This week on Free to Play Weekly Born to Fire closed beta registration begins, Core Blaze is finally coming, Bullet Run is announced, World of Warplanes closed beta is announced, Marvel Heroes and Gameglobe gameplay trailer revealed, Heroes & Generals storms into closed beta, sweet giveaways and much more.

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Game of the Week: S4 League


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  1. lol s4 was epic when it fist open 3-4 years ago now its a totaly fail if someone play there try sword style me opinion is that is the best

    btw i’m at the secong movie real face i think on the top with the best sword styyle players 😛

  2. yah i agree s4 have to much hacker in low level channel why?? why not the higher level also?

    to put it simply when you hacked and your account is low level there’s nothing to lose your just going to create another one if that account got ban of course your not going to risk your high level account are u?

    • it really is an hacker fest and full of AP user (cash shop)
      if you play for free you ll be onwed but with all that is can still be a fun game 🙂

      • Not really. I’ve been playing s4 since almost 2 years and I can tell ya.. I’m owning AP players with no prob. AP in s4 doesn’t mean OP. Ap users have slight advantage but aren’t OP. Anyway .. yeah , there are many hackers but you can always kick them by using the kicking system while ingame. S4 is an awesome game and I defenately recommend it , though it would be good if you have a friend who’s pro or at least averagely good to teach you some stuff like jumps or sword dancing.

        • yep thats why i stopped playn it
          1 of 3 games has a hacker in it… and its not like the “oh that guy does a bit too much headshots” its like “why is that flying, immortal guy corpse camping us by throwing 100 bombs per sec (u can only carry one…)” ….
          its a pretty good game but hax all over the place


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