On this week’s show, we go through a Rapid Fire News round that includes chat about The Culling and Path of Exile, we look at My.Games and the tremendous quarter they had and wonder if companies are prepping for the future downturn, and finish with our review of Crucible. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:41 Rapid Fire News (Culling, Path of Exile, and More)
31:36 My.Games And Huge Player Counts
39:44 Amazon’s Crucible Review
52:58 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
56:36 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. A backhanded Da-bomb to the launch of PSO2 showing everyone why Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform and the Windows 10 app store should die in fire. Because I dared to install it on my D: drive it wouldn’t launch because (even though the installer gave me to option to change the folder it would be installed to) when I try to start it I get a .exe not found error and the path the error gave was on the C: drive. At first I thought “oh well I’ll just start the .exe manually” but this is a WDP app … where Microsoft intentionally makes it difficult to access the files even with admin privileges. Then I do the next logical step, uninstall it, clean up some disk space on my C: drive, and reinstall it on my C: drive but guess what? It still couldn’t find the .exe because even though I gave it C: in the installer it actually installed it on D: again because that’s where Windows put the WindowApps folder from the first install. I uninstall it again, force windows to give me ownership of the WindowsApps folder on D: and then repeat the ownership change for every subfolder … one … by … one. By that point I was done trying and wasn’t going to attempt a reinstall which going by the user reviews for PSO2 on the store means I dodged a bullet. Multiple reviews mention the game not working for them but leaving 80 freakin’ gigs of data behind even after uninstalling the app.

    These are the kind of problems I expect from a small indie team with zero PC experience, not a large company that paid for the publishing writes in the US to lock it down on THEIR store running on top of THEIR operation system. Even if SEGA did most of the work there is no excuse for Microsoft failing to ensure the app actually works when they lock it to their store and app platform. For now PSO2 is a hard pass and considering 79% of the reviews for it on the windows store are 1 star I think I’m not alone.

    All of this has me feeling really conflicted. Part of me is really loving Microsoft having their decision to make it a Windows store exclusive blow up in their face in such a spectacular fashion. The other part of me is sad it happened to a game that actually looks good and a ton of people were looking forward to or already love. I really hope they release a stand alone client and the game is able recover from this mess.

    Also who ever convinced Microsoft to release Halo MCC on Steam deserves a real da-bomb, a high five, and a massive raise.


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