On this week’s show Neowiz announces that Bless Online will go free-to-play after Early Access ends this month, you can get a copy of Black Desert Online for free too but there’s a catch, and Blizzard has some leadership changes coming. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:44 Bless Online Going F2P
21:52 Weird Stories with BDO and En Masse
39:57 Blizzard Leadership Changes
45:07 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
56:12 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Will not try Bless. Why would I put time into a game which will be shut down in a year and from a publisher which makes Aeria Games look good? Might actually have tried it if they had released F2P under Areia Games.

  2. On BDO… just a clear up because I did it, you have to do the Awakening quest at lvl 56 within the 7 day trial and you need to do the 7 day trial up to the 17th. As for the dificulty of the task I was completely new to BDO (mostly because I didn’t want to play for a Korean game that discriminates zones, since it’s free in Asia), I’ve done the leveling in 4 days, 1st day lvl 30+, 2nd day lvl 48+, 3rd lvl 55, and the last day I had to completely grind a zone because that lvl is like 3x the XP from 54 to 55, so last day was basically the last level grinding and the Awakening quest itself. Again this is from a player that is completely new to the game, so I mostly did the main quest flying by and grinded the last level on a zone and I did it in 4 days withing the 7 day trial for 8h+ per day (BTW the word within the game was that most new players who had a friend could grind it out and do the quest within hours, or at most a day).
    Da-Bomb to Pathfinder: Kingmaker, someone should actually make some online version of these games, there is a market opportunity here and this is actually another of a sequence of games on a trend that re-emerged with Divinity: Original Sin a few years ago if I recall correctly.

  3. Oh hell yeah! I can’t wait to see this First Look, I am so there to enjoy the trainwreck. For the question of the week, nope, I have too much on my plate, and Bless doesn’t have enough to offer.

  4. Hello F2P Cast.
    I am shocked that Bless online is going Free-to-play! – said no one ever.
    Let’s get right to BDO and their get it for free promotion. So you asked about the time it takes to level up to 56 and if you can enjoy the story while doing so when you have a limited time (in this case 7 days).
    I play on the RU version, but i assume the leveling speed is about the same (from what i have seen).
    It is pretty quick in the beginning, you can easily get to 20-25 in a day, while still following the story and doing most quests available. and about 35-40 in 3 days i would say. but after that things start to slow down, especially after you hit 50. Sure there are guides like (get to 56 in 24 hours) but i have not managed to come even close to that. Forgot to mention i have 4 characters lvl 56+ on the RU servers which in total took me a long time to make, but i was going at my own pace so there’s that.
    So bottom line, while it is entirely possible to get to 56 in 7 days, or even in 3. i do feel that you will definitely miss out on alot of the story and quests, especially if you are just starting out and have never played BDO before, since you will need to learn the leveling spots plus the map is quite big and with no teleportation or such.
    I am still deciding on whether or not i should try and get it, but there isn’t much of a point for me, since i have my things set up on the RU version already.

    For my bomb. I would like to give a DA-Bomb to Bless Online, for providing me (and us all) with so much humor and fun. Can’t wait for your first look video/stream, whichever you decide to do.
    And moving straight into the question of the week. I was interested in Bless Online and i played it around 3-4 years ago. Cannot remember if it was the RU version or the JP version or some other, but i did not enjoy it, it just felt generic to me.
    I could not even get myself to play it more than a couple of hours in total. It’s just not for me.
    So i have no interest in it now whatsoever, plenty of other fish in the sea.
    I agree with Jason. It will be gone soon, perhaps not this year, but around mid-2019.

    I apologize my comment was so long.
    Cheers to you all.


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