This week on Free to Play Weekly: Japan sees mass MMO shutdowns, Dragon’s Prophet closed beta starts, Planetside 2 gets new content update, Path of Exile hits 2 million player mark and more!

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Game of the Week: TERA Rising


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  1. I hope there is one unique sandbox game like Age of Wushu. I’d like to try new play mode without tasks and leveling. You can learn thousands of martial arts internal skills. TANK/DPS/HEALER is what I really want.

  2. omg thats it, im done with this game. the graphic sux, no storyline, even worse than age of wushu. i’d rather live in that world.

  3. something i am not sure has been done would be an open world FPS i was thinking about it while playing mass effect yesterday. Imagine if there was a game like it you choose a race/class/weapon and it plays like a mmo however the whole game is fps- PVP servers will be deadly but that will make it more of a challange- then i was thinking, just to spice it up. make it so there is a perma death system, if you die as that character it is gone just like real life. Your gear and currency will be passed on to a new character (could be played out like a will, can give items to friends etc..) but that character will be dead.

    • nah i believe u got that feeling cause Jess used to talk faster than her i think(if u were following this while Jess hosted it which i am pretty sure you did)i get that feeling too but i dont mind it to be honest plus i believe it makes it possible for people who lets say aint that good in english to keep u with her and not do the typical “pause think what she said unpause keep going for 5 seconds pause again” and so on and so on i believe its a good thing but maybe i am wrong idk 😛

        • I´m from Germany and did understand Jess ever when she Talked, I had no problem and I´m really bad with English…

          Jess Rocks <3 🙂

  4. Why we all believe online games should be like this type? No! I believe Age of Wushu is not limited by tasks in game, which is more diverse.

  5. @Hannah, you are doing a good job.

    @GuysWhoCan’tKeepItInTheirPants, don’t be a dick, women don’t respond to comments like that in real life, so it won’t be all that effective on the internet either. Be respectful, and don’t make her job hell because she has to deal with comments about her boobs on every video.

  6. Really interesting
    Considering i follow up mmobomb news in general and i am aware of everything said in this video good job Hannah.Keep going like a boss *puts cool glasses on*

    p.s the item as far as u said for Scarlet Blade is called seal remover 😛 and i gotta agree for the game of the week best game ever i gotta say although i couldnt handle it.

  7. Till a man was hosting this show everyone concentrated just on his review . But since females have started hosting the show I see tons of useless comments , which is not good . You watch the video to see the girl or the review . If your answer is the girl I think you should find some other site . I can not force you but I expect that in future there are comments on the game . Even if you want to comment on the host then you can comments on her skills but there must be no vulgar comments . Remember this site should have healthy comments which can be viewed by gamers of nearly all age groups . And do you think the host will also be happy to listen such foolish comments . I bet if the host was a boy there would be more decent comments put up here . Think if you were yourself that girl how would you react to such comments . This is a request because I can not force any1 . Dont make it tough for girl hosts . To put it in the best way think how would you react to such comments if the host was som1 from your family . If still you think you have done nothing wrong on posting such comments then I am sorry I cant explain you in a better way than this . 🙁

    • Relax brotha. First of all i’m sure she doesn’t have the time to read comments. Second, this was not a review video, just weekly news. Third, nobody watches the video just to see the girl, they can watch girls on other sites that handle that type of entertainment; we all come here for the games. IAmGonnaStopCounting, you are overreacting. I think most of the people are being nice. At the moment i am typing this there is only ONE comment that i consider vulgar.
      You talk about “healthy comments which can be viewed by gamers of nearly all age groups”, but you fail to realize that the comments are posted by all age groups, and to be honest this looks like a clean page to me. Most of the comments you are referring are harmless jokes.
      Also please stop picturing women so dam sensitive. A woman might not have the physical strength of a man, but they are mentally as strong or even stronger then a man. She handled that shit all her life, what makes you think some random comments are ruining something for her now?
      All i see here is a ton of compliments, delivered more or less funny, more or less formal, with more or less common sense, but still just a bunch of compliments, nothing more.

      • Sorry if I have offended som1 . I just got a bit frustrated on seeing such comments on all free to play weekly videos . I didnt meant to say that girls are weak . Well nevermind I think you are right .

        • No worries man. I do not think anyone got offended and if Hannah would actually read comments, i am sure she would appreciate your care for her.

