On the final episode of the Free to Play Cast for 2012 Magicman and friends grow tired of Bioware choices, chat about their love of Neverwinter’s Rogue, and think about playing Age of Conan again. We announce our 1 year contest winners and drop some weekly bombs!

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  1. I’m seeing that it’ll be until June 2012 for En Masse to actually switch TERA NA to f2p, earlier for TERA EU though.

    To that member A-bomb to all the MMOs…seems quite hypocritical, when you say that all of them seem the same, yet still are willing to shell out cash for B&S, as well as playing Forsaken World…I would’ve thought they’d quit playing MMOs altogether, or at least stop playing them for awhile.

    QotW: I’m looking forward to Wildstar, TES Online, B&S, Otherland, ArcheAge, Neverwinter & PSO2 for 2013, assuming all of them are actually released for the West in 2013.

    • I think the NA tera will be f2p first…the EU version still hasn’t got the cash shop yet as far as i know also gameforge(tera EU) have the rights to RaiderZ so 2 action combat rpg’s can they justify having the 2 of them f2p? and if tera dose go they’ll need to make it pretty bad to make sure they don’t loose anything from raiderz

  2. well A Bomb for allods merging servers and not paying attention to their current player base in which they lost with the server merge. Another A Bomb would be to Jagex for launched evolution of combat which lost them over 400k. subscribers and over 300k. f2p players and not finding a good marketing strategy to bring in the new players to make up for the losses.

    Gmae looking foward to in 2013 is GTA5 :).

  3. i dont see starwars lasting much longer..they need to copy soe..eq2 is a nice set up..yes there are restrictions but if you get silver it is almost unnoticeable(unless you want to sell something :0/) ea is becoming a disgrace……i still wish they woulda just made another console game..i loved them and still own both.

  4. Question Of The Week

    I am waiting personally for terra online,age of wulin and blade and soul online(if it goes f2p which i highly doubt)i already got to play firefall and i loved it.

    A Bomb/Da Bomb

    i would like to give an a bomb AND Da bomb to hawken online.I want to give an Da bomb to Haken for the reason that i really liked it and it was really something “different” for me to try and an A Bomb to it cause i seriously got pissed so much at this game cause i am good in general at shooters but at this i sucked so much that i was forced to uninstall it.

  5. Go Selphius i totally agree.
    Answer to question of the question is City Of Steam…. I want it on steam and it is so good even on browser, i lovin it

  6. Hello Sir, Thank’s for another Great Episode !

    I just want to comment on a previous episode when asked what game will go free to play first , I Sir said Tera and I was right !
    Even if it is only in Japan and Korea in January and Febuary,No matter what, It will be considered a True F2P.
    The Secret World….. B2P no matter where you live.

    When you were talking about Conan and all it’s update’s, Well after the long long long days i have spent in TSW, I myself had thought about Conan a few time’s also lately for when i bought it i to had a crap pc..
    But i had tried so many Knock off’s of it ( Troy Online & Dragona Online as example’s) That maybe i should with all these restrictions removed go back to where those game’s started from and play the best of the bunch.

    Question of the week.

    Most anticipated game of 2013

    I really have high hope’s for The Elder Scrolls Online, Watching more and more Dev video’s about Lore and game Mechanic’s has got me super interested.

    I do have a Da Bomb.

    I know it is not truely free to play ” Yet “… But it has done so many thing’s right so far.

    Yes, This Fan Boy since the launch is giving it to The Secret World .

    I knew since the first time i got it home that this was going to be a must have for anyone that Loved the puzzle style game’s such as ” Silent Hill, Resident Evil .. and i will throw in a little bit of TombRaider for the challenge and thought process it take’s to solve Alot of the in game puzzle’s.

    Funcom has from what i can tell since i logged in at release Bumped it’s player base up 10 time’s over.The item mall has stayed the same pretty well ( not making it a B2P/P2P/P2W.
    Expansion’s are cheap , 5$ , Come on EA look at what your competition is doing!

    Funcoms 5 day money back garantee is a wonderful idea as well for players that just don;t know if thier internet or pc can handle it. I will admit i Run this on Ultra setting’s and i have yet to see another mmorpg look as amazing as this.

    So much over hype i could give this but it also doe’s not have that feeling like i get with alot of mmorpg’s Been there done that.
    Running around out in the open world, Even 2 man questing is giving Me and Magicman our deaths and enjoyment.

    A 30$ most have for any mmorpg player. Thats looking for something New/Fresh.



  7. Other than Path of Exile, and possibly tera if it ends up f2p,i haven’t seen enough of anything else to make me look forward to playing.

    Hope you had a good Xmas and are severely hung over on the new year along with the rest of us.

  8. My a-boom is to Mortal online, after I downloaded the game, 3 patches did start. All of the patches was like one half gig and it wood take 2 more hours so I quit the download. It was not worth it.

    4 the question of the week is: ArcheAge, Marvel heros, Age of Wushu, FireFall (BTP or sub: Blade & Soul, Defiance. Wildstar)

  9. Hey guys, nice show!

    I’m going to have to give an A-Bomb to flash games that sell “premium content.” As I said before, I hate the freemium model. Unfortunately it has invaded the flash games market. An example would be Infectinator 2, I love the game, but no way will I even give them half a dollar for what their idea of “premium content” was.

    As for the question of the week, I’m practically foaming from the mouth over Neverwinter. I want it so bad that I had to avoid any news about it. I even considered writing in a fake story about how my brother having horrible health problems and that all he wants in this world is to play it with me. Hoping that if I sent it to Magicman would reserve 2 keys for us.

    I loved every video game that took place in the Forgotten Realms, and I played Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2 to death. I hope that Perfect World/Cryptic won’t screw anything up. I admit that I’m genuinely worried about what could happen, but I’m still optimistic about what it’s going to be like.

    I’m also looking forward to Blade and Soul, Wildstar, and ESO, but Neverwinter tops my list by a landslide.

  10. Neverwinter, Path of Exile or the new Star Wars Expansion which will change the whole Gamerworld in ways you never could imagine, will be F2p-Mmo 2013 I guess.

  11. great year guys been following since the beginning.makes me laugh every week.
    question of the week the games im looking forward to the most are: neverwinter (entered the giveaway for the beta) and age of wushu.
    A bomb to ea bioware for their obvious money grubbing greedy “expansion”.
    A bomb for the secret world for not going free 2 play instead of buy to play.

  12. Hey I’m writing this in case you don’t check facebook messages frequently. I’m wondering how can a Torchlight 2 winner contact you? My most anticipated game of 2013 is Arche Blade, because we don’t get enough fighting games on the PC. I also have to give an A-bomb to Valve, I recently redownloaded the Dota 2 client to find that the game is running significantly slower on my machine due to recent updates. Greetings from Romania.


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