This week on Free to Play Weekly, ArcheBlade was announced, Sevencore open beta date and much more.

Free-To-Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Game of the Week: Aion


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    never atack Russia in the winter?
    Russia got there ass handed to them in a winter war against Finland XD cas finland where to got att winter combat! =P

  2. says u can find out the official details to signup for archeblade on news section in this vid….that is completely false you cannot signup for the game all signups ended last month on the 25th and had no keys a day before that either so please update your next vid that you cannot play or signup for archeblade atm

  3. She is getting better at this. Good job.

    Also, something that i feel like mentioning is that there seams to be a design flaw in F2P Weekly show. You see, I already know everything that Jessica is so charmingly presenting. I learned of all that info from this webpage no less. The show is very rarely actually informative, much like regular news on TV simply because people get informed of the news practically as it is happening. It is the nature of the internet. The once per week model simply isn’t adequate if information is the purpose. The timing of the show is ok but I think the show needs to be sprinkled with user commentary, forum activity and generally more of that kind of user created news. And update-type of information, like statistics, something that you follow from week to week and report on it, maybe those MMOBomb guilds in different games can be utilized…

    Well, actually, the more i think about it the more complicated it all seams and the less i feel equipped to actually talk about such an endeavour. Good thing it’s someone else’s job and i’m just a guy on the internet, eh ?

    But the show does kind of need a little more umph to it.


    • It’s pretty simple, really. The show is for people who don’t want to do all of that. They just want to watch a show the quickly summarizes the previous week’s latest news in the world of MMO. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • That sounds good on paper, but when you think about it, this simply isn’t true. The show is not centered toward informing the casual MMOer, the show is flawed.

        The webpage, despite the fact that it forces people to read, offers information far better and far quicker then the video does. Especially to the casual MMOer. Because it offers information at a glance. The user can skim at the sum of all the news, categorized by date, described by a short title and small picture, and then click to learn more of the specific news which interest him specifically based on hes very own specific specificalities of hes specific personal being.

        The video does not offer that, the casual MMOer has to sit through every news that the editor picked out as important, waiting for an information that might interest him, not even knowing if there will be anything of the kind. And even if he does manage to find something interesting, there is no guarantee that the information is up to date considering that it takes at least a day to edit the video into completion. That news format is simply outdated. It is flawed.

        Not to mention F2P Weekly is no where near a “weekly”.

        I am sorry if i seam all negative like, but i feel like i am offering something constructive here. Which i would not do if i did not like the show. It’s a good show, it just needs more thought.


        • i think the show is centered toward f2p games of all kind. If you watch on youtube and see the comments, it allows people from all different games comment on their own game that they play/hype about. The way to do that is basically talk a bit about everything. Not everybody read the webpage (or anything for that matter). just look at all the comments on youtube.

        • Why I read comments I’ll never know…

          I couldn’t disagree more and I quite enjoy the show as it is. It is a quick summary of a “weeks” worth of f2p news. I don’t have to skim, sort or search anything, I just hit play. I’m pretty sure that’s what casuals want.

          The website articles ARE the more specific content that players may be looking for. There are also several other videos to choose from for more specific content like First Looks and F2P Cast. I like that F2P Weekly is very broad, it gives me an opportunity to check out games I may not otherwise consider playing. If I’m skimming content, I’m immediately going to skip something I don’t view as worth my time reading.

          Of the very few suggestions for improvement offered; user commentary, forum activity and user generated content, I don’t think any of those things appeal to a “casual” player. Casuals don’t read forums, or comments, or generate content. Casuals do not invest time in that sort of content and have very little regard for it. If you are interested in those sorts of things, you should probably reevaluate your status as a casual player. Also, watch the other shows and read the articles you’re already reading 🙂

          There’s also the different ways that people absorb information. Tactile, auditory, and visual (I suppose you could throw in smell-o-vision as well). Some people need to PLAY a game to evaluate if it’s worth their time investment. F2P Cast is a great show for auditory learners. Among visual learners I think there is a clear separation of two types, readers and watchers. Those of us who are watchers, like pressing the play button and relaxing while someone else shows us whats what. I feel it’s pretty much genius that MMOBomb offers ALL the above.

          Leave the show as is! Keep up the good work!

    • I highly disagree with ThcMonkee. The show is fine the way it is, I agree with bubba. I don’t spend all of my time on the internet looking for the latest news. I just don’t have the time to waste like that. I enjoy the show because it highlights some of the latest f2p releases and the good and bad of each. It’s entertaining, informative, and well done. So what if it’s every week and a half or so…too many people are quick to bite the hand that feeds them…. all i could read out of your post was “i want more” and “i’m not content” and “you guys don’t know what your doing” and “cater to me and my needs”. If you already know everything she’s presenting, don’t watch the show.

      Don’t change mmobomb. You’re awesome.

      • I’m sure we can disagree without going all aggressive, can’t we ? I don’t remember thinking less of anyone that likes the current show format and i would ask for the same courtesy

        I don’t consider my self to be a casual MMOer and i never even suggested that i do, nor that the changes that i purpose would have anything to do with the casual MMOer. And if all that i am doing is whining because the show doesn’t cater to my own specific needs then, likewise, you are guilty of defending it only because it does cater to you own specific needs. And none of us are objective and we are all full of crap.

        There are no “readers” and “watchers”. Visual learners process words into images. None of the learning types like to read a lot and a video, as a medium, caters to all three learning types. But this has no relevance here because i never suggested that people should read more or that F2P weekly should be a magazine.You really read my posts superficially.

        The webpage for MMOBomb has very little text, a lot more pictures and a video where ever it can fit one. It has this shortattentionspan format exactly because it understand that people “do not like to spend all of their time on the internet looking for the latest news”. This is what made me think that the show is flawed, rather then thinking it was working as intended. Because the webpage delivers the information in a very quick, direct, unfiltered and user influenced format while the show it self is taking about 5 minutes to deliver 5 hand-picked news. I just felt that the show wasn’t aiming for any target audience and was tripping over it self. Despite the fact that it’s very well edited and very well hosted

        Again, i am sorry i called a show that you liked “flawed” and needing to change. I could very well be wrong and the show could be in fact, perfect as it is.


      • Right and not to mention it gives another perspective on the topics and not every week provides a full episode worth of news to highlight considering the site on covers online gaming. I don’t mind the sometimes odd timing of the shows. For instance foreign friday on tuesday.


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