Join the Free to Play cast hosts and they discuss what they like and hate about the “Free to Play” world, chat it up with some user questions, and ponder if Grimlands will satisfy anyone waiting on a “Fallout 3” MMO. Oh…and don’t forget the live spider attack! The show is SO packed we forgot to ask the weekly viewer question so here it is: What Free to Play MMO would you still play if it when subscription based tomorrow and why? If none, why?

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  1. Love these f2p casts you guys do here at mmobomb. Just wanted to make a comment on BlackLight Retribution’s cash purchase system. Players can buy higher level guns (than their current level) in game for real money (ZEN) to get an advantage over non paying players at the same level, but I believe all the guns are unlockable for non-paying members through level progression. So even though paying players may get a slight advantage with better guns at early levels, the playing field quickly evens out once players reach like lvl 25. I think this ZEN currency system currently implemented in Blacklight retribution by PWE is very reasonable because non-paying players are still able to compete with paying players.

  2. i really enjoyed the cast, was funny an informational at the same time.
    i really related to the fact that like you, i suck at pvp and try to avoid it in mmo games.
    looking forward for: raiderz, tera, blade&soul, and of course GW2, wiether is overrated or not.
    last year [2011] was a bit weak in mmo terms, no really expected games, the only two standed out were vindictus and dragon nest for their “unique” hack and slash factor. this market needs more h&s/ people are getting bored by seeing many games with the same c&w preset.
    at somepoint i would prefer to play single player game [like kingdom of amalur] than mmo where i solo play with weak gaming. mmobomb, you’re doing a good job, keep em coming ^_^

  3. Hi guys! Ignacio here from Argentina!
    It will be great if u can find a Non-USA free to play gamer to cast in the show. Btw, great job, keep lik that.

  4. I hate to admit but i too love League of Legends, but i hate the community there and the “zero” effort that Riot puts into improving the community and the quality of the games so there is my Abomb. RIOTS way of dealing with players that ruin games is unacceptable; they do not care about the gamers, all they care about is to make money.

    For the question well… What i love about f2p is how fast is growing and also the quality of f2p games graphically improving(i love pretty graphics). What i dislike about f2p is 3 things,. 1- Pay to win. 2- Red5 studios y u no give me beta key XD. 3- Korea and its KSSN requirement to play there awesome mmos(and my inability to read or speak Korean)

    And finally my question is. If you worked at riot, would you ban this person? (the picture is old but still no ban until this day)

    • I know what you mean about the korean games, Damn they have so many * Eye Candy * games that half we will never play. But don’t take this as a bad thing. There is a reason why korea and alot of the oriental nations have alot of ‘ Game Addiction” center’s
      Sometimes not having something is for the best.

  5. if riot game come i want ask them do the they take inturn and riot games has only 94 champians riot games make awsome skin and there cash shop is the best . and i am from india . did anyone notic grimlands was like some person who told about game they want make .

  6. Its nice to have a fellow f2p play person who started relatively close with me, I started in 2005, and was playing maplestory back then, and it was amazing because at that time, I was playing on a P4 computer, so I couldn’t hit any 3D graphics or I am doomed.

    I agree with you that instanced based should not be called massive, and I think continent of the ninth seal was quite specific about their game being morpg not mmorpg, due to this reason I think.

    However for me a character’s look to me is very VERY important, when I create a character, I want it to be different than everyone else’s, I want it to be unique. Also if every character is different, it would make the game world a interesting place to be in.

    • Yeah, C9,Dragons nest, Vindictus, Divine Soul.. those types of games i totaly understand why there are so many instances. They are in a group of thier own and i bet we will see alot of these flood into the F2P in the next few years till they get boring and the fans want something new. ” Maybe then we will see the mmorpg world go back to the way Massive Worlds once were.

      As for the character creation i don’t mind sliders for looks, But as for gear, it is one way for item mall games to make money without making it pay 2 win. I would rather give up armor than everyone looking diffrent and paying to win
      .Again, this was how silk road started also alot of difrent looks, without sliders , but armor was sold as avatars. I bought 😉 just to look diffrent.

      • I wish one day they could mix these instances type games combat into the open world ones, and still have some instances but not depend on it totally. I played, C9, Dragons nest, Vindictus, at first I got all excited about the combat and stuff, but after awhile grinding stage after stage it really bored me out. The one that kept me the longest is Vindictus, I think it kept me for 3 month or something.

        Yes, that is what I think mostly too, vast amount of armor visuals and sliders, would really make the game very interesting to look at. I think DC universe does well in that part, they may not have sliders, but there are a lot of armor styles, I played that one for 1 year rolled so many toons. And if it had sliders I would of stayed for another year even if I have to solo, I have stopped playing DC universe since my friends left.

        But my dream has always been a game I loved the most. Which is freelancer(Discovery mod), its the ancestor of black prophecy. Here is a breakdown for you.

