This week on Free to Play Weekly: Kingdom Heart’s next game is Free-to-Play, Kartuga’s closed beta kicks off, Path of Exile begins level race, Hailan Rising asks players to crash their servers, and more!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Jessica Brohard is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Game of the Week: Steel Legions


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  1. i just hope that western games start developing games that are more optimised and dont hog on hardware. take age of wushu for instance, a stunning game that can even run on a basic rig.

  2. It’s about how MMOs should be. Age of Wushu is not limited to schools and weapons. And its world is huge and rich. Players can learn thousands of skills and each has unique fighting style.

    • Becaaaaauuuuuuuuse D:

      No really though, check out the new host, Hannah – she’s already done one episode of F2P and rocked it!!

      As for me, you can check me out on Twitter @JessBrohard if you wanna find out what I’ve been up to lately. Was sad that I had to leave MMOBomb but other opportunities awaited!

  3. well i definitely can’t wait for next weeks FTPW i want to see how Hannah does it, but its a good thing both of you know about video games and not just models that don’t know diddly about any of them. BIG idea here maybe later down the road Hannah can host the show and Jess makes a special appearance, “An AWSOME Duo!”=)<3

  4. Couldn’t be happier for Jess and her new ventures 🙂 I have some big shoes to fill but I’m excited to join the MMOBomb family!

  5. Thank you guys all for the kind words!! It was SUCH a pleasure hosting Free to Play Weekly, and while I’m sad to not be hosting the show anymore, there’s no way I’d leave the MMOBomb community 🙂 I’ll definitely still be posting here and the forums from time to time!

    P.S. You guys will love the new host, Hannah!

    • Awesome you will still be around jess!!

      Aye i can`t wait to see how she does on the show, she will be great i am sure of it.

      Good luck to ya lass on you the other site!

  6. wow did i just hear Age Of Conan – Nighttime journey through the eiglophian mountains when she started to talk about Hailan Rising?

    Hope this is something mmobomb added or this will get messy. xD

  7. Good Luck out there jess! We’ll miss u.
    Seriously I’m curious how the new FTP weekly vids will be like now, I just hope that puppet doesn’t come back.

  8. meh MM jess so many good people leave i hope its for the best good luck to you jess and i hope you find what u searching for and if its out of mmobomb well so be it 😛

  9. NOOOO!!!!!! Jess is leaving=….( well free to play weekly wont be the same anymore……we’ll miss you much. good luck!!!! =)

  10. Good luck Jess, you were an awesome host.

    And about Hailan rising… just, no. I played it for a couple of days and really didn’t get anything out of it.

    • just seen the end of the video now. Take care of you Jess! You were for sure the sweet hot part of the site. Best wishes


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