Free to Play Cast: Epic’s Llama and Store Changes, Conqueror’s Blade Preview, and PUBG Lite Ep. 289


On this week’s show Epic continues to make Fortnite Save the World and store changes that almost appear directed right at Valve, Jason takes us through a Conqueror’s Blade Preview and a potential JAGEX sale, and we cap it all off with a look at PUBG Lite. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:26 Epic’s Continued Changes
18:45 JAGEX for Sale? Conqueror’s Blade Preview
32:02 PUBG Lite
36:40 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
49:27 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. On epic, they have a massive player base and a ton of cash, so the obvious was to make it a game launching tool too = great news = Steam becomes less of a monopoly.
    A note to ip attacks, control incoming ips and allow trusted companies to an extent, when you do allow you should only allow the ip of the games server, not ip’s of game co’s other invasions. A lot of users would not know they are being attacked.
    Today some are using vpn, but your PC should be IP protected too, if you think this protection seem’s overkill, your the one left wide open to the party poopers.
    Stay safe and have fun 🙂
    Check this pic to see just a few seconds of my blocks

  2. (1) i just want to correct on the confusion on my last QOTW , I’m not against devs going for esports , but most want to create an esport-game not a game that is good enough to grows an esport following, they create a game with the first feature in mind being esports.
    A-bomb to warframe relics , Look it was kind of funny at first , but now it’s getting stupid ,i have 5 warframes , 4 primary , 5 secondary , and 7 melee weapons , all missing just one piece, and i’ve been farming for almost 2 months , for nothing , haha i’m literally crying
    QOTW i have 324 games on steam , and 6 on epic games( all free games ) ,this platform is just going to be a library for free games that you will get every 2 weeks , and thats it .


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