In this weeks controversy filled Free-to-Play Podcast, Hi-Rez may have violated their own EULA by monitoring users without their permission. End of Nations returns, this time as a MOBA. League of Legends is declared a “Real” sport by the U.S. Government. We talk about DOTA 2 going live and what the future of the game holds. Finally, we swing back to Hi-Rez and touch on their decision to cease development on Tribes Ascend. All of this, plus the weekly bombs on this week’s episode of the Free-to-Play Cast!

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Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. It was discoverd not by faeryo, this “Programm” is there since the start of Smite.

    Its simply checking for Updates & Illegal Blacklisted Programs that you use.

    Faerayo is a Dataminer and got banned for what ever reason, now hes butthurt and wants his “Revenge”, that guy is just at this end and a butt hurt little boy.

  2. I am seriously looking forward to that HKO video! And as an answer to the privacy question I feel that filling out the create account information along with computer specs would be acceptable. The problem with them looking at my information is they would be so amazed and awestruck by the majesty of teajay they wouldn’t be able to find their ban button due to the blinding light of awesome that is me.

  3. i think hi-rez will get sued go bank rumped and shut down hopefully they will because this is stupid ethier they change the hi-patcher or ceace from existince in video games you here me hi-rez you are in danger make it shut off after your games close its none of your Buinensis what we do out side of your games

  4. I hope Hi-Rez oh I mean Low-Rez fixes the problem with the patcher that is monitoring even if you shut it off.

  5. That ‘blood crystal’ (Bloodstone) you got in Dota 2 is just something to acknowledge you particpated in the Dota 2 beta, of which there are 3 variants – a Rare one, a Mythical one and a Legendary one, and were awarded based on how many people you invited into the game (Rare = 0 invites, Mythical = 1-19 invites, Legendary = 20+ invites). Also for modding/custom maps in Dota 2, I believe Valve did actually say they were going to enable this eventually.

    As for the Super Smash thing that Nintendo attempted to pull, they backed down after quite a backlash (kudos to them for doing that, but agreed that it was still a pretty dumb move to do it in the first place).

  6. Why so much fuss about anticheat program? It’s not like they monitor your porn habits, they are looking for active cheats. It is ridiculous to think that this program it does something else besides that only because it’s running not only when you are in game. If they wanted to, then what’s stopping them from doing it only why you are in game? And cheaters should be banned. All of them. No matter when, how and for what puproses they cheat.

    • I would be happier if Hi-Rez monitored my porn habits compared to them monitoring what software I run outside of their game.

      Your response is a typical “it doesn’t affect me so I think you’re all over reacting” response.

      I totally agree that when playing their games measures need to be taken to prevent cheating. If someone came out with a system that worked over multiple online games, that is also fine, even a system that works with all online games. But if it is watching when I am not playing their games, that is the crossed line, especially when the game is one with micro transactions that I have spent money on.

  7. Another good show F2P Cast.
    When it comes to what info game companies want from me I’m a little lenient. I don’t mind a survey when I’m signing up to their game or beta, and I don’t mind if it’s an in-depth survey; kind of like when you sign up for the Elder Scrolls: Online. If I can help you get better statistics on your community from a survey sure I’ll do it, you would like to know what games your community has previously played? OK, I’ll type it out or fill a bubble, want to know my system specs? Sure! I built this myself I’m proud of it. Want to run a small scan to see how your game effects my computer? Pushing the boundary a little there, but I’m fine with it. BUT just don’t shove it down your players throats AND make sure your game does nothing on my computer when its not open and being played besides sit there and wait to be played. You need to know your boundaries as a gaming company.

  8. The government can sanction jerking off as a sport, but it doesn’t make it right or sensible. Games are games. Best keep it that way.

    • Videogames can require just as much time, dedication, effort and skill as any other sport. Just because its not physical.
      Chess is a sport too.
      Sport =/= physical

      • just one question – what is phisical 4 u ?
        Chess player is using hes brain rather than muscles, but that does not make brain less phisical object

      • the point is – sports are suppoed to make persons body better, healthier – not the other way
        drinking races, fast eating or practical bdsm can require just as much time, dedication, effort and skill as any other moba, but that doesnt make it a sport.
        healthy = sport
        harmful = addiction

        • I disagree. You’re right most sports you have to be physically fit to participate in but you never play an athletic sport to get in shape you get in shape to play an athletic sport… Injury in sports is extremely common. Concussions in football and soccer, Blindness in baseball from being hit in the head. All of these are unhealthy results of participating in an athletic sport. In my opinion, and it is an opinion. When something can bring out the competitive nature in people as well as become something that is entertaining to watch. That is when it can become a sport. You get stuck on the main definition of sport without exploring all of it’s possibilities (to amuse oneself with some pleasant pastime or recreation.)

          • ok, see your point but the thing is – allthough extremly common, injury in sports are still accedent. While negative effects of endless gaming on eyes are permanent process.

            Injuries are common in profesional sport because it is an extreme form of phisical culture. U concentrate on competetive part of sport butits true only 4 professional sport. Most amatuer and enthusiast of sport practice it 4 health and fun. Pros are less than 1% of practitioners. And great part of professional sportsmen used to play an athletic sport to get in shape, just to realize that thay are really good at it and make it an career.


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