On this week’s episode we dawn our pokemon..I mean dragon training hats and set off to discuss the newly released MMO Dragon’s Prophet. Does it have what it takes to capture our hearts and push us to become the greatest dragon trainer of them all? We also delve into the first concrete details surrounding EA’s moba dawngate (reviving towers) and discuss Obsidian’s partnership with Allods Team on Skyforge. More news, member bombs and like always, the question of the week responses are all here on this episode of Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. about the moba’s honestly i never play moba’s cause in some sence the skills and items make it to weird till i tryed prime world wich i have to say i in my vieuw one of the best moba’s to play when you are trying the moba genre for first time as i played CBT for prime world it had a pretty big player base already no long waiting for matches so i think because they have the whole town building and all in it prime world will not have hard time getting a good player base compared to other newly releasing moba’s

  2. reminded me of c9 a bit when I played.. just with a pokemon twist, and open world(which is always a plus =))

  3. what’s with asian aproach to questing in mmos? isn’t wow just like that? fetch, kill, talk like? gw2 tried to do more immersive story telling, but still ppl are more for multiplayer stuff.

    i just don’t understand, howcome eastern quests are worse than western ones? cmon its mmos, or u rly believe that wow does “good” questing?

  4. Dragon PRof feels like a slap in the face. It is so Runes of Magic 2. The character hair and clothing and face IN GAME (which looks nothing like the character creation).
    The weapons models. The text. The sounds. The terrain. The movement. When you tame a dragon, that “bucking around” movement is a /Dance emote in Runes of Magic…It is so horrible. To make it “Dragons prophet” they added strange flame graphics here and there. Tossed in Raptor mounts and camera targerting…and poof. A new cash cow P2W from SONY and Rune Walker/Frogster. Do you all remember last Rune Walker title? Yeah…shut down after 6 months because they did not get the cash they wanted. I would skip this title. TERA is still better

    • Wow how ironic. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE GAME WAS MADE BY THE OFFICIAL CREATORS WHO FUGLING MADE RUNES OF MAGIC? Really TERA? Please Cacainbred you’re so bitchy how about you grow up a notch or grow a pair for your sake because you’re so immature and hating on everything! NO GAME IS BAD! NO GAME IS A COPY! EVERYTHING IS PERSONAL PREFERENCE and btw we don’t care about your stupid opinion. Please… you’re a fool and you’re ruining your reputation on MMOBomb.

      • Dragon’s Prophet is honestly a major improvement visually compared to RoM. I probably wouldn’t like the game as much as I do if it looked remotely close to what RoM did. lol.

  5. Lets hope… that the consoles will be invest more into the free to play market.

    but if you talk about Xbox its still a membership toplay online (GOLD ACCOUNT)
    for playstation i reallt can tell i dont own one but i know that it is free to play online on the playstation.

    so yeah maybe but for what i see from the new xbox i feel like its more a tool for you tv and skype and stuff but not a very game console.

    my question for you guys..

    when i was younger there were like 100 iconic characters like zelda,mario,kirby and so on.
    what is your free to play character icon?

    • Playstation = free online access always and forever…because…duh, it’s not 1996 with BBS’s and dialup and limits.

      Still amazed Microsoft rips people off with online costs and gets away with it.

      • gtf* 620!?!? I don’t know what planet you’re from, but a 620 is FAIL fail fail. I’m surprised it even exists! The model # in the middle (2 for you) is like a grade. 2/10. Fail.

        690 would be the best, 620 would be a failing grade. lolol

        • You’re freaking kidding me right? A 620 is fantastic the stupidity in you is strong since that graphics card can pretty much run BF3 on Ultra or so and such and such. Wow people like you really disgust me because everytime they mention a graphics card which is between 1 second – 8 years its apparently BAD and TRASH and SHIT oh did I forget to mention “FAIL”. See thats where you’re pretty much stupid. Did you know a GeForce 9500 can run BF3 on Medium with stable frames? Even a 8400 GT and a Radeon HD 2130. UGH I SHOULD JUST APPLY COLD WATER TO BURNED AREA!

          • Wrong on all accounts, NVIDIA series 605 through 640 are office graphic cards or multimedia cards as they call them, not intended for gaming.
            Even if you can set BF3 to ultra on a 620 you won’t get more than 5-10 FPS.
            2130 and 8400 GT can not run BF3 at all.
            I have personally played BF3 on a 9600 GSO with playable frame rates in single player, but in multiplayer it pissed itself and died:P

          • Well to be honest. You can. I have a friend who has that graphics card and gets decent framerates on BF3 Ultra 🙂

          • Just so you know, anyone who knows anything about graphics cards will know you are ignorant (and an asshat)– so you’ve done my work for me, and I will not expend efforts in flaming you further.

      • Should really pay attention to all your computers specs, an I3 is not so bad, the 6gb ram is that ddr2, ddr3, or ddr5? and at what bus speed are you running, as for your graphics card, its not a true 2gb card it is actually clocked maxed out at 1.8gbps…should really drop some money into a better card

      • gt 620 is the slowest card ever made. durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
        G3D Mark Relative to Top 10 Common Videocards score is 434

        the 7870 is 4000+. Theirony is a troll

        • ^ gee, empirical data? I thought people just used comment sections to broadcast their ignorance. Thanks whyutroll, you’re one of the good ones.


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