This week on Free to Play Weekly: Hawken powers up its open beta phase, End of Nations lives on, Crytek discusses F2P future, League of Legends delves into season 3 updates, Path of Exile gets an open beta date and more!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Game of the Week: Dynasty Warrior Online


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  1. what are u talking about guys its my first time see this show and i just love it and about the way that jessica talking some haters say she talk fast and bla bla bla …. she is the coolest thing in the show and i want to tell the haters some thing im arabian From Egypt and nothing she talk about I dont understand it so its very very very Beautiful show and keeb it up cuz its rock and i love it

  2. mayan apocalypse? oh ffs do your research and stop believing the media. seriously, it’s getting old. it’s a CYCLE of celestial objects (i.e. procession of the equinox). or for seriously stupid people, that means we are going into the zodiac sign of aquarius.

    now stop making absurd ridiculous claims about the mayans, it’s unprofessional of you and your staff.

  3. Call me a hater or whatever you want but this is probably the worst delivery of information I’ve ever witnessed. Despite her being easy on the eyes, she sounds like a robot, and she puts too much emphasis on all the wrong words. I know they try to make these episodes short but she just blazes through the script like she’s in a competition on who can read the fastest. Also, the main image for the video (not sure what it’s called. The image of her before you play the video) is terrible. Her smile is very insincere. In order to mimic a genuine smile one must smile with not just their mouth but with their eyes too. If you were to cover her face from nose down it looks like she is very serious.
    If you’re studying in college, why not opt in for some speech classes? They’re pretty much required for every major anyways.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, but thanks for the feedback.

      To clarify, the emphases I place are because I know that I talk very quickly – so I have to make sure to enunciate so my words don’t all jumble together!

      I’m not in college, I’ve been hosting videos for several outlets for many years now, and everyone has a different way of doing things. Some clients have asked me to speak more slowly and clearly, others tell me to go more quickly and naturally – it’s all about finding a pacing that works, and so far this way has been working for MMOBomb so far! 🙂

  4. i would reccomend dwo but only for pwe players cause last time i played almost 1 year ago no matter what kind of pc u had the moment u went near a player u kept getting lags and stuff then again this was 1 year ago so idk maybe they fixed it but i would reccomend this game defenetly.For path of exile i quess it seems good i am don’t like it honestly but then again i am not a diablo fan so its all good.And for end of nations its just wait wait wait for now and according to what i think(as magicman said)i doubt this game will be f2p anymore but fingers crossed as for jessica awesome as every time 😀


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