Ever play Minecraft and think “This needs a gun?”, how about getting the opportunity to name and create your own MMO? Our weekly podcast gives you both in this new episode. Listen and get the scoop on highly anticipated betas, see how our panel fares when faced with MMOBomb Trivia, and much more.

Free-To-Play Cast is a exclusive podcast (and videocast) from MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games but more focused on the personal opinions of our editors and players. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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  1. Really you are a long time player?… You started with FF online on the PS2. How old are you 16?
    Go back to school so that you can contribute to society at some point in the future instead of “reviewing” games with your very limited scope of experience.

    • HAHA! I believe Selfius was giving his first long time venture into MMOs and the one that sucked up the most of his time, not his first intro into gaming 🙂

      Thanks for listening!

  2. I agree Perfect World Entertainment makes great games, so does Aion, and NC Soft, but I have something to say about Lineage 2, and PWI.

    1. Lineage 2, Has no GM Customer Service my account got hacked, not keylogged when it went Free 2 Play, Lineage 2 GM’s would not restore or fix my account let alone get the person responsible for it. (So I am no longer playing.)

    2. Perfect World, I love their games, but the problem with their games is the cash shop. I do not mind paying $50 or $100 on a game I like first time, and like $20 a month, however the games PWI Offers doesn’t offer me Unlimited customizations, or unlimited resets. For example if I have spent at least $100 in 1 year these features should be 100% FREE for the entire year.

    Not saying every item in the cash shop should be free I do not mind paying additional for costumes,etc. But I want to be able to sell trade these to my alts and to other players not bound items, otherwise I feel it is a RIP OFF.

    3. I have spent lots of moeny on F2P MMO’s but i will not pay for MMO’s that do not offer anything worth paying for or feel like a RIP-OFF MMO.

  3. Well once again leaving a comment to say i love this and to say…You said you don’t have enough female feedback…Well i’m a girl and a player and i know there are quite a few others out there.
    As for the questions of this week i actually asked some of my friends just to see what they would answer…The answer i got from them was unanimous “The most anticipated game of 2012” for them is ArcheAge Online which is also my answer to this same question.

    As for the question about what name i would give to my own game and what would it be about…
    That’s kind of a hard one…there are so many games out there and so many others coming out that i think i would pick up all the good ideas of each game and trow them all together and see what comes out of there. Like the best skill system i ever found in a game plus no gender/race lock for classes, a good balance between quests and grind exp. Well you see where i’m getting right?! (It would probably end up like some chaotic project with no future o.o’ but who knows…)

    Anyway don’t want to turn this into a huge wall of text so…See ya next time!
    Hugs to all from Portugal

  4. name of the game: The Pit Holl
    gener: post- apocaliptic, steampunk MMORPG
    no levels, just lerning eaverything from doeing something, no restrictions and total freedom.
    a lot of mutated things, after the apocalips plus few survivers that made a huge step in medicin and robotics for the robotick replaysment parts

  5. Hello, what kind of mmo i would make? Action shooter ofc and i would name it “KILLING BALLS” and ONLY female characters would be available, gender locked.. 😀 release date: 2012.12.21.

  6. okay so for the game and stuff i dont know but i wanted 2 ask you guys what is the most worth while free 2 play game of 2day i mean i played alot of them, but non of them really hooked me for a long time i really didnt feel like going into it that hard. when i was younger i played rappelz for maybe 2 years or something along those lines. what would you guys make as the best game.

    p.s. isnt C9 a P2P?

    FYI im a guy 😛
    and i live in Kosovo =]

    • Hi Rinor! Thanks for listening!
      What have you played? I don’t want to recommend something you triend and didn’t enjoy already

    • And no, C9 is F2P. THere was some discussion a few years ago about being P2P but that only applied to South Korea AND dedicated NetCafes. I am not sure if that little tidbit is still the case now though.

      • Well i did like to play rapplez but i played that at practically the beginning when everything was fresh and everyone was helping everyone. so i guess i would like something with a bit higher graphics with a nice community,so one that isnt dead until high level gaming. not sure if thats 2 much 2 ask but u know thats how i like it so leveling doesnt seem so plain and dull that i get bored of the game so fast that i quit :/ i tried runes of magic but it just seemed that no 1 was playing it till the high levels and i really hate questing and see NO ONE playing i just makes me feel like the game has no re-play ability.
        thanks for any recomendation

        • Hi Rinor,

          I to started back in the days of Rappelz,Silkroad,Ferentus,Requime.

