This week on Free to Play Weekly Seven Souls Online begins open beta, info about Eternal Blade the new MMORPG from gPotato, Aion: Ascension gets a date in North America, Rusty Hearts new character and raid, 8BitMMO indie construction sandbox game, Brawl Busters new update and much more.

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Game of the Week: Heroes of Newerth


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  1. I must ask still…why isn’t this called mmorpgbomb? I’ve been following (less and less as time goes on) mmobomb and over the time of months upon months upon months not even one more social mmo has been added,and there remains only half a page of social mmo’s while over 10 pages of rpg’s…and there are TONS of social mmo’s not being covered (I can name 10+ easy off the top of my hand).I know and it is pretty easy to understand that the mmobomb staff just play mmorpg’s but why not take just 30 minutes every 2 months to at least attempt at showing any concern to social mmo’s,

      • Onverse for one, Real Life Plus is also making steady progress towards opening,as has There recently re-opened.Various more-casual-focused mmo’s have come out including Kung-fuPanda world and Rango World,as are also social mmo’s such as V-Side,Milmo,Kaneva,Gojiyo, and others.I was just wondering because,even though there has been plenty happening with Social mmo’s little to any of it was being reported.

    • SHHH! Don’t tell the rest of the internet about my take over plans! lol Na, our normal host wasn’t feeling well so I stepped in. He’ll be back next week though! 🙂


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