This week on Free to Play Weekly: A sequel to Global Agenda is in the works, the fast paced mech shooter Hawken announces details about it’s closed beta, MechWarrior Online gets an open beta date, a dev diary for Warframe shows off some cool new moves, rumors of a Dead Space MOBA, and more!

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  1. I’m glad that Hi-Rez is making a sequel to Global Agenda, but I am disappointed that it will only have a PVP focus, especially when they worked their buts off to try and put in the PVE sections for the first game and took the time to add in the open world PVE content after fans pretty much demanded it. I think the survey that they got their info from was primarily drawn from either a community for Global that has either left that game and moved onto PVP games like Tribes or a GA player base that is left over from the game’s initial success and now mainly plays PVP. I also think that they may have just wanted to do a PVP game because both Tribes and Smite have been more anticipated and profitable for them and both just happen to be PVP. Not to mention that it’s a hell of a lot easier to code for and provide updates when you are dealing with weapon and ability balance issues and you don’t have to tweak enemy AI or write NPC dialogue. I have a feeling that this game may be successful, but will probably lag behind Tribes and that the fans of the first game may demand PVE.

    Oh well, I guess Warframe will be the only PVE/Co-op based action game out there for fans of that sort of thing, since Hi-Rez seems to have forgotten that there is a market for that and that they did in fact spend 1,000s of man-hours making content to that end. They even teased the player base with the possibility of an open world city lvl, much like the cityscapes shown in their tutorial lvl and in many of their higher lvl PVE maps. Also, what ever happened to “Frank the Tank?” The mini-pet they released as an unlock for those of us who actually gave out the discount codes to their game and got people to play it? That mini-pet was teased as a boss fight, and now it appears that the new PVP based game will ensure that it will never happen. I don’t know about you but I still enjoy logging into that game with my friends and running a quick raid or PVE Max or UMax dungeon, the Bossfights were great because they actually required strategy and teamwork, not just the skill necessary to shoot an opponent with a gun.


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