobs ! ( if you want the 100% , i understand mmobomb is that powerful ! )

    Insert Brims mounted. I reccomend this being a troll that rides you and trash talks you for walking so slow.

    Must be a 8-bit world . The rest of the idea’s i will leave to you , need any help just email me for more details :P.

    MMOBOMB the game – coming Soon 2020 !

  3. I disaggree with this guys , this new gpotato game , with anime graphis seems like an adaptation from what we mmrpg gamers want the most , cute graphics , nice skils? probably change of clases so you wont get bored , and this new not so new kind of 2d /3d/ gameplay with dungeons and all , it sounds interesting , is the new wave and it comes from asia 🙂 check ou the newgames

    • Interesting take on it! I hope you’re right because I loved the cutscenes so I am hopeful!
      Thanks so much for watching!

  4. Hey guys another great show, keep it up.

    Last week I been playing spirit tales and it was quite fun, but I just think it might be too cartoonish for me, I think I would of liked it if it came sooner. I think their cash shop is very similar to lunia’s cash shop in a way, which also has that option to trade cash items for in game currency.

    Good luck to you guys. I am not playing any mmo at the moment, just want to take a little break for a while until Aion or C9, comes out.

    And I also I want to give Da-bomb to Brick force, because who doesn’t like creating their own content to a game? 😀

    • I am a WoW player. I’ve plyaed since it came out in 2004. I plyaed this game when it came out in 2004. It is not a WoW clone. Sure it has simple stuff like interface, combat, etc. But that is the small stuff. Allods is massive, entertaining, and compelling combat system that WoW cannot top. It is challenging. That is what makes it fun. If you don’t like it, then fly around in your Zeppelin, while I pilot my astral ship.

  5. Great show as allways Since there was no question i would like to ask what is the most memorable thing you ever done on mmo so big that all server knew you for it. Excluting mmobomb related. O and I agree with magicman Ncsoft is the most random company ever i allways dissliked it but i love their games.
    Would like to give Da bomb to Lineage 2 as a game that used to have no story line or quests it turn out to be quite something i know there is many people that disslike point and click but trust me if you put some time to the game it will be irrevelant o and if you like Lord of the rings music go to gludio thats what you gona hear 😀 another lawsuit right there.

    P.S A guy from lithuania keep it coming and if you need liseners opinion on a game i´m allways available

  6. Grand show again u’ll !! Ok the mount be able to mount the char…hee hee hee … this is just a drop in the bucket on it . So lets say your mounts is low on stacts then yes I would love to see this done in a game . Even if it would help lvl your mount faster too !!! {Now lets see what magicmann would look like that his char with a elephant mount on them LOL } J/K {BTW I can do the fan art ,but I’m hoping someone will take it and run with it . }

  7. Okay so the interview could possible flip me to play the game it gave me that little insentive to play the game i like the ideas of the games it really does look and sound cool.
    also thanks for mentioning how screwed up aion is for the european community. i stopped playing aion because of the restrictions it was not worth the time and effort.
    didnt see any question for this week but yet again great episode

  8. Another fine show !

    No question so i will comment.

    Spirit Tales . Elliot says that thier trying for it not to be pay to win. I personaly do not agree.

    Reason : In this beta they have allowed all ” Item Mall ” items accessable to try out.
    I am seeing alot of players hitting + 10 ,+ 11.. on thier weapons.
    If i ever made something that big like alot of players will. I would not be selling it for ” Gold ” that 50$ weapon will stay in my inventory or bank ” Forever “.

    Just my thought on this being a p2w in arena’s & pvp !

    • I thought about this alot and after being in Aion , i would make games like these totaly free to play, How would i make money ?
      My item mall would only consist of ” Gold ” drop the gold rate by 50% to make players really think about buying from me and how cheap it is.

      Bye Bye Gold spammers , my game would be free of that to.

  9. Another great show guys. Abit late for an answere to this question but the most I’ve spent in a f2p mmorpg was £150 which is around $250 and that was to get some uber epic gear in Kingdom Heroes 🙂

  10. Thanks for another episode guys! got me hooked for an hour straight.
    Also i have to give an Da Bomb to Bounty Hounds online. The battle mechanics and pet system is really good, the graphics are awsome and a really friendly community and a good learning curve.

    Keep on doing what youre doing and i hope Spirit Tales ad the Mount-ed.

    Ps. im a guy from Sweden!

    • Bounty Hounds online has a eu version that has restrictions for half of the eu countrys and they are calling thous countrys russia so f** thous bastards from Innogames

      • I agree up to point where you had to curse its unecessary and its not the host but developer that can´t read map.I hate the for it and hope they can fix it. But for now i can´t agree on you giving a Da bomb as its lying to users.

        • I checked it up and thats true. I would never point out a Da bomb to a game with those kind of restrictions. Im sorry if this has caused inconvenience for you guys. I will read up more about the developers plans before da bombing some game or developer again. Thanks for letting me know . MrPixelBox


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