The PS4 adds more F2P titles to its launch lineup, Aion prepares for its 4.0 update, Neverwinter gets new raid content, Marvel Heroes releases, Wargaming says goodbye to P2W, and more on this week’s episode of Free to Play Weekly.

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  1. Beware of Dragon’s Prophet so called “dragon pokemonish mmo”, its insanely limited, they encourage you to collect dragons and yet your limited to just 2 slots with you in your stable and only 2 in the lair to store, how the hell do you collect with that unfair limitation. The one way you can unlock more dragon slots is gems(real cash) or the 2nd way by dragon insignia currency which you can get through daily quest but get this, each daily quest will earn you 10 dg each, to buy one slot you need 3k…….. D: welp your gonna be stuck with 2 slots for a veeeeeeeery long time, and if thats not enough, ya still need more for storing, max 6, still not a good choice for a dragon collecting mmo unless you fork the cash over. If Dragon’s Prophet don’t change soon they’re really gonna fail hard and burn.

  2. has no match… WoT , WoWp and soon WoWs are best games, they are the true free to play games in all of MMO history.

    Neverwinter is not bad if you play as cleric , control wizard and trickster rogue .. if you play as guardian fighter and great weapon fighter the game will get boring very fast… the classes are just unbalanced.. stopped playing it. Cryptic has failed..

    MMOBOMB keep up the good work 🙂

    • how they failed if the game even launch? yes, Open Beta is still a beta and, though some companies doesn’t treat it like one anymore, Cryptic did, there is a huge patch balancing almost every skill of almost every class (and tons of other things), even the cash shop changed

      the game is in the beginning, saying they failed is unfair and not true o.o

      btw, bit sad with mmobomb criticism about the game and Cryptic, yes, the game is big and in the spotlight, but they are being a bit rough with it

    • Neverwinter was ok for me the first 20 lvls, the game turned soo bored after wearing the same gear all over again throught lvls, i don’t care if its a great game which in deed is, but theres little things that makes the difference between a game being enjoyable and annoying, and for me, is the lack of gear that makes Neverwinter annoying, come on, even the oldest mmo has more variants of gear tan neverwinter.

  3. neverwinters is a good game tried it up to lvl 25, but then i got bored with it, its not a bad game but its just not my type of game, don’t even like the art style too imo. playing dragon’s prophet and liking it so far, depending solely on dragons instead of my own character is pretty sweet, unless you wanna get support dragons but i’m not.

  4. Blahhhh Was looking forward for to playing Scarlet Blade at Alpha and beta and when it got released but when we had emails asking for us what they should do to improve the game balance they get asked for better class balance but there never was.I wanted to play Defender Hence the name yet when i compared a Defender to a whipper i found whipper was much better at tanking and getting agro on single and multiple targets so did they balance the classes out ? NO!!

    Np much better games out now like Dragons Prophet and Rift and Aion and ect.


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