This week on Free to Play Weekly: Neverwinter dishes out its first beta details, Tera officially goes F2P, Dirty Bomb opens up closed alpha testing, War Thunder takes off, and more!

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Game of the Week: Path of Exile


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  1. How is neverwinter based off of DnD? I never recall being able to do thousands of points of dmg in DnD based games seeing as you cant roll that high without having hundreds of dice. I highly doubt the class system is anything like it either with multiclassing/ dual classing. Seems to me the only resemblance is the blatant plagiarism of their name, and are just using it to try to increase sales. Perfect world fails again.

    • Granado Espada isn’t new (and I’m sure it’s covered somewhere on MMOBomb) Most people might know it as Sword of the New World. I feel like this game has gone back and forth with it’s name over the years, and even bounced around for who’s hosting it for where.

      Granado Espada does have some unique features and is likely worth checking out. But make sure whether playing it as Sword of the New World (SotNW) or Granado Espada (GE) that you using a version for your area to avoid server issues or IP blocks. (NA/EU/etc)

    • i mean if you are going to obviously use a “hot” girl to feature f2p videos, then why censor people that think she is hot? yea she is sorta, but still, why delete posts like that?

  2. Charging a fee for beta testing is only slightly more sad than the fact that people are willing to do the work for that fee. All for early access. It’s stuff like this that shows how deluded most gamers are, and how clearly the games industry sees it an exploits it. Just pushers and addicts in the guise of consumer entertainment. I’m hooked too, but not enough to pay a company for the opportunity to do their work for them.

    • You’re sort of being deluded yourself here. I can at least say in Neverwinter’s case, you aren’t paying FOR beta. Your getting things that would likely be sold in cash shop, things exclusive to founders, etc. And you’re also supporting the developers as well as the games development and future. THEN as a reward for your early support (on top of all the in-game items) they give you the chance to help test the game as well as early access on launch.

      The “deluded-ness” of gamers nowadays is really due to their lack of wanting to read/research and instead hear one thing from one place and jump to conclusions. Read Neverwinters monetization plan interview on and you’ll see the last thing they’re trying to do is exploit the gamer’s wallet.

  3. I paid for Planetside 2’s Beta Access…and I enjoyed it…but have since quit playing it and feel dumb for shelling out $40 for a month’s early access. I should have waited…but I was too excited.

  4. cant wait for dirtybomb and neverwinter hopefully there will be people rich/willing enough to get the founder packs so i can play when both go to ob as for war thunder i hate plane driving so call me when they decide to make tanks/warships playable by players and not npcs or mobs

  5. The music that played when she did the Dirty Bomb news was ht etheme song from brink it made me sad to hear the soundtrack because i liked the game alot but now its dead 🙁

    • All the Cod and Halo fan boys kill the innovative FPSs. I agree Brink was awesome, had great potential just like MAG, but these games need a good playerbase…sadly the FPS playerbase is brainwashed -_-

  6. So, It is one week I have been studying the servers and getting feed back in both US and EU.
    The verdict is in. They have negineered the game to put you in a Pay to LOG IN model for the free 2 players.

    You will wiat anywhere from 30min to 2hours each evening (peak times) and all weekends. The time goes up the later you join.
    The servers have a rating of base or low, middle, and high server populations. IF you are a foundry member, you can get in first on low to high populations. IF you are in the club, you can get in at mid to high.

    IF you log in around 5-6pm as a F2P you have a wait of 30 min 700 people. Then 7-9 1000 people and one hour, then 2K + and over 2 hours wait just until 11PM. Weekends are 2 hour waits 2K people (so they say) noon until midnight.

    Odd, this was not the case at launch. I created a character and play on peak time and hit level 16. Now I am locked out of the game unless I wait. And you are going to love the client time out after 15min waiting, so after you wait 60 min. You will have been DCd for wating and thrown back in the line….
    I have created an alt but I really nejoyed the community I was with and gained a guild and friends that are waiting for me. MY alt is a “low” server that was added….in fact, in response to this problem, the FAIL company made 3 new “international servers”…all PvP. It is the ultimate troll. ‘Stuck out of your PvE server? here, try a PvP and gank troll fest. Sorry we did not miror a server for your region, we fail to focus on client needs.” SSeriously MY server has never hit HIGH, only medium, but we have to pay, as mentioned above, to get in. All they need to do to balance this, if it is not pay to log in gimik, is mirror the TOP 3 POPULATED servers: Mirror 1, 2, and 3 and done. All the others are marked “LOW”, so why create 3 new PVP and ignore the regions that need it the most??? YOU GUESSED IT

    P2L = Pay to Login. Honostly, bravo, never thought greed could get so low in gaming.

    • My words are soo hard to read… i need to go back to school

      the numbers are in !! most people stopped reading my incoherent rant at “They have negineered”

  7. Jess, will you be featured in any other shows? I would love to hear your opinions on the f2p cast or see some gameplay from you. Maybe a co-op video with runnning dialogue between you and another host.

  8. Jessica is really getting comfortable and doing amazing in these videos! I hated the change at first but now I’m really glad shes on the team. Keep up the good work!

  9. Never have payed for beta access, nor alpha access and it’s just not right to pay for it.. Bullet run was a pretty bad game anyways. o3o Can’t just throw out any f2p game out there anymore, right?

    • It’s not paying for beta access really. First off betas are meant to be a testing period and a privilege. In Neverwinter’s case, at least, your paying for the items as well as supporting the developers and game’s development, and as a reward get to beta test the game. Games need money to develop as well as maintain service. So where as they want to make the game free (and Neverwinter has a great business model) they also need to be sure the game can live on. Rewarding those who support the game is smart. Too many people are looking at these things as “paying for beta” but unless ALL you get is beta, you’re paying for more then beta.

      • If you cant get beta access without paying at least $60 then you’re paying for beta access. There are other perks involved but ultimately people dont spend money for “item shop” like perks without at least playing the game first. Check and mate. They should at least do some kind of open beta first to see how the game is.


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