        Freelancer(Discovery mod)
        -Open world
        -Faction ran world(50+ factions I think)
        -Much faster paced combat
        -Have a huge number of ships to fly(From mining/trading ships to fighters/bombers to battlecruisers atleast 50+ ships each faction has its own special ship)
        -kept me for 3 years

        Black prophecy
        -Has a decent character customization
        -Lack different types of ships
        -Has nice ship customization
        -kept me for 2 weeks

        If your still wondering what freelancer discovery mod is here is their
        Here is a video:

        Sorry for saying so much, I just wanted to bring up a very epic space simulator game that EA cancelled for no reason. There is so much more in the freelancer world too much, stuff you won’t believe.

          • ” I wish one day they could mix these instances type games combat into the open world ones ”

            I am not mocking you in any way , just grabbed the quote to say. World of Warcrft .Did this so well. Maybe not so much during vanilla trying to find groups for them. But they did have the right sence on how to use them.You could run from stranglethorn all the way to western plague lands before hitting one load screen.Tthat run on foot is a good 2 hours.

            I tried * Rift * for maybe as long as i played Conan * cough cough * 1 hour. As soon as i hit a loading screen i was done.

            As for * DC Universe * the thing that upset me the most was i spent maybe 2-3 hours creating my hero. And in the trial run as soon as i picked up a piece of armor and equiped it my creation was ruined… lol 3 hours creating well wasted.

            *Vindictus* i still play daily , Log in for 30 min do a run or 2 and thats my day.On to one of my other games for 30 min.Thats what i like about them , * Great time filler’s * no need to know when you log in your commited for a good 2-5 hours just to feel like you got something done.

            As for Freelancer , Thnx for the video ..looks good but me personaly never really got into flight simulators or space combat.
            I really dig Fantasy or Anime Inspired games. I am really looking forward to RaiderZ. For such a small company Maiet has exceeded in all of its 3 game’s lol.3 games in 10 years thats commitment from just a small group of friends ( Probably )

  7. Howdy Magicman !

    Well, With your question this week. I will combine the favorite and what i like or don’t like about f2p game’s.

    It’s not so much of the game that makes me not want to play it but the lack of enviorment.

    For myself i have been playing F2P since around 2003 * Favorite * game at the time and i still hold alot of games up to it is ” Silkroad “. You got to remember this was in an era where F2P was just starting to hit the internet.Game’s like Maple Story,Rappelz and Ferentus were the main stream attractions in the F2P market. At that time i even thought Silkroad had better graphic’s than the almighty WoW and the starting area’s were huge compared to Elwyn Forest.

    Around 2007 the mini map games started to enter the scene such as ” Decide online” this put a fear and a worry into me back than that just plain became utter reality. The days of the vast worlds were dieing. And mass amounts of games have come and claim themselfs to be Massive world mmorpg’s. ( Lie’s ) How can a game even say that when they have 30 mini map instances. Finish one zone instance to the next.


    They claim themselves to be open world ..Yet … the whole map is just a path a – b free roaming.

    I could not careless if every character of a class looks the same unless you buy clothes ( avatars)

    I like yourself bought Conan the day it was released .. as soon as my topless chick made it to the first town and it was ” Instanced ” to get in ….wow that really turned me off and never played it again.( yeah 80$ i spent for game and time i spent playing it 1 hour)

    This is what i hate most about F2P game’s as of now a day’s.

    I have an A-bomb unfortionately. I am really not lieing getting beta invite’s to a game and only having the PVP area playable. I really ain’t into Battle Grounds in any F2P game’s yet this is now becoming the only feature open to beta testers.( I am seeing this more and more)

    Well, Great show and talk to you again soon.

    Inflictious – F2P gamer since 2003

  8. Iam going to give DaBomb to Counter-Strike 2D, its fun, small, totally free, good map editor and a good community, and also a ton of mods.IF i can, i want to give another DaBomb to Call of Duty 4, even after all these years, i keep playing it with my friends, its fun and fastpaced, and no other FPS game can do what COD4 did, the Hardcore mode, if you dont know what iam talking, there is no HUD, no crosshairs, 3 shoots to kill anything and 3 shoots to be killed, all this with that fast-paced combat.Please, dont come with things like “ROFLMAO COD SUKS BF ROCKS!!!”, because i dont like to hide into a brush with a sniper, and i played BF:BC2 for some time, and i got tired of being killed by snipers and tanks…Lets see if Warface do something like Hardcore, then i gonna play it soo hard…

    • Gotta admit out of all the COD series. I love it only all the way up to 4. After it was all meh…..

      Games are now getting more and more advanced. Warface, I don’t know, when it comes to shooting I really love when the guns have some heavy recoil, Warface really lacks that. No recoil control in my opinion. But who knows maybe in the future it might change. Right now I am looking into tactical intervention. Its basically counter strike upgraded, with a lot of additional features to it.

