This week on Free to Play Weekly: Outspark shuts down, RaiderZ details its upcoming expansion, Scarlet Blade reveals PvP plans, Dragon Nest EU beta emerges, and more!

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Game of the Week: Totem


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  1. This game far more interesting than I thought. So does Age of Wushu. The stunning scenes with special effects are vert eye-catching. Huge world map is also interesting.

  2. …wonder how much porn Scarlet Blade will spawn…

    anyone else thinking that after seeing the trailer? i mean really, its obvious what the target audience is >.>

  3. Totem’s a neat little browser game, but it’s plagued by bots and it screams pay to win. Most definitely doesn’t deserve the title of Game of the Week, I’ve seen Facebook games that trump it with ease.

    RaiderZ was fun until the stat stacking and item duplication became public then took weeks to fix, which is pretty weak considering they were known bugs since Alpha.

  4. lmao broken its silence hahahha first time jess makes a joke on f2p weekly 😛
    as for raiderz i aint goign back if it takes pwe 1 year to put 5 lvls well no ty also the game is p2w and has a lot of hackers(at least when i quit) so no ty as for tera i will play it when i get a better graphic card

    once more good job jess keep up the good work

    • Just like how Adult Swim is nothing more than a depository for toilet jokes.*

      (*not off-topic but a commentary on the entertainment industry’s definition on the word “mature”.)

    • If you don’t like the game, then don’t play it. No need to insult an entire demographic of fans just because you’re to ignorant to see past breast. I’ll enjoy the game and fast paced PVP with or without ignorant people like you.

      • I’m not insulting anyone, I was just implying that calling that game mature themed is just foolish. I’m sure the game is fantabulous, even though I’m skipping it, but did I ever say the game sucks? No. So no need to get butthurt about it, I have no judgement about the game as I haven’t played it. And never will.

      • Lo and behold, here we have the entire demographic of Scarlet Blade..people like this guy who get butthurt whenever anyone says anything negative about the game. Awful touchy aren’t we? Seems like you’re rather fervent on defending the game instead of letting it speak for itself. Could it be because the game IS a prime example of pushing “sex sells” for no other reason than sex sells? Nudity is not something that justifies its own means. The game DOES pander to horny 12 year olds and the fact you refuse to see that only proves the fact. It’s flashy eyecandy with tits and ass. Until ANYONE can prove it has actual substance that is what it will be viewed as, like it or not. If you can’t handle that, don’t discuss the game. See what I did there? Just like your little “don’t like it, don’t play”. So if I dislike something, I should simply ignore that? People like you are the reason that the government intrudes on modern life like it does.

        Tangent aside, TLDR; It is a game for horny kids. Throwing nudity into a game for the sake of nudity is childish. It’s the equivalent of a 10 year old giggling at the word “boobie”.

  5. nice im w8ting for dragon nest i played it a little with the americans but there was 1-2 sec delay and it was not good…(im w8ting for 1 game Dragons’s Prophet i think it will be very intresting game)for the girl i like u this episode ur best was when u stuck in broken sweet 🙂


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