This week on Free to Play Weekly: Survarium lays out 2013 beta plans, City of Steam partners up, Path of Exile open beta begins, Scarlet Blade reveals new trailer, and more!

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Game of the Week: FreeJack


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    • Its a really fun and entertaining game if you’d wanna get away from the other genres for a bit, a racing game like freejack is very good and I recommend it. Thumbs that way up!

  1. one more awesome episode good job jess and just cause i can and cause i know our friend chuck norris will respond just for you bro MOUNTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED

    • YUP! Every one is like “omg PoE skill tree” *FACE PALM* The builds are not as big…it is pretty direct and leaves you exactly like all the other mmorpgs. The SKILL tree is MISLEADING to noobs. SKILLS are PASSIVE and SPELLS are acquired by installing gems.
      SO, in your equipment, you have 1 slot to install a fire gem you shoot fire…the “forest of skills” just helps to passively build in dmg…not unlock spells. This throws allot of people off.
      Also, this is an action game, meaning, MASS GRIND like Vindictus, 99 levels folks..only 3 chapters. Prepare for eye bleeding.
      Hit boxes are broke. Prepare for the worst mele class to ever exist in a game. Build in an AOE skill no matter what class or you will punch your screen. Also, barrels have 90% dodge rate LOL ENJOY THAT fun troll mechanic.
      Mid to end game = GROUP or your going to experience the most frustrating game play ever. It feels stupid when ranged enemies take out 80 percent of health but the guys in your face onmy do 10% it is like…hmmm…this is getting sneaky…grouping somehow unlocks X1000 the xp also…what sucks with 99 levels…your friends will pass you up, and if they do so in a group…your ass behind forever unless you find a group, and the current state, it is NOT group or PUG friendly, despite its mid to end game mechanics needing a group (perhaps a patch fix).
      ALLOT leaves it self for cash shop abuse, bit so far so good…copany history…sketch.
      Over all, I can say “oh diablo like game”, but there was a great game called MYTHOS that was just as good if not better and got cold shoulder…so if Mythos added a “forest of crap” would that make it voted top? (it is currently top voted in most other mmorpg sites…on that note, every new game gets a top vote until things iron out.)

      • Wow…it sounds like someone is a little bitter. So what if its a challenging game.. that’s a GOOD thing. Just cause you suck at action RPG’s doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for everyone else. I find the game surprisingly refreshing for a F2P. I feel sorry for all the saps who purchased diablo 3 and got half of what was promised to them.

        Just and FYI…the (passive) skill tree is still f** awesome no matter what this guy says. The skill tree alone adds hours and hours of game play. Basically, your not restricted to a one way class tree. You can branch off to many other areas and amalgamate classes. I.E. you can build a warrior mage, a necromancer ranger, an AOE tank mage, etc.

        This guys is wrong when he says “you have 1 slot to install a fire gem you shoot fire”…every piece of armor you acquire (other then early lvl equipment) can hold multiple gems. You can even link support gems to spell gems. I.E. This “fire” gem this guy was talking about can be supported by a multi-shot gem. So now you can fire 2 (or 3) fireballs, plus you can mix in the passive skill tree, so now you can have increased damage, range, and AOE effects.

        Also there is no “eye bleeding” with this game. The levels are randomly generated instances. SO you never play the same level twice. The mobs, loot, and landscape are always changing. The graphics, lighting effects, and atmosphere are exceptional for a freebie. It even runs on lower spec comps surprisingly well.

        AND there’s only 3 chapters… at the moment. They have more in the works. So, morale of the story here, play the game longer then a couple of hours to get a proper opinion.


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