          But games like these with open world enviorments are rare nowadays in the F2P market, Seem’s like anime and mini map style have taken over the market.

          As for community well i hate to say it,,But since it seems 5 games come out every 2 months if you don’t find a guild within 2-3 weeks of OBT the starting zones are dead no matter what, Gamer’s moved onto something else that has been released or everyone is mid lvl’d on multiple chars and help only thier guild.

          If looking for a open world enviorment like the old days, Game’s like Everquest2, Lineage2,Lord of the Ring’s, Dungeons and Dragons online,Conan (more mini map but active) and why not DC Universe.
          Most of these old P2P have a huge community still,that still help new players.

          Keep your eyes open, Aion goes F2P in Febuary

          • yea im looking on aion its coming out near my bday wanna try that out if it is as highly anticipated as people say it will be a nice game to try out i really hope it isnt a hugh flop like all the others -.-

  7. nice work … whit this video … 😛 u do a greet job …. i just received an email from http://tera-europe.com/ .. the game will come in europe …. so i’m exaited but i don’t know if will be f2p ore p2p … nice work whit the cast videos .

  8. point and click is not going anywere
    not everyone likes those wasd to move , some gamers (like myself) are lazy and wanna relax when playing an mmorpg
    plus hitting skill hotkeys while moving with wasd , doesent work and never will work EVER xD
    c9 does look epic ,kabod online has stunning char graphics aswell and is now live and fp2 ,lots of nudity and sex aswell as mobs quest and drops /pvp pretty epic and worth being included in the next pod cast

  9. Hi Everyone!

    This is YOUR show, I just host it. in that spirit, I want to get even MORE viewer involvement than we already have. Today I am asking for co-hosts to join us for discussion in episodes a few weeks from now. I would like you to YouTube message me with why YOU should be considered as a host for a day and what you want to talk about. We will pick a few to reach out to discuss further. Please remember that as much as I would love to, I CANNOT reach out to EVERYONE who applies!

    Obviously you would need to have Skype, a mic, and there would be an audio quality test as well.



  10. Hey guys, I love your show, have been with this site ever since it started, and actually applied to be a official commentator like you guys, but needed a better mic :/

    Anyways I wanted to answer your second question about making my own game.

    The name would be: Last one
    Genre: MMORPG, Zombie, Survival
    I always wanted to play a game where the world just had a zombie outbreak. You and some neighbors decided to team up and make a small base in our neighborhood (These neighbors would be randomly selected people from the game lobby). You scavenge during the day for items that would help make your mini base better, upgrade your weapons and armor. As you advance in days, you and your fellow neighbors (Other people in the game) can decide to either stay and expand your base, or go in an adventure to find other bases and work together to improve your own lives. As you find more member that joined your “Party” or “Group” you can start to rebuild humanity and create guarded cities. In these cities you can create and customize your own little home with a storage area of your items, and you can sleep, create and improve your items here with that items that you scavenge during the day. The ultimate goal of the game is to create a giant city with thousands of members, and to finally get the technology to create a antidote for the zombie outbreak.

    Thanks for reading 😀

  11. i am from india and my game i am waiting blade and soul . i would make a action game if had what need and i am just one of the few gamer who play for long time from india my abomb is for eligium they blocked me from playing i have few many software like porxy get it kind of bug me that we r not counted has players .

  12. yes,i had signed up for some PW games before because they were giving random keys and i always dont get any,the only games that i get a key from the website is repulse and elgium

    • I hear ya , i have been in alot of thier beta’s though , seems that PWE rewards the players that pay them to play, dropped money on almost every game they have. More or less they reward you that way.. I agree not fair but is true.

  13. Yes, I to have been trying to follow this as much as possible ever since seeing it in GunZ advertised in the weapon shop map.

    Maiet – being such a rather small company sure did do an awsome job with GunZ being 9 years old and i still play it daily after 7 years.

    I have signed up for the beta in it and i hope PWE does a good job of running it for them. Just don;t expect to chat much since PWE Always in every game uses that as an item mall feature!

  14. First off, Really loving the show.

    I have a few questions for you reguarding this episode.

    1) Age of Wushu – With no leveling do you think that the item mall ” will ” end up being a huge determining factor in pvp?

    2) You mentioned that you do not like the idea of adding friends to your social networking accounts due to your Professional networking, To access a beta.

    Have you ever considered making your character ( in game name) a profile?

    I myself have created a social networking profile for my character, This way it acts as a resume,(since more and more companys are making us jump that little extra to get in)
    .In game friends have become my community.
    Get into enough closed beta’s your always keeping your ingame name!