  8. Hanna you are improving. Nice work on this you will get more comfortable and it will be second nature. Have to get used to a post Jessica free to play weekly.

  9. She did better this time. Keeping the high pitch voice from going to loud.
    Still what I notice is that she took over the style of presenting from the former host of the show.

    Girl just go with your own style. it will look more natural.
    We know your not the former host its ok. You look fine, but you need to find your own style of presenting.

  10. I really need to try TERA. Been a while since it’s F2P and i still haven’t tried it.

    P.S. Hannah you go to low at down below 🙂

    • Just wait for Neverwinter to come out, the combat is better and the missions are a hell of a lot more creative; plus, user generated content will keep the missions fresh. It’s overall less grindy and it’s D&D, so you know it’s awesome.

      • Dont wait for neverwinter. This guys apwe promoting moron. It id instanced base crap cryptic graphics bad open action P2w caca fest. Ceo announenced p2w model by stating no pay tiers and therefore “first f2p”…ya he is out of touch. Pwe gonna milk the cash. Tera best avtion and gameplay. Super smooth no grind. Im lvl 40 always changing maps armor znd never more than 10 things to kill

        • First of all, I don’t think you know what the term “grind” means, Tera is nothing but Grind with very little else than some pretty graphics that are looking a bit dated at this point. You may have fun with it, that’s fine, but I personally like the way that NW’s missions are structured because there is at least story involved and even the missions where you have to kill things aren’t, go to this field and kill x amount of angry trees until they drop y amount of chestnuts, and then rinse and repeat. If you look at reviews for Tera it’s biggest problem is that it’s full of grindy kill quests that you just rinse and repeat from one level to the next with the occasional dungeon with a boss fight. Ya know, the same skinner box formula that most classic mmorpgs use.?

          NW’s quest structure is a bit more structure like Guild Wars 2, you may have to kill things, but the dungeons will throw in some puzzles too and you at least feel like there is enough of a story for each quest to give you a reason to be doing this other than banging out levels every few hours. I’m not promoting this for the sake of promoting it, I have played both Tera and Neverwinter, and based on what I have seen of Neverwinter (even though it’s still in beta, I like it better). I feel the combat involves a bit more strategy, since some enemies require more dodging and you have to save your Daily Powers for when you really need them. Then again, I’m playing as a Trickster Rogue right now and I’m all about using stealth to my advantage to get damage bonuses and sneak up on groups of enemies. I also feel the combat is a little bit more impactful when you hit someone, from the responses from the enemies as well as the sound design.

          As for the P2W claims, this person is trolling, NW has basically the same stuff that Tera has in it’s cash shop: Special Mounts, Companions, Cosmetic Designs and such, I haven’t felt the need to pay for anything and I’m already LVL 27 after less than 2 days of playing. And given the amount of zones you have to use fast travel to switch between, and dungeons, there is just as much of that in Tera as well since you can’t get on your mount and just fly from one area to the next in either game.

          Also, I think the animations might be a bit smoother for Tera, but that stuff is still being worked on and the overall art design is better in Neverwinter, graphical fidelity might not be quite as good but the characters, armors, weapons and environments are much more creative and colorful, anyone who has played any of the dungeons in NW can attest to that. Heck, I just played through the Clock Tower (not the Cloak Tower) and the whole time I was in awe of the lighting and the mood, with the shadows of back lit clock parts moving all around you and a dreadful haze in the air, very nicely done. I got bored with Tera’s grind too soon to really see if any of their dungeons compare, I doubt it.

          Plus, again, Neverwinter allows you to create content and play other people’s content. So if you think you can do better than the Devs you can try to.

          P.S: learn proper grammer or get that stroke checked out.

          • as i’ve said before i dont like judging a game by its company at first i heard neverwinter and pwe in one sentence and was like ummm dam then i was like well hell why not try it.I am gonna try it i was kinda backing up for the fact that most pwe games i’ve played so far are p2w(i will bring raiderz as 1 example)
            According to u its not p2w and i believe u i got not reason not to then again i will figure out that myself anyways when it goes ob(hopefully wont take too long)
            I just gotta warn ya u waste your time with cacalips like really but u may do what u wish.

            p.s dont bring grammar as an subject cause noone’s english is perfect 😛

  11. excuse me young lady, would you marry me? our child would the most beautiful creatures ever created by human race, they certainly would have +10 int and +15 dex.


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