      But in the end this is my opinion.
      Good luck out there.

  9. Greetings from Romania,
    I want to give a bomb to EA nfs world, for not being able to keep up with hackers even though they try hard to ban them, channel 1 chat is compromised. In my opinione at how much money they make from this game they should just hire more people for security branch, all they do is poping overpriced and op cash cars that pretty much give you the win. So much of a free 2 play game ….

    • No hate there man, I completely agree with you on that one, the fact that Bioware made a game which was 85% singleplayer, they could have just sold it as a “singleplayer game”, they could have actually just made like Diablo I & II, It had a singleplayer campaign, but could play it in multiplayer, the fun part about the game is that it also had limitless multiplayer quests, that in my opinion is what made the game so great.

  10. Hello again and hey a new girl in the free to play cast.
    I agree totally with you magicman for hating the buy to win aspect, normally if I notis that kind of thinks I think like RAGE QUIT.

    Then for the question for this week………………. I think I first would go and think a lot of maybe still playing it if I was really in to that game , but at the end….., I just stop and go flaming on the company that did it. I so hope that it would never happen. Big A-BOMB for even thinking about it.

    Anyway great show and hope to see you next week.

    • Oh yeah forgot to mention. League of legends has around 85 to 90 champions now and if you considder to jump in to this game, do it fast. Just think of how many skills you need to learn because you need to know what your anemy can trow at you. Just wanted to mention it.

      Ps. sry my English is a bit rusty right now, it is past midnight here in Holland :).

    • Hi Ebouth!
      Thanks for the positive feedback as always. I am actually going to jump in and try my hand at LoL tonight and this weekend. Time to give it a shot!

      You’re right. I do the same thing. If the game is TOTALLY pay to win I am out and I make sure to let others know…which this podcast actually allows me to do quite efficiently! 🙂

      • If you want someting like a mentor on League of legends you can wisper me in game. I play the game for some time now so I could give you some tips.

        My ingame name is Ebouth.

  11. I think a reason for companies holding information like that is they could be in a state of panic for a small amount of time, especially Gamigo, something like that has never happened to them before, they probably did not know what to do, correct me if I’m wrong but that is how I am viewing it right now. They did not want to loose the players they have in their games, and did not want to make those players panic, I really don’t a real reason for companies doing that, but in my opinion, it is the state of panic for having something like that happen so quickly.

  12. Hey guys from Canada, this free to play cast is awesome, just loving it keep up to good work.

    At the moment, for me its kinda obvious what I am playing, Aion of course. So far so good, I like the game. one thing though, I just wish we can adjust the contrast, and saturation ratio, instead of just brightness, just like C9. Also I am playing League of legends from time to time, oh magicman in league of legends there is a mode where you face against AI opponents, with other players on your team. You can also create a custom game with bots as all player too if you want, its a great way to practice. I like to also mention that over the last few months they were working on AI opponents and so far the AI are pretty good they do work together and stuff, check it out.

    In the free to play world, the part I love is constantly updated, unrestricted content. I hate restrictions especially on content, and general stuff like chat, mail and market.

    For the weekly question: For me none, because if they announced its free to play and released it on free to play, it is free to play. If you go and change it to pay to play, its just not fair to everyone.

    Once again great show enjoyed it a lot, I hope your all having a great day.
    Good luck~~~

  13. okay so well for f2p gamesss i play alottttttt … i play both HoN and LoL (i like them both yes… let the flaming begin). And atm apart from the limitations in AION its a pritty good game i like it alot its a nice change then the usual. (Sorry about ur little dilemma with the US version) …. im sorry but i am almost in tears from the Hunter comment Jasmine from cant stop laughing.
    And for the question of the day im gunna say i probably would leave the game… i have a feeling like if u get used to playing the game F2P it will kinda ruin it going P2P … if i was forced! i would probably Pay for either HoN/LoL/Tribes these games truly deserve to get some cash for their work they put a lot of work into their games and they just deserve it.

    P.S Dabomb for Tribes Ascend

  14. Pay 2 win is what keeps me away from most mainstream mmos, and i am sure the same goes for many of you guys here, one thing i like what Webzen did to promote themselves is make everyone winners for a limited time by giving you a high level character with full equipment and free cash items. I believe that if mmo companies want to boost their revenue and consumers, they should do what Webzen did.

    As of right now, I have been playing LOTRO for almost 2 years now, I’m just getting into Archlord with the whole free high level character giveaway Webzen is doing. MINECRAFT is a big game for me, Star Trek Online is also the one I am playing too, I get on and off from APB: Reloaded from time to time, my main in LoL is Warwick coz im good at jungling. And those are all the MMOs (Minus the Minecraft I play)I play.


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