    My most anticipated game of 2012 – FireFall – just reminds me alittle of Starship Troopers and might bring a new feel to the F2P market.

    As for my game ( I would really have to look at it from a profit point of view)

    Name – Cybertronic Fantasy Realms
    Type – Social Networking – FPS – MMORPG – Fantasy – Gambling – Racing – And various Sporting events.

    I would want players to only have to login to 1 game and play them all without ever having to exit a style of game to play something else.
    ( 1 world that has everything in it that every gamer would desire)

    Would need a rating of 16+ though – costumes in item mall ( sex sells )

    And Thank’s Magicman for agreeing with me in your video on how i look at item mall purchases.

    Keep up the good work guy’s , looking forward to the next Cast.

    Your fan Inflictious.

    • Hi Inflictious!

      WOW! A lot going on here! 🙂

      1) I am nervous about this too and I am hopeful that with the high buzz for the game they will do the right things with the Cash Shop.

      2) I have indeed considered it and will have to put together shortly 😛

      I like your game idea! Man there’s a ton going on in it!

      Thanks as always for listening!

  15. Wow this dude said Repulse is up there with console 60 – 50 $ Games…. Wow…………..
    Has he not played Blacklight Retribution.

    Just by looking at TDM on this game, .. Utter garbage. Cross the map in 5 seconds.
    Enemys glow white before they spawn, as soon as they spawn in your aiming at their head, cap cap, headshot.

    Wait for them to spawn again.

  16. Lol hey! Great job on yet another great episode. Would really like it if you did a review on Kingdom Heroes please 🙂 its a historical mmorpg published by aeria games and the publisher isnt helping much by not advertising the game etc which has lost the game alot of players hehe,

    Age of Wulin is would also be a good game to see discussed by you guys in one of the upcoming episodes 🙂

    • Color me skeptical on the quotsien of whether the imaginative possibilities afforded by gaming environments are larger than those of common or garden written discourse. It would seem to me that, viewed strictly as literature, games are likely to tap on a smaller field of the more intensely held values. The reasoning behind that thought is that, because success in the field is measured by mass-market appeal on an international scale, that would necessarily push authors toward scenarios and symbols with a least-common-denominator quality. National and local literatures of the traditional type are not subject to the same constraints, and can tap a vein of shared experience that runs deeper, with a sparser set of signals. In other words, the more significant factor in evaluating the role of the audience in the creation of the work may not be the mechanics of the two media, but the economics of their creation.

  17. Another fantastic week for mmobomb guys!

    By the way, you guys should look into SOPA and PIPA, if it would affect the free to play online communities.

    • I have the same opinion. Even though I don’t live in the United States the SOPA and PIPA will change the world of internet alot. If America starts to volunteer I am sure, that other countries will follow and the internet will fall into a completel censorship. The internet is one of the most important media, because we can post our opinion (more or less) anonymous. Everywhere!

  18. You should look into Lineage 2’s, which recently went free to play, recent problems with bots, adena (gold) sellers, massive lag, and a surge of “hacking”. Some theorize it may be a security issue with the “Path to Awakening” website which is the way players claim in game rewards at certain levels. Others think it could be a case of a corrupt GM. Multiple players have checked their outgoing in game mail and discovered their items were mailed to the same unknown character. Some “hacked” players manage to get common items from NCSoft in return for what was taken. Seeing as what they lost was much more valuable or rare, they’re not happy.

    Whatever the case, discussion is unwelcome on the official forums. Posts are deleted.

    • Not true… Just check the YouTube comments and views… You also have the MP3 version if you’re not really interested in 45 min of video.

      In any case, why bothering? Because we love our members and we want to create good content.

    • Actually most casts last for an hour as some form of an unwritten rule. RoosterTeeth goes on for 90 minutes for example.
      Also, I’ve heard of a magical race of people that have an attention span even larger then one school hour, their origins are shrouded in mystery but it is commonly believed that they hail from deep within the wardrobe where lies the magical land called Narnia.

      • Shh, us magical people are a secret!

        Anyway, honestly I would like them too be a bit longer, its fun as hell listening too them talk. I honestly would love too just sit in a teamspeak and talk with them. As that is not happening anytime soon, I will load up anything they upload too youtube. It is entertaining enough said.

        • Thank you for the positive feedback! We love doing the show and without listeners we realize there isn’t a show! 🙂 Feel free to message me on YouTube with thoughts on topics!


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