UPDATE: At 23:53 we state that Renova Group owns Columbus Nova, while many outlets have reported that, what we can find only indicates that Remova made US investments through Columbus Nova, not owned them. Stay Tuned.

On this week’s show we break down our impressions on the new Defiance 2050 beta, laugh at companies like EA who just had lootboxes outlawed and specific games were mentioned, then we try to wrap our head around all the news and rumors surrounding Daybreak Games. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:44 Defiance 2050 First Look Review
14:39 Belgium Bans Lootboxes
22:00 Who is Daybreak’s Daddy? 23:53
51:40 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
1:01:15 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. On Defiance 2050. I think everyone (Trion included) needs to stop focusing on the graphic changes. Yes it’s a little more detailed, a little more crisp, but that’s about it. And frankly, without a new engine, I’m not sure what anyone was expecting on that front. What I did see with beta this weekend, was smoother controls, better handling on the vehicles, and of course the itemization and class changes. The latter are the most important. Less RNG with the itemization is a big deal, especially being able to tweak the stats on your weapons more. As for the character customization being ‘dumbed down’, I can see how you might think that given that instead of one big grid, you have little class trees, but I don’t see that as what’s really happening here. Even with that big grid, you still only had a certain number of equipable slots for those talents. Furthermore, the talents (at least from what we’ve seen with Assault), seem more meaningful, and there are three active abilities per class instead of four in total. The second two of those abilities also give you a choice between two. And since you can still have loadouts with different classes/builds, I think it will actually expand your options rather than shrink them. Of course, we’ll have to see once we get ahold of the other classes.

    It’s an A-bomb kind of week *sigh*.
    A-bomb to Halo 5. I finally decided to get an Xbox one, so I could play Halo 5. I play the series primarily to go through the story co-op with my hubby, and do couch multiplayer with family and friends. Well. Screw you, Microsoft. I can’t do either. Didn’t even occur to me to check such a thing since that’s never happened in the history of Halo. I returned the stupid thing, games and all.

    A-bomb to FFXIV’s ‘Customer Service’ (Settle down, Magicman, it’s not about the actual game). I tried to sub for six months for the hubby and I so we could get back into it, but it kept giving me two seperate errors. After several tries (and a call to my bank to be double-y sure), I put in a ticket describing my issue in detail. I got back a canned response that made it clear they never read my ticket, to which I responded that their reply had nothing to do with my problem and that I was still having it. To date (this was almost a week ago), they have not replied back except to tell me to fill out a survey on my ‘experience’. Oh believe me, I filled out that survey and told them exactly what I thought. Careful Square, you’re not the only game out there, and you wouldn’t be the first to make me walk away due to terrible service.

  2. I will give a Da-bomb to Halo online , i have always wanted to play halo on the pc and frankly it’s awesome , this is pretty much what i expected out of a halo experience , but knowing that it’s just a mod and not a fully supported game , it went above and beyond what it should have . That being said , i don’t really get what happened between the team and Microsoft are they actually intending to make it a legal game and work with the moders or is it just another way of saying “stop that ! you are not allowed to do our job on PC and do it even better than us “?

    QOTW : I have the same mindset for Daybreak since they canceled landmark , shut down and fuck off , i don’t care under what overlord they serve ,they do not deserve mercy or redemption , they screwed over too many players to many